Scam letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Donald (USA)

Letter 1
hello candid here.i am .looking for some fun a fun that can maybe leading to relation who know where itgoes,.
I am flexable and am willing to try new things. I will try new things at times if you already know and can teach me i would prefer that.. you can find and i am online to my messenger as well hope to hear from you soon hit me back:)
Letter 2
Well I'm pretty new to this Internet dating scene though.. well i was glancing through profiles when your fascinating profile and Tender looking face with a nice smile sparked my Interest that made me to contacted you, And I must admit that you're ravishingly handsome., you wouldn't tell me that you're still single???
I am Cynthia Daniels 28years I stand 5"7 and I was born and raised in Spain and grown up in Almeria where i had My college degree in Marketing...Dad died when i was 5years old, my Mom was from the Bronx NY so she took take me down here, I grew up in the Almeria,Spain spent almost all my life there, and i relocated to the state 13 years ago after I lost my Mom 5yrs ago ....due to loneliness and the agony of my parent's death after the incident i relocated to Bronx NY I'm the only child of my parents.....I'm full healthy and not use drug and free disease ,but right now,I had car accident 12years ago which is very hard for me to hearing or speaking and i do really hope this wouldn't bother you? I like to kiss and hug, and cuddle, but I won't smother you.I'm an honest, thoughtful, caring, clean,independent, fun, one man . Full of energy I like dancing to the oldies or walking on the beach..I've been out of a committed relationship for about some years now since my husband's demise and i wish to settle down now to find the real love of my Single..... I'm into the buying and selling of antiques and jewelerries....I love swimming,playing football and and so on...and i will like to move out like having a dinner with a man whom both of us are honest and sincere with each other...go to beach. I am very Romantic person....i give all i can do to make a man to be happy for the rest of his life...i will always make him happy wont hurt him...i will never lie to him...i will be 100% honest and sincere to him but i will like him to do the same for me...i don't want to Hurt any more...Actually understanding matters a lot and trust is another thing that goes along with a good relationship and friendship. If you can give me your trust, am sure we can be friends without hurting each other.Although relationship is just like a perfume of which certain amount may delight you but too much of it can turn you off...i want you to be there for me if am not in happy mood to carry me on i can assure will be the happiest man on earth. No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each others worth. Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart. I am trying to find a way to communicate who I am, so I have decided to try it a different way. I am seeking an LTR with a quality guy, no game players, no guys looking to date 5 different Ladies each week. I am not on here looking to get. I have read 100’s of profiles, and I see tons of awesome Guy that have been single for years. I cant figure it out !!! LOLL anyhow thanks for reading.....So if you don't mind,i will like to know more about you....I would be looking to hear back from you and am hoping to read from you. I would love to see more pictures of you. Have a Nice Day
Letter 3
Hello master About me.... My name is Huffer, 25yrs old, i was born in Barcelona in Spain my father is from Barcelona while my mother is from US. I moved with my mom to U.S.A for some personal reasons which is very important to me after the death of my Dad because my Dad is from Spain while my mom is from U.S.A and I find very much peace and tranquility there. After my mom died i come to stay with my friend in Spring Texas till now. I had a good master or daddy to be with, i never had a close relationship, you should know I don't have any kid. Height: 5'6ft, 126Ibs, Favorite thing to wear: Guess, Bebe, Cache, Victoria's Secret and Fredericka of Hollywood, Favorite Shoes Store: Sheik Favorite Gems: Amethyst, diamonds, and mystic topaz,Favorite Time of Day: Evening when it's dark,Favorite Music: Techno/trance and modern rock...favorite Movie: Requiem For A Dream....favorite Food: ohh… I am very picky,about food, because I want to stay fit, so I love eating salads, but I LOVE pizza and spaghetti too…grr, so bad that I can't eat it too often I am looking for a great master, serious, honest.. very good caring without condition master, am man want life contract *****, **** relationship, with the eventual possibility for a **** style friends with benefits. I've been in the lifestyle for 3years before my mum stop me for long because she sicked, but now she is past away and am so free to going back in ***** style now and have many interests. There is a lot out there that i haven't tried but hope to change that as time goes by. Life is as chaotic as always, but it's always good to make new friends and maybe new connections, any relationship starts with friendship, which takes time to build. I seek a very proper, professional man with a powerful fetish. He should know what he wants in little ***** like me know if you have interesting me and send me more about you and all what you need from me.. am here to give you all what you want in life style and be honest and trust ***** with you... i will serve you for 24/7 life style Till i hear from you back. ***** Huffer xoxoxoxoxoxo
Letter 4

I'm located at Houston Tx right now, how about you my lord?
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