Scam letter(s) from Irina Shulzhenko to Lars (Kuwait)

Letter 1
i have already received the money and applied for passport. it will be ready on the 2 of September. since i have a passport we can do other arrangements. you see,i was thinking where would be better to meet.
somewhere outside Ukraine because here is getting colder already.
summer is over and close to beach isn't warm. Lars,now we need to decide where is better in Dubai or in Europe. Please let me know what you prefer?? Honey,i adore you. The way you express what you feel is wonderful.
Your words transport me to an island of thoughts. It will be great the day I will set my eyes on you. When I think of you and close my eyes, I get lost and time flies just now, I'm sitting here, flooded with feelings....too bad the keyboard can't type by itself what I'm feeling... I'm yearning to set my eye on you, though right by your side in spirit. Lars,i am happy to know that on weekend you had nice time,looking for a car must be very pleasant process. i see you like big for me,i like cars and would like to drive but i have no car. I thanks God every day that you are my man and i will treat you like my king,i will never make you disappointed,promise you my honey. Love you with all my heart!
Please Lars reply me as soon as possible, always your Ira.
Letter 2
Good morning my beloved man!) thanks for calling me,i was exited and really surprised to get your call because i did not expect it. before you was always busy to talk to me and i was very sad. because you are like a drug to me,i cannot without you my Lars. Unfortunately i haven't got text messages on my mobile(( I am happy you liked the photo,i wish to see more of yours. i am addicted to you honey and want to meet soon and it's important to chose the best place for our meeting. They did suggest me Spain,and said that it's not hard to get this visa, if I make travel type of visa. For visa, they need my passport, they need payments for visa, need payments for flight tickets, as Embassy are asking for tickets to make Visa. And travel agency will need payments for Insurance and hotel. Palma di Mallorca is a nice place for meeting you,it's beautiful and very warm there. Visa will cost- 75 evro ,
Insurance -35 evro ,
flight tickets and hotel for 7 days cost around 794 evro I have to pay all this money to travel agency and they will make me the whole trip and give guarantee that I will get Visa. Also they said that visa process takes around 5 days, so it's better to start once i have a passport. My Lars,honey,can you please let me know if you will be able to help me on the 1 or 2 September so i can apply for visa once i get my passport. Also the privilege if we book the trip now, is that later it will cost more. Because price for the ticket smaller if to book it in advance. I feel happy that we are going to be together soon and we have to enjoy deeply this special opportunity... Waiting for your soonest reply,
with love your Ira.
Letter 3
Hi my lovely,dearest Lars!!! first of all i would love to tell that you make me so crazy,i watch your are my dream man,i want to feel your body close as soon as possible. my love,as i understood you,you want to meet for a long weekend,from Thursday till Sunday. right?? I don't want to meet in Turkey,there are always wars or political meetings. i think that while you stay in Kuwait,better i will visit you there. but if i travel there,i need to apply for tourist visa. round trip together with a hotel for 4 days,plus health insurance and visa will cost me 1175.24 USD. Lars,i can arrange all documents together,separately to make visa isn't possible. travel agencies won't do the visa without payments for tickets and hotel with health insurance. i need your help my love. I hope you can help me with 1175$. i will be waiting for your soonest reply,please write me back because it's very important to arrange it.
i wish to meet you maybe from the 5 of September till 8. Love you!!!!!!!! your Ira.
Letter 4

Lars,please do not misunderstand me this time. i was trying to explain you that if i travel outside my country to meet you,i prefer to get documents here. don't write me that you will pay for it there. if i go to Dubai for example,i need to get there a tourist visa. without payment for tickets,hotel and insurance,i will not get the visa. My love,do you understand me now?we lose time now because you cannot understand me(((i am very upset of this. Now tell me the days we'll meet. exact dates please. i look for the tour to Dubai for me and tell you how much it costs. i hope you won't make me disappointed,i do trust you dear Lars and want us to be together! waiting for your email,
please answer me soon as it's very important!
Your Ira.
Letter 5
Lars,in my country it isn't possible to get visa the way you offer me.
people travel to Dubai only with all travel papers. if you cannot help me,then i am sorry. i won't risk my life..and i thought that you will be gentle with me,now i am very upset and disappointed. Why you cannot understand that to make visa opline isn't possible for Ukrainians????
Letter 6
Lars,my honey,i just returned from travel company, checked about the tickets,...
Letter 7
Lars,my honey,i just returned from travel company, checked about the tickets, they can book for me the flights from Kiev to Dubai with flydubai airlines. i will get to Kiev from Lugansk airport. flights from Luganks to Kiev cost 386$.
all trip from Kiev to Dubai for 5-8 September include tickets,visa,insurance and hotel cost 749$. I need to start making visa as soon as possible to get it in time,because till 5 of September no much time. i need to start latest on Monday.
please reply me soon or call me back, i will wait my Lars! your Ira.
Letter 8
Lars,the cost of the tour include hotel for 5,6,7,8 of September, both way tickets,visa and health insurance. i live in Lugansk region,i send you before my address.
i did not give you wrong information. i don't think or accept you as a bank,i just hope that you can support me with this. the flight from Lugansk to Kiev Departure 07:00 Thursday, 5 September
Lugansk (VSG), Lugansk - Ukraine
Arrival 09:00 Thursday, 5 September
Terminal: B Zhulhany (IEV), Kiev - Ukraine Uganda Airlines (QU 507) Aircraft type - AT4
Operated by: Uganda Airlines Class - Economy and return one Departure Sunday, 8 September, 0 Stops Duration of trip: 2 hours 00 minutes
Departure 20:10 Sunday, 8 September
Terminal: A Zhulhany (IEV), Kiev - Ukraine
Arrival 22:10 Sunday, 8 September
Lugansk (VSG), Lugansk - Ukraine Uganda Airlines (QU 508) Aircraft type - AT4
Operated by: Uganda Airlines Class - Economy and the flights from Kiev to Dubai Thu, 5 Sep flydubai – Flights 728
4h 50m
Thu 14:35 KBP Kiev, Ukraine
Thu 20:25 DXB Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Boeing 737-800 Sun, 8 Sep flydubai – Flights 727
5h 30m
Sun 9:20 DXB Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sun 13:50 KBP Kiev, Ukraine All together it cost 1135 USD
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