Scam letter(s) from Elena Sezoka to Robin (UK)

Letter 1
My darling Robin!!!!
Thanks for your answer here to me but nevertheless an essence remain such that I understand now much from you.
In other countries of the girl is as swindlers on the Internet and still even the agency has warned me about it earlier and have told be cautiously. And I am cautious now but when I write you the letter I have confidence of you. But when I write you the letter you to me have confidence? I think that there is no also you are afraid that I will deceive you.
And still if once so with you was then it is impossible to think of all people so. Really I gave to you of an occasion that you thought so of me? I spoke to you that I can show much that real and you should not doubt. And even and I do not know these words as you think. I wanted always that for me there was only one man. But if you have harm on other girls then you always so will be. It is necessary to wait for the moment when you will be quiet to continue to search for the partner. I think that if I will be trusted by my man - you then I will be happy. Till this moment all will be astable in our relations I do not want that so was.
Also the agency has warned me about men which deceive. I do not know that will be with me. But I trust you and I wish to fly to you fairly! And without a deceit.
If the girl in other country has deceived the man - then to it will be nothing for it.
I heard about it in the TV, or also in news from the tourist agent.
My country Azerbaijan known for the strict laws concerning a deceit.
If the girl has deceived the man then this crime.
If stole money - also will remove a hand. I also to risk it is a lot of to ask help you but if you do not want. Then certainly your right but I wish to receive nothing it from you to use. If you could help me then I would send all copies of documents and tickets. ok?
Also I do not want from you anything to receive. I spoke to you that you have addressed in travel agency just to learn if I to speak the truth? Why you did not do it and do not want?
I think that also you do not wish even to try to be convinced that I real and is ready to fly to you. What for then we wrote all these letters here? That then already in the end of relations to refuse from each other? To me so it is insulting for it.
And if tomorrow I receive from you the letter and also to be convinced that you do not trust me simply as to the girl which wishes to fly to you. I will not try to overpersuade you more. I cannot fly to you in that case if you do not help and address in travel agency. I cannot receive documents and tickets without trip payment.
And tomorrow I will see that you do not trust me completely and speak to me that you are afraid of a deceit for my part? Then I will not try excuse more. I will try then to be disconnected from the Internet and never more here not to be. As there is no trust and I so trusted you. But you do not trust in our love and me so it is bad from these thoughts.
Probably if any by I could collect money for a trip to you to fly. You could use me and then throw or leave one. So it is not necessary for me, I wish to be assured in you and it is not necessary words.
Never there will be any deceit and I a fair girl. Never will afford this low step in life to steal. I always did not respect all these people also as politicians. And I try to tell to you that I am right in it and if we manage to meet then I will be glad.
I live a usual life and I respect all people who to treat me also kindly. And never will allow that to happen badly or to make to badly my man. Let other girls so do and if you so think of me then better not to write more. BUT I do not wish to write the letter eternally on the Internet as I understand every day that it incorrectly. We should or meet or stop dialogue therefore if now at us in letters so begins. Then already I do not know that that will be further and I did not want it. I spoke to you always that I trust you. And please to believe to me I will make all that you have been assured of me but I can not fly without your help or the help of any. Before to ask the help from you I thought much that I can make and I did not have a choice. As I the girl also live one, and I will be necessary to me the man with which together. You understand me please tell to me? We can try to write still letters concerning our meeting and to discuss. I want that you to see real to me seriously concern and want a meeting. I want that you have changed opinion on me. Today I send kisses. Yours Elena
Letter 2
My darling Robin!!!! Thanks for your answer here to me but nevertheless an essence remain such that I understand now much from you. In other countries of the girl is as swindlers on the Internet
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