Scam Letter(s) from Julia Matrosowa to Len (USA)

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Letter 1

How's it going Len? I am really glad you wrote. It is pleasant that you show interest to dialogue with me. It is important to me. If things work out, great, if not, that's fine too, everything happens for a reason.
Len, I want to tell you ... I live in Russia. I understand that this is very far from your country and thousands of miles separate us, but I think that distance is not a serious impediment to our communication. Do you agree with me? I live in city Salekhard. This is northern part of my country. Len what city do you live in? I tried to register at the with the name of my country and my city, but the site did not allow me to do it and I had to use your country.
I began these research just recently as I know that Russian men for the most part do not possess the kind of qualities that are most important to me and in addition they like drinking and waste their life-time. The most important thing in a relationship for me: trust and understanding - a pledge of sincere communication. I am the gentle and patient person. I am always tolerant I treat other people. We all have their advantages and disadvantages. I am a person who self-assured and at the same time soft enough, romantic and it's important to me. Most of all I do not like lies. As speak at us, better a bitter truth than sweet lies. Len although we have not met and do not know each other, I think a few emails between us may be quite fine. I see that I am 27 years old and a certain stage of life has been passed. I appreciate that life is full of twists and turns. I have not had too much time to do all I want to do but hopefully now can start. Len, I wish to communicate with you because when I have seen your profile on a site, you have interested me and I have wanted to learn you better, I cannot explain it, but my sight has stopped on your profile and I have written to you.
Now I would like to ask you. Len what are you looking to the Internet and what relationship do you aspire? I will try to tell you more about me in my next letter. Just I'm going to a rehearsal of Oriental dance. I hope I get your picture and your new email tomorrow with the answers to my questions.
Thanks, Ekaterina

Letter 2

Len, I am glad to read your letter, your words, your thoughts. My girlfriend and my mom send you greetings and congratulations! I hope you do not mind if I tell them that you gave them greetings and congratulations too! To me it is pleasant, that you think of our meeting. I too think of it. Be probably fast we can together. I only wish to be assured, that you sincerely wish to meet me and you sincerely think of it. It is important for me. You have sent me photos today. To me it is very pleasant. Thanks! You ask the address of my house? I will write you it in the end of the letter.
It's interesting to me what the relationship with the other girls have you been? About why you separated. What would you like to see in me?
Tell me Len. I beg you not to hide anything from me. Len, I will say at once why I like you, I do not know how to describe what happened to me after we met. I was lucky, I began to feel better. Even my friends and my mother said so.
You know, I never had a serious relationship in the past. I have met and made friends. Of course this can not be called love. It is hard to describe my past feelings: interest, desire. It is difficult to name the last relationship - serious. There were meetings and were parting.
It was flirting, but no more than that. I have never experienced serious feelings, but I believed and saved myself for the one man.
Now I met you and you changed my life, you gave me a new feeling, you gave me a new emotions.
Nice to know that now we are alone, you and me. When you read these lines, you thinking about me. Let the moment, but now for you nobody but me. And not just my words but and my thoughts, which they have, gently and tenderly hugs you. You calmly and well in these hugs, Len? Please, forget about the past, do not worry about the future.
What happened and what will be - now it is not important. Live the present, live for these moments. And be happy Len!
I send you my photo. I hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to hearing letter from you.
Your sincere Ekaterina.
My address:
city Salekhard,
Chkalov street 14,
Index: 629003



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