Scam letter(s) from Sherry Amble to Alf (Norway)

Letter 1
Thanks for the message and it would be nice to get to know each other..i really do hope i'll fit in the criteria of the lady you want.I'm looking for either short term or long term depending on what my partner is interested in..A hint about me is having high *** drive and my man should be able to withstand it..
I like listening to music also, reading books and watching movies..Not really the outgoing type but when its the time for camping(tent and cabin) then am ready to go,lol..
To answer your question with a lil explanation..I was born and raised in the United states, I'm half American and half Norwegian..relocated to Malaysia about 2yrs ago after the death of my parents to an auto crash in the Columbia, Missouri, USA...I'm studying Skin therapy in Multimedia university, Malaysia and will submit my final project next week, ready for relocation back to my mother's land..That has been my major reason for joining the online dating so i can meet that special one before coming together.I hope i have made myself clear..
Letter 2
Thanks for the message and sorry for the late response, i have been occupied with school activities.I'm glad we are getting along and i thought you already gave up on that when i didn't get to read from you asap..
Little more about my job, as a skin therapist, we are into caring and treatments of the skin..Now extended to beautification of the skin which, Makeups, massaging, sauna bath and the rest.I hope you understand now..Thanks for the project wishes..
What kind of work do you do since you have in Norway..So sorry to hear about your relationship not working well and i have been heart broken also, that made me to join the casual dating site and i wouldn't mind a short or a long term relationship, i'm a caring, loving, romantic, easy going and supportive lady which i would like the same qualities in the partner..I hope we can get to know much about each other and possibly meet when i make it down the Norway after my project and the graduation.
I'm relocating to Norway and thinking Oslo(where my mother came from) But it all depends on my partner and who i meet then i can plan on how to settle down anywhere he wants.Sincerely, coming to Norway would be in less than a month because its what i ever wanted...I can only speak little Norwegian and understand also..."Kommer til Norge" "Jeg liker bildet ditt" Thanks for the complement about the pictures I understand you cant use instant messenger at the moment, just email me when you can and i hope am not disturbing.?
Letter 3
I got your message and due to the time difference, I am unable to reply asap..Ok i will be by the computer during the day. so as to be able to chat with you..I understand you may get busy by the weekend and i don't have a camera also also, We can only do it in text form.. You can look into this kind of text chat..You can download a yahoo messenger and set up an account with them for us to chat..Incase you are able to figure that out yahoo email is one is skype, i can use my to access skype so we can chat with that also..Another one is line chat , if you have whatsapp or viber on your phone..You can look to download the application also because i have a UK sim that works with everything ..
Let me know when you get this message it would be a pleasure to chat with you..
Letter 4

You must be sleeping by now and i just decided to fulfill my promise..Thank you so much about the money today and i really appreciate your effort towards us to be together.. Till we chat
Letter 5
About my inheritance, There's a paper work delaying the process of getting money from the security company and was told to pay some money to another country to expedite it which has been a lil bit difficult to deal with as am not there. I still have some money with me from the one you sent.
Letter 6
Thank you so much dearie , i really appreciate and i will spend it wisely as i know how much we are struggling.. To answer your question, My dad invested a lot in England and that's where most of the inheritance came from, i hope you understand now..
I will learn not to be heartbroken if i didn't get to read from you and i really understand everything but as it is can always send me message when you can..You make me so happy and it all seems like have never seen a man like you, i have faith and trust in you, just as you have in me and i will never disappoint you..What are you up to my dear?
Going to pick up the money soon and i will update you how wise it is safe
Have a sweet dreams dear which i know you are already.
Hope to read from you soon
Letter 7
I'm just getting your message now and I to get a new phone is 1600myr, replacement is 1000myr and for me personally if I can make do with 400. Information is: Sherry Amble City: Cyberjaya State: Selangor Country: Malaysia. Was waiting for you online and didn't check my email earlier. Let me know if you get this message. Sherry
Letter 8
I got your message and thanks to you but I would need the information to get the money, MTCN, payout amount, You can give me all those when you get online or send to my email, its late already and won't be picking till tomorrow morning.
Letter 9
Ok dear, I got the information and will pick up the money tomorrow,pay at the hospital and fix a date for the surgery.thanks a lot for the stress and the care.send me a message when you get online tomorrow Yours Sherry
Letter 10
I'm doing better now and it took me 31 hours to gain consciousness,so i will be here till friday before i can be able to go back home,My new malaysian friend stayed with me and if not for her, things would have been more difficult as they need someone they can talk to and ask about me.
Anyways the surgery was successful and i'm feeling better now till i heal up. I know you are still on the mountain trip and you are coming home today. i downloaded google drive on the iphone and was able to see the short video of you smoking, lol.. Really hoping for a wonderful moment between us..
Start working on the housing issues as soon as you get home and have you filled out the western union questionaire also?I have nothing coming to my brain again and let me know when you will be able to get online..
Letter 11
Hey ****, I just got a reply from the attorney now and he said he's willing to help out with our shortcut and be already asked for your information which I have sent to him and said he'll proceed with the deed if trust and get back to me ASAP today and that he's send some documents to the United Kingdom on Monday so he can attach it together. So I'm awaiting the document now after which I have sent your full name to him. I'll keep you posted dear Yours Sherry
Letter 12
Hey, its early morning here and i woke up to get this message from the attorney so we are really on the go and we must have been lucky till this stage..Here's the copy of the Deed of trust,read, print it out, sign , scan and send back to me, also to be scanned is your drivers licence. I already send a message of where to make the processing payment and hoping to read from him before you get online.I'm getting better and planning to go back home tomorrow.
Letter 13
How are you doing today **** and I'm doing much better today and been eating some fruits and even apple. Any luck yet and send me a message when you get online, will be resting till I read from you . Yours Sherry
Letter 14
Good to read from you now and I don't really get what you are trying to say , that you have another risky means to send the money today and you can refund tomorrow morning when money reflects in your account? If it doesn't reflect tomorrow ? Make me understand the email well so I have to update the attorney without having you make a mistake. You sounded so strong in your message . Gonna miss our chat today. Yours Sherry
Letter 15
Good morning ****, How was your night and I hope you are fine, I'm on my way to hospital for check up and to remove my plasters as it has been scratching and that means its healed up now. I'll be expecting to read from you so I can send to the attorney and I'm with my phone Love Sherry
Letter 16
Hey **** and was waiting to get a message from you so I just checked my email now to see your message , didn't know Nigeria is a risky country to send money , would have adviced to send to me so I can send out from here but it will cost a lot to transfer again from here , so the I information has not been yet to be give to you, like the any security and the money transfer, let me know when it's in it's way and the information so I can send to the attorney, thanks for your effort to let us be together and not missing our deadline. Waiting to read from you . Love Sherry
I just hope this is done before 4pm their closing time in Nigeria so the attorney can pick and forward to registry also since we are able to meet up with the deadline now
Letter 17
If the money reflects back in your account honey and western union gives a problem, I trust my friend so much as much as I trust you **** and you can send to her account in the USA , either to me through western union or my friends account in the USA. Don't be stressed love so sorry about all the stress Love Sherry
Letter 18
Bank Name: Bank of America
Bank address: 235 E. 8th st. city: National city zipcode: 91950
wire transfer code: 026009593
Account Name: Gisela C. Quilinderino
Account #: 3250 1026 8012
Routing #: 121000358
Address: 1814 E. 8th Ave
city: National city
state: California
zipcode: 91950
Letter 19
I waited online only to see your message that you decided to go to work and good to know the money has reflected in your account and maybe when you get back from work you can send it out, I hope you feel better today that you can even go to work. Let me know when you get back and online Yours Sherry
Letter 20
Hey Dear, I have been online waiting for you and i just decided to check my email since i was unable to see you on the chat. I understand you may not be able to chat and yes im doing fine, Hope you are doing fine also and will keep you posted tomorrow about the progress on the inheritance. Hope to read from you soon Yours Sherry
Letter 21
The internet has been down here since yesterday and i tried so hard to get online, even wanted to go to the Library but it was already late here.
I understand you had to leave that day to get something at the shop and i went to poo also which was really hard coupled with the fact that i was feeling headache..
I got an update from the Attorney that our request has been forwarded from the Registry to the Account section of the Inheritance and he said 7% of the inheritance is ready to be released at first and i have a confirmation from that, Cost of transfer has to be paid before money is going to be transferred into your account..They calculated just 0.02% of the total amount which is about 400 GBP and about $700..
Maybe we can talk about this when you get online..
This is the information i got when the internet came back on.
Miss chatting with you last night..
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