Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Nekrasouva to Gary (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello, dear. How are you? Please do not be surprised to my message. I know that we have with you a purpose in life - we want warmth and love. With your permission, I will tell you more about me. I am twenty five years old. I am cheerful, sociable girl. I love to dream and enjoy life. I like to spend time in good company. But in my heart right now is ice. I want to find a man who melts the cold. I'm sure you can be my prince. You know, I'm an open person, so to speak, I'm without complexes and without bad habits. I do not drink alcohol or smoke. If you have no complexes and ready to go in the world of pleasure and affection, if you are ready out of the gray boring life make vivid unforgettable tale, do not miss this chance, leave everything and write me soon! I love sex. We can communicate and share pics, even erotic. That's one of my photos. In the future, of course, you would get more of my pics and be able to know me closer. I hope that I could like you and our relationship will continue. Your passionate Elena
Letter 2
Hello! Can I call my friend Gary? I am happy to receive a letter from you, and be grateful for what you want to continue our dialogue.
Please read this letter carefully, this is a very important point, I want to know your opinion. I'm glad you do not blame me for what I am working striptease dancer. Dancing and striptease - and very different. I'm not ashamed of what I'm doing. I was wondering about the effect this subject in my first letter, or even talk about it or not. But I have always appreciated the honesty in a relationship and always tell the truth, and I hate liars. I am appalled with my work, I'm not ashamed of it. I love to dance and I love good music. And I have a beautiful body. It would be a crime to hide my body under clothing. I'm glad someone is watching me very happy and excited, this is particularly evident in men on the fovea))))) pants It 's very flattering to my vanity, I'm glad to feel needed and wanted. I hope I did not shock that I did not complex, and I think well. Complex make boring life. I just do not think I'm immoral. They are very vulnerable, sweet and very loyal. I am a woman for a man, and if someone will love me, then there will be no other. I love life, and enjoy every moment. But I'm trying to live a decent life, that I was ashamed of my actions. Actually, God sees everything. So I think I'm not doing anything wrong in my work. If I want to do a show striptease for you, for you, would you like this Gary? By the way, my name and the holy cat scene. What do you think of this? My photos were taken by my girlfriend. I lost most of the photos when the computer was broken.
Now I have lots of photos. If possible, I would ask you to send images, fell and cut, because I have a very slow speed of the internet, and unfortunately, I can not upload photos of a large volume. I use the USB ADSL modem. This system does not work too well, and also not cheap and. I pay the megabyte downloaded, and if you load a large number of megabytes, will be expensive. So I ask you, please reduce the size of images. Like I said, my internet speed and very low. So I write to you more comfortable just e-mail. Of these modern means of communication such as Skype, Facebook, and various types of messengers, while I can only Garyeam of. The usual e-mail to me, the option most acceptable and convenient. I will send you new photos and I hope you like it. For me it's important to know what kind of impression you make on my photos. I also want to see more photos, and I hope you will send new pictures for me. As you can see my photos are not too revealing. But with each subsequent letter of my photos are more sincere. As I said before, I just want to build a relationship of trust and do not want to hide anything from you. You are very nice to me, you are very good and pleasant to talk to. I am not mistaken in you. I want to continue our relationship, I want to know closest to me with you very well. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! I want to tell you more about me. I am 25 years old. I was born April 27, 1988 (astrological sign Taurus), all the rest you can see in my photos. I am an orphan. I have no relatives. My height 171 cm 54 kg I weigh. I have no chilGaryen.
But I love chilGaryen, and in the future I would like to have two chilGaryen (boy and girl). As a child, I grew up in an orphanage (orphanage for chilGaryen who do not have parents). Are very difficult years, and I was very easy. But what to do, and been in my life. Now I am horrified to think my life in an orphanage. Poverty, hunger, constant insults. They are very painful to remember those years. And I do not want to talk anymore. All this and much painful for me and please do not ask me about it. I'll tell you later when we know better. Now I want to tell you about where I live. I live in Ekaterinburg Russia sity. It 's the capital of the Sverdlovsk region, located in the heart of Russia in the Ural Mountains. My city is located at a distance of 1850 km. to the east of the Russian capital Moscow. In the 18 years since reaching the age when I left the orphanage and began independent adult life. Adulthood (18 years), the state gave me an apartment. Orphanage and I studied well and was able to get free medical Academy in Yekaterinburg, where I am now studying at the Faculty of Dentistry. Perhaps you have a question about why I wrote to you? The next year I finish my studies in medical academy, and very soon (just recently), I come to your home country to practice (internship at the dentist). All documents are ready and I also have a ticket. But still do not know exactly where I'll be in your country. I just know that the first two weeks, I have to work in the capital of his country. After two weeks of practice in the capital of his country, I'll go to another city. Can I choose the city or I can stay in the capital. At the time of practice, I will be provided with room and board, in most I paid. Opportunity to receive training in your country, I received a great school at the Medical Academy. It is a government grant, which helps to develop the skills of young professionals. I hope that everyone understands. I'll tell you about this in detail in my next letter. Everything is ready, so I soon in your country. I had the desire to find a friend in your country, and my fortune - and came into my life. My internship will take place 6 months, during which time I will be in your country. I think it's good, we will be able to communicate in real life. We can not talk. I love sex! I want to know in a more intimate! It can communicate with over the years, but did not realize that this man - the ideal partner for you as long as you do not try sex. Do not force it, because in the course of communication that happens by itself. After completing an internship back in Russia in order to complete their training. But in the future I want to leave Russia. I want to sell the apartment and leave the country. At least that is my desire. My apartment is very small, but not looking at it, and in my personal possession, and I am very happy. Repairs in the apartment that I had done to your taste and desire. I was very comfortable apartment. To study at university I needed extra money to work as a dancer in a nightclub stripper. But I do not want you to think I'm a prostitute. I do not like that. Do not have sex for money. Also, I despise these girls. I can not ever agree to have sex for money. Because of work and study, I have very little free time, I am often away from home. And now I will tell you that I like. In my spare time I like jogging in the morning, and in the winter I go to the stadium to skate. In the morning I always do gymnastics. I feel almost every day to visit the pool. I like swimming. During the trip works all muscle groups, and this is very good for health. Do you like swimming? However, I do not like when someone starts to make bubbles in the pool, making the pool jacuzzi :)
I hope you understand what I'm talking about. This, of course, fun, not just a very pleasant smell. I hope you do not want to eat, I'm afraid to spoil your appetite :) In general, I am for a healthy lifestyle. How do you feel about sports? Hey, wake up Gary:) I hope you do not fall asleep reading my letter. I think that the letter was too big, and you're tired of reading it. So I finished my letter.
Write what you think of all this, I'd really like to know your opinion. I hope that my letter of your elevated mood. I look forward to your new email for me. YOUR , Elena!
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Gary! The most important thing is that they are very easy and interesting to talk with you. I think it is important for the criteria of true friendship and love even more. In my last letter, you probably do not understand my words about your trip to your country. I'll try to explain all the details about it today. Please read my letter very carefully. Perhaps because of the language barrier that separates us, what are you then I can not understand, but I hope that we will find common ground. As you know, I am a dentist at the university in our city. I am one of the best students of our University. I am a very responsible attitude to my studies, so I have a great opportunity for a gold medal at graduation. Only once in five years, of all the Russian students played granted the opportunity to travel abroad for training (training in specialties). Luck smiled at me, and I had the chance. My joy knew no bounds. Of course, I had to try, because I have to not only learn, but also to work. I promised myself that this grant must win, and I reached my goal. In front of me has opened new possibilities - I received a scholarship for an internship in your country. Your country has been chosen for a reason.
Dentistry at home and one of the best and most paid professions in the world, in comparison with Russia. For example, dentists in our country are called sadists and even tooth fairies. Probably due to poor maintenance. And the dentist before in Russia, was a cruel king - Ivan the Terrible, who tore the teeth means available to poor farmers. If you are interested, you can find this information in Wikipedia, or simply visit the Google search engine. I want to change the opinions of our citizens and qualified to become a real doctor. I am confident that with your specialist, I have to succeed. Dental work is very important, then, the stage and minimum of 6 months. During this time I have a huge "knowledge resources", the specialists in your country. What is most interesting that the apprenticeship contract, my salary would be ? 2750 per month. This is a significant sum for a dentist Russian. Payroll who can only Garyeam of in our country. I still can not believe that very soon I will be able to be abroad, because I have never traveled outside of Russia. Under the terms of parole, the state pays for my trip to your country and a complete package that includes accommodation, food and clothing (if necessary). I am in no way going to need. I will be working as an assistant to a dentist in your country, and not receive the bad money, I'll miss the free use. The first 2 weeks of practice I should be in the capital of your country, which will begin a course of lectures. Then, all students will be in all the cities of your country and I'd be awfully glad to have in your town, my dear friend Gary. I think it would be very nice to meet in real life are not always given a great opportunity. What do you think Gary ? Tiger cat lover and colorful - I think one of us could get a perfect match. I'd love to hear your opinion about it. I hope you're not tired. I want to continue our communication and become more close to you. In this letter, I attach my photo to you. Please, tell me honestly, do you like my picture? It 's very important to me. If you want, then I can send a photo more intimate in the future. As I told you earlier that I will not hide from each other. I want to build communication with 100 confidence and understanding. I believe that we must succeed, and we are all more than just friends. I can not wait your email back to me. Your holy cat, Elena!
Letter 4

Hello, my dear tiger Gary. I miss your letters. When you do not see your new mail, I open the ancient letters and reread again. I am very interested in learning more closely. Please answer me right away when you have a chance. I'm sorry if something I did not answer your letter immediately. Now I have a busy time. We must learn to work and engage in my visit to your country. It takes a long time, but I look at it, I find the ability to read your letters and write the answer for you. I hope you're not offended by me, my dear Gary? It would be nice to talk on the phone and hear your voice, but to my great regret, more recently, I lost my phone on the bus staff. Buying a new phone in our country and cheap. I think that buying a new phone, during the passing of my internship, because the prices of telephones in your country and significantly lower than in Russia. Unfortunately, I can not give any phone number. Therefore, the easiest way for our communication and now e-mail correspondence, and I hope for your understanding. As I said before, I have many concerns with the upcoming trip and there is no time to deal with the problem of the phone. Now, I do not know the exact date of my departure for training, I still kept in limbo. But, as I promised the Chancellor of the University, the matter will be resolved in the near future. Once all know my journey, I will tell you now the exact news. The most important thing for me and that very soon we will be able to meet, and I can explain to you all, looking into the beautiful eyes. I look forward to the day when I can see in reality. Mmmmm, it would be so great! You also want this, Gary?
Unfortunately, perhaps, need to finish my letter. I want to close my eyes and Garyeam of you. I want to see you in my Garyeams and fulfill all our desires, which are now only in our thoughts. By the way, tomorrow I go for my birthday my friend Irina. To be honest, I do not want to go. I think I would be bored there, because it will not be next to me. Many girls will be with men who have some of them already have chilGaryen. I'm tired of being alone and want to be next to me was a man who will love me. I am very happy that we met with you and we are able to develop our relationship. But I could not refuse my friend, because it is close to me man. All photos done exactly Irina and I want to tell her enormous gratitude. I will not tell you the great secret of our friendship. When we started college, me and Irina were lovers. We were young, we would like affection and tenderness.
But our relationship did not last long, for about 1 month. We realized that we are not lesbians. We concluded that no girl will not be able to give so much love and affection, like a man. We Irina remained good friends. Maybe you want to see his picture? Unfortunately, at the request of Irina, I can not send pictures of her. Want to stay away from our relationship. But I can tell you girl, and, above all, she is a true friend who supports me in every difficult situation. Maybe I should talk to you about this, because my story might not like Irina, but as I told you before, I want to be among us has not had any secrets. This story c irina, was our secret and make it stay that way.
If you do not have problems, please do not tell anyone. Let this story will remain between us. She agreed, my Gary prince? Open your heart and soul and I hope you will answer me in return. I can not wait your email back to me. I hope that my letter to you does not seem sad or bored. If suddenly you become sad, I want to apologize for sending my pictures. Do you forgive me? :) Once you become sad and lonely, look at my picture and everything changes. I want to give you a smile. Do not forget me. Millions of kisses for you. Your holy cat, Elena!
Letter 5
Hello dear Gary! How's life? I hope you will do well. I have great news, all my travel documents ready. Tomorrow or the next day I will go to Moscow to be more in place of my internship. Literally as soon as I heard the news and immediately wrote to you about it. When I sit down at my computer, I was hoping to see your letter, and now I am very happy that I've written. I feel I already miss you. In a nutshell, when I read your letters, my heart begins to beat in rhythm and I frequent this nice. I feel the warm feelings and I am very happy to continue to communicate with you. Why do I feel that you are very good and kind man. They are very easy and pleasant to write a letter!
Birthday friend and went well, but I was very bored, I was very sorry that you were not with me. Now I have no one. And it is very difficult. I'm young and I also very large sexual appetite. Therefore, we must be satisfied with toys, dildos and masturbation. I'm a little 'embarrassed to write about this, but I hope you are not afraid of it.
I do not think I'm doing something unnatural. I just want to have sex, and I want it. I think it's natural, and do not hesitate to do so.
This natural and that is not bad. Please tell me you want to see my new photos? Maybe you want to see me with my toys? I see that our relations are developing very well, and we can learn from each other.
I want to tell you that I am a very sexual girl and I need a lot of sex. Very modestly))))))))))))) When I arrive in your country, and we meet, you will be able to offer a great pleasure for me in bed. I want you to know that I want a lot of sex. I just ask. The fact that I have here a man who for many reasons. In the first place because I'm going to leave Russia, so I'm looking for someone here. Secondly, the men in our country, very conservative and shy and insecure. I love sex, I like everything new that you can try. I love the new positions, role play and new places for sex. I like oral sex. I think this is one of the most beautiful types of sex is the most intimate. I wish you gave me to cum on my face. I've never felt this great feeling. But I really want to try with you, Gary. Here, none of the men can not give me such pleasure. Psychology Russian men are very conservative, and this is unacceptable to them, I do not want just sex in the missionary position. It 's very monotonous. I want something new, I have many ideas and I like to experiment! I want to try all positions Kamasutra.
I hope you can help me learn. I need a partner for the study of sexuality. I also want to ask you what you think of oral sex? We will deal with them? But please, do not think that I was so depraved. I can not do anything with them. You're really turns me on! I have a strong desire, you can not imagine! With me and the first time! I just can not control myself! I believe that sex in a relationship and very important! I hope you realize that for the other, and we will be together for life. I am ready to devote their life to a person who understands me, appreciate and love. I hope this person is you! I want to meet a man who is worthy of my love pure and sincere. I want to send this letter, my picture quite candid. I have photos even more honest, and I will send them later, but please bear with me. I hesitated a bit. ' If you choose this course. I hope you enjoy my photos. I also hope that these pictures I have not seen anyone except you. These photos are just for you, and I would not want to get my picture, someone else had seen. I hope you like my pictures, I really want to know your opinion. I also hope that I have not confused with my pictures, and I think I'm depraved. If you're confused by something, then just tell me and I will not continue to do so. I'd like to see a picture that you end up with my photos. I think it's very exciting. But that's just the thought. I'd love to see your cum on my body and face! I love sex and I'll tell you honestly, I really want to Gary!! I conclude my letter and I feel great enthusiasm. Among my feet very wet and I urgently need to find my toy!!!!!! I hope this letter brings a smile to your face and warmth to the heart and pants :)))) I really hope to see your new letter in the near future! A large number of hot kisses and hugs!!!!!!!!!! Your Elena
Letter 6
Hello my sexy Gary! I am very happy to see your letter. You are very hot and sexy man, this is clearly seen by your letters. I am gathering things for my trip. My train to Moscow departs at 4 hours, and I need to check if I have collected all the things that will be needed during the trip. In the end, I'm leaving, not a couple of days, I'm going up to 6 months. Therefore it is necessary not to forget anything. Because of this, so many thoughts in my head and emotions. I am very happy that very soon we will be able to meet in real life. I will be in Moscow for a few days, I need to sort out all the formalities, and then I lie in your country. I'll be back later to you from Moscow. I think I can write from the Internet cafe in Moscow. And 'much cheaper to make calls. There are now a good situation, with the money, so I write e-mail. I'm very excited, I've never been outside of Russia, and I do not know how you all settled. The rules of conduct, traditions and customs that are still all a mystery to me. But I'm learning fast! With your help, I definitely would succeed. I just do not know the cost of living in their own country. What do you think will be enough for me monthly salary at the rate of dental assistant to 2750 ?? In Russia it is very big money, but I do not know the value of money in your country. I think you can spend that money along, because the money they receive as my personal expenses. All other expenses related to my accommodation and meals are funded by the government internship program. Do you think that money and beautiful Gary? But now a bit 'too early to think about it. The money will I have when I arrived in the capital of your country. I already said that I should be in your capital city for two weeks. I had all the instructions at the Russian Embassy, ??and the government will give me my first pay for personal expenses next to my arrival in your country. After spending two weeks in the capital of your country, I'm going to visit your city. So I want to know all the information in order to avoid any errors or problems. Please write to me, exactly as your city, and what is the nearest airport to you. I will write this information, so I will not ever forget. Now I had a thought, maybe I can earn extra money, like a dance striptease in your city. What do you think, how can I earn? I hope that you have a place where I can do a striptease? But if you're against it, I'm not a striptease. I wanted to show striptease just for you and even more the strip, I want to play for you a lap dance. This is called a pip show, lap dance, you were more clear. I'm sure you cum and have an orgasm, or in spite of the fact that I'm not even going to touch you. Gary I do not know if you have a chance, but I'd like so that we can meet at the airport, as soon as I lay down in the capital of your country. I really want to meet you as soon as possible. I am very happy with his thoughts. This is still just a thought, but I hope that soon our Garyeams will come true. How do you imagine our meeting?
I think it would lunch somewhere, then walk a bit 'and talk. And then, I would like to know more closely! I hope you understand what I mean?
Get ready, I'm coming, you will get a stiff hot, wild sex, sex that you never had before this! And please do not masturbate until I came to, I want all your cum! And now it came to me, my girlfriend and I have to finish my letter, that will help me pack up and take them to the station. Contact you and give you all the information on my flight just arrived in Moscow. I conclude my letter as soon as look at it, tell me! I wish you good luck! Even if you do not see your letter from home, I can read when you come to Moscow, and will be very happy. I wanted to see the answers to my questions in your letter! I kiss your body!!!! Your princess Elena!
Letter 7
Hello, my sweet prince Gary! Regardless of your decision, I am very happy to see your new letter. You're always in my heart and my thoughts. They occupy the first place in my life. Now, I'll try to explain in more detail, what's my problem. Actually, it's not really that difficult, but without solving the problem, simply would not be allowed from Russia. We live in different countries, we are separated by different languages, different laws, different traditions. I hope to find the right words to explain the essence of the problem. Need to adGaryess this issue urgently, because before I left and a bit 'of time. With your permission, I will start. How many people in our country - Russia, the mind can not understand why, as always warn about the last minute. The whole problem lies in the fact that I owe a debt of utilities for the apartment - the unpaid bills for water, gas, electricity and so on. Citizens who do not pay the debts of state agencies are not allowed to travel outside Russia until pay the debt to 100. The amount of my debt and 14 500 rubles (approximately usd 450). In my portfolio was usd 100, which I saved money in your pocket.
I had to pay 100 usd for the debt. But now, they are still obliged topay usd 350, or simply would not be allowed from Russia. This law was passed in our country recently due to the fact that many citizens went abroad and left a huge, unpaid bills and utilities have to wait long until the people can not go back. I tried to find the money to Moscow, but I have no friends here and even acquaintances. I tried to ask money from the internship program, but authorized agents told me that, due to their great regret, not to engage in personal benefit to the public, but you pay for only those conditions which have been included in the contract. Therefore, the problem I have to decide. I am extremely upset, I do not know what to do. I do not have a way out of this terrible situation. My prince, you're my only hope! Now it just depends on you our common future. I'm sure he'll be back to you this amount of money just get the first salary in your home country, but first I need to fly from Russia. As I said before, the first salary I pay within 2-3 days after I lie in your country. I hope for your understanding, trust and support. I'm sure it will not be a barrier to usd 350 and you can help me. I want to make all our sexual Garyeams.
Need to hurry, my angel Gary. The faster and can help me, faster than I can fly to your country. It 's very difficult to find the right words my prince. Please do not ask me no questions, now I'm just asking you to help as soon as possible. I'm so afraid of losing you. I hope you will help me, I'm sure. My Tiger fan, I learned that there is a system MoneyGram . This system is safer and the easiest way and fastest way to transfer money. This is exactly what we need right now. At the end of this letter, I will give all the information necessary for the transmission. So that you can find the nearest MoneyGram soon, I give you a link to the official website - I'm really very sorry to have to ask for your help, but I have no choice. You're the only family and friends to me a person who can help me now.
Please do not forget that I will give you 350usd from my salary, I will put in their own country. I'm sure you do not leave me in this difficult situation - you're gentle, sweet and caring. We are made for each other and the money and only card, for which you can not buy true love and feelings. Much more important is the spiritual wealth of mankind. I want to feel your cock inside me resilient. I want you to come into my ass. I've never had anal experience. You are the first who will be able to go there. I'm sure you both enjoy. Now, my pussy at the thought that soon I'll be in your arms and embrace your cock can my lips. Love deep blowjob? I can swallow all your cock, mmmmmmm, my tiger, I'm looking forward to this moment. But without your help our Garyeams never become a reality. Please do not look at a man who has just personal gain. I try to only two of us, and it takes a lot for me. The most important thing that you have had a desire to help.
Then, we will be able to jump all the obstacles together. Come on, there will be next to each other and make the most beautiful things of this world together, taking her hand. I hope that the new mail waiting for me, as soon as possible. The most passionate kisses and sweet to you, my tiger! Your little pussy from Russia, Elena! Postscript As I promised, I'll tell you my personal information needed to transfer money via
Elena Nekrasouva
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Kirova street, 34
When you can send the money, give all the information on money transfers!
Letter 8
Hello, my favorite Prince Gary! It seems to me that you're not really my problem. I'm sorry, but I see that you're not interested in our communication, and you do not want to help. I am a bit 'sad to get data from your letter. I understand that I have no right to demand from you financial aid. But I still please, no, I beg you, please, find this amount of money. This is very important for our future. We have built our relationship, he said to each other many things that no one knows but us. You know me, even more than many of my friends. I did everything for you, because you like it and my heart is open for our love relationships. There's still time. Please cherish every moment of our time, because affects our future together. What's the real reason you do not want to help me? Please tell me honestly? Maybe I do not deserve your trust in this, so it does not help me? Maybe you really do not have the value of money? Out of every situation and always a way out. The most important thing we want to solve the problems. As the saying goes - "He who seeks will find forever!" I believe that you do, and you can help me, my brilliant tiger Gary! As I promised, and before that as soon as I come to your country, I will give you USD 350 for 2-3 days, as soon as I pay the first month's salary. The money will not fail to keep waiting, but that our meeting and Garyeams for the future can be destroyed in an instant and I do not want this! We walked for a long time to set goals and not have to go through the course. Between us there is a choice, or our problem will be solved and we will be able to wear the "crown" on the head, or break our love, like a house of cards and left only ruins and memories of our feelings and desires we wanted to do. To you and now everything depends on you, my angel! I will not insist that you should make that choice for themselves.
I'm just asking you to close your eyes and choose what and important to you. The choice is yours. Help me and you will not regret it, because he made the right choice. I think about you all the time, you do not and never for a moment out of my head. I love you, Gary! I am ready to talk to you forever! I look forward to your new email for me. With great respect, Your little Elena!
Letter 9
My love, I give you a guarantee and I promise you as soon as you send money, I take off to you in 2 days! I love you! Make the decision as soon as possible! I very much want to you! forever your Elena!
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