Scam letter(s) from Aye Kwity to Carl (Denmark)

Letter 1
Good morning Mr. Carl Christian, Thank you so much for your mail once again and I want to use this time to say I am very very sorry for my late reply to your mail but I have been trying for a long time now to reply to your mail but I do not know what is the problem from as it kept coming back to me as failure delivery . I have been busy and not always around computer, But I met with Aye your wife right here in my office and she told me that you have sent me an email and you want to hear something from me, but it was not all my fault as I have really been trying to reach you. Well I want you to relax on me and I promise you all will go very well this time. Please trust me once more and I assure you with everything that if you pay the said amount of money you are to paid you will need not to pay any penny again but to receive the transfer of the fund to your account with no delay. I am a big man in the government and I do know the laws and understand them so I will not lie to you or make fake promises to you so please trust me and count in me. I will not fail you and I will not tell you things that I will not do. Well you have asked for the police Accra headquater phone number but I can not give it to you because if you call this number it will not ring or it may ring with no answer because we have serious with the international service now and trying to work on it, It will take a long time before it get active again so I can only give you my office number that you can call me and I will answer you or my secretary will answer you. Once again Mr. Boytang I want you to build your trust around me and I will deliver the best for you and Aye this time. I am a head for the law inforcement team here in Ghana and I will not involve myself into anything like crime so please give me your trust once more and believe on my words that I will do what I say to you. I will always keep my promises. Thank you. Best regard.
Mr. Paul T. Quaye.
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