Scam Letter(s) from Elizabeth Opare to Donald (USA)

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Letter 1

Greeting to you seek to open a relationship or at least test to see if there was some foundation for a relationship. I am a woman. I find pleasure, joy, and fulfillment from being a woman to another in a loving relationship. I am not weak, or stupid. I am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what I want out of my life. I do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength. I am a slave that is seeking to have greater fulfillment in my life. I am seeking a horny, sexy man that would like me to dress him, undress him and play with him.
How I would like to play? Well I am a very oral and anal lady and I like a man to stick his active tongue in my every crevice body. I know i must suck and tongue each and every part of you. A man that will want to give me his milk of love regularly and that will want me to drink it, be washed in it and to enjoy the sweet smell of my juice mixed with yours. I want a man to tease me to excite me to the ultimate of sensual pleasure. That will want me to be so excited that I will demand more and complete fulfillment.
I believe that good sex and real intimacy are the best forms of relaxation.
They are also the best ways to refurbish the soul and reawaken the body, the mind, and the spirit. I would really like to hold you feel your cock and take your balls into my mouth and suck them and with my tongue lick about each balls until it stood completely erect and very firm.
There are so many things I would like to do with you and each thought of doing these things and being with you stirs my inner soul and makes me feel much better. I like a man to hold me. I am very oral and tactile. I know how to please. I like to be train and to learn. All of this that I am telling you I hope will not frighten you away, but it is my intention to be very open and I am by nature very honest. I also look for honesty and sincerity.
I am 5’ 6 “ 115lbs and in good shape and very well experienced in making a man happy. If you are the right man, and our souls match, then we could be a permanent item. Lots of sex and lots of fun. But sex is not everything.
But good sex including just holding, caressing and feeling the vibes of someone’s emotions flow through your body is the greatest experience in life. It is the primary achievement of persons. My really second greatest thrill is learning something new, even if it is insignificant, each and every day. The wonderment of learning is overpowering and fulfilling.
This achievement is one of the greatest turn on’s existing. Incidentally I like to travel, read good books, enjoy good music, theater and of course good conversation. I am open minded and innovative and seek an elegant man who has the same qualities.and I think It will be nice if you can. have me as your wife, I will like to know more about you..... Well am 27years Cup D 34, Height:5'5ft,Weight: 115Ibs, Sweater Size: XS to XL,Knit Wear: XS to XL,Clothes Size: 0- ,Jeans Size: 25-26,High Heel Size: 43 I like opened toe and shaved pussy, I am happy I got a message from you and I believe you will be good Man to me, I'm looking for a real Man to me and to own me I'm ready to be a good and obedient woman to you Sir, I want to be a total submissive to you Sir, I'm ready to relocate as soon as you are ready to have me as your wife... am ready to be with you to the best of my knowledge.. Your wish will always be my command ... I am a caring and intelligent slave but trust is a big factor for me, as I think it is very important to the relationship and in any other relationships in general.
I'm just mine I'm very obedient and honest woman, I'm easy going lady,I like Honest Man i hate dishonest Man, I'm submissive and i will be a lady in public and be everything you want,I know how to make my Man happy and i also know my position as a woman,Ilike new things and love adventure, swimming and traveling, hike, bike ride, motorcycle ride, read, garden,go to comedy clubs, etc.I am up for anything,I enjoy be with my Man and always obey my Man. I am looking for anything from a quick fling to a much more lasting relationship i will therefore not entitled to any limits or safe words. I will submit myself physically, mentally, sexually, emotionally, domestically, and in any other appropriate and demanded way. i will like to know what do you want from your woman ? And what has your experience been like so far? Because there is allot of jerks and scumbag con artist Man here looking for woman that they will just use and dump, Nope I'm not for that I'm real and I'm looking for something real with long LTR, i will like to let you know that I'm poor slave not working right now as things has been hard on me here since i have lose my parent.I do hope to hear from
you and that we can spice up each others life. Sincerely

Letter 2

I live in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Letter 3

I can drive to you since I do own a car here but I will need your help for gas

Letter 4

I will give you my name state city and zipcode so that you can send it to me via western union so that I can start my trip to you

Letter 5

Name Bonni state PA city clearfield zipcode 19001 and ho9w much are you sending

Letter 6

Well if you believe that No problem

Letter 7

am Tawnee by name , just 27 years of age , i live here in Oklahoma ,in my mistress dungeon where i do get all my training from , am a full time submissive girl that serve masters both sexually and domestically in masters home, i do have high sex drive ,what about you , i will like to know more about you , your name age location, do you like my pics? will love to meet my kind of honest person on here .i need a very good and caring master that we will both be happy together , i offer both long and short term services, i love to please my master.Looking to give full control over and live as subservient and obedient fuck toy, cum bitch and breed slave. Keep me in line and under complete control as it is meant to be between Man and HIS cunt. Make me do YOUR bidding and obey all rules set by YOU because i need the boundaries and rituals of this kind of life to be happy and complete. STD free, domestic service and 100% taboo free sexual use..will like to know the following about you

What is your name?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
Are you married?
Do you have anykid?
How long have you been on the site?
What do you do?
Are you a Dom Master or are you willing to try?
Will you relocate a Submissive girl like me if all works out

Letter 8

It's my pleasure to write you sir, i believe you want to know more about me Dana from Bee Branch AR, an 28 yrs old ..have some experience about slave and i think it will be nice if you can have me as your slave and train me to your taste,..Here is a little about me.i have been owned for about 2 year before and i have serve part time master too i lost my master to cancer 4 months ago.. Bra Size: Cup D 34, Height:5'7ft, Weight: 115Ibs, Sweater Size:XS to XL,Knit Wear: XS to XL,Clothes Size: 0-4,Jeans Size: 25-26,High Heel Size: 43.. I once work with a food store here before it was later short down for not paying taxes,well i love to meet new people walking swimming going out with friend to beach, playing gutter, watching movies too...what i hate most cheating in any form it could come from stealing too .....After the death of my ex master i plan to look for a new master to own me 24/7 and am happy that i found you and i believe you will be a good Master to me, I`m into sex, first sex , House Hold Slave,Domestic, cum control ,piss , cage , Bondage , Chastity , Candle wax ,cock worshiping and more, I have no limit but am not into blood, All i want from a master is to own me as 24/7 property, I mean Ltr, and to train me to his taste,I`m ready for spankings, floggings, chastity, milking, oral&anal, rimming, suspension, mummy, electro, ropes, belts, tape, chains, tape, wire, leather restraints, collars,hoods,gags,toys etc and your wish will always be done sir...that is all my experience . I`m ready to be a good and obedient slave to you Sir, I want to be a total submissive to you Sir, I`m ready to relocate as soon as you are ready to have me as your slave and you ready to relocate me. and i will be looking forward to chat more with you Sir.....



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