Letter(s) from Svetlana Levedeva to Ronald (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello, my dear Ronald!
How are you today? Thank you for your nice letter and I can't imagine any day without your words that make my day all the time. Thank you that you exists in my life even being so far from me. I'm glad to know that you liked the video and photos of my apartment. As for my phone number, it is the same 007 987 710 21 64 noting changed and i don't see any difference in voice as you tell me. We have time difference between our countries so try to call me not too late, ok?
Today it is raining here and my thoughts are very sad. I'm dependent from the weather sometimes and what about you? I'm in a pensive mood today and want to tell you about my past experience with men before.
So, at first i have fallen in love seriously when I was 18, we studied at the same group at the University, we dated and had very nice time together: flowers, walks in the moonlight, kisses, all the romantic things all the people who are in love have. We decided to live together, but my Mum was against my living without getting marriage, because I was only 19! she thought that i am too small to take such serious decisions. we went on dating till I finished the university. at first we missed each other very much, but then we started to realize that we have different lives and we decided that it will be better to be just good friends. at the moment he is already married and has 2 pretty kids, his wife is a charming woman and I am very happy about him.
soon after we parted I met a good man (as it seemed to me at that time), he was very handsome and very confident and he told me a lot of pleasant things, he assured me that he loved me and he suggested our living together. I agreed because I was 23 and I could do anything I wanted without asking my Mum's permission when we started to live together it turned out that he didn't love me as much as he assured me. he was very often absent from the house, he often stayed at night at some other places, and didn't think that he should explain me where he was. and some horrible morning I opened the door of our flat and saw the woman with a child, she looked very angry, and she started to shout at me. at first the sense of her words didn't reach my mind but then i understood that she was talking about my Vanya. she said that they had been married for about 4 years already and that I was destroying their family. but this was the first and the last time I saw this woman!
when she went away i packed his bags and sent it to his home address, I returned to my parent's flat with my heart broken and I never let this man come into my life since. So you see, how cruel men can be in love relations.
I prefer honesty first of all and what about you? Now you are the only man I am keeping in contact and I feel that my feeling have never been stronger to anyone.
Honey, I see that you are a genuine person and I was not mistaken choosing you.
I truly hope that you are different that you won't crush my heart, you won't make me unhappy. because if you do I won't survive. I will be destroyed completely, darling. I rely on you on the whole, I am giving you my heart and I hope that you will keep it safe and sound ok, this was a long letter and I think that now you know every detail of my past life. and hope that I will know the same from you soon, ok?
waiting your reply, my love, and sending you the passionate kiss and warm embarrass,
your Alena with love
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Ronald!
How are you today? thank you for your mail, my angel and how did you pass the weekends without me? I worked hard in the garden to help my parents as usually in autumn we gather crops and dig out a whole field of potatoes.
You know, Russia is agricultural country and in my town many people have their own garden not to buy products in the shop but to have natural ones cultivated by themselves.
How are you today, honey? How is weather over there? here a little bit warmer today and I would be so happy to go for a walk with you to enjoy fresh air and nature. I was so impressed with your story about your past relations and I see you suffered a lot. By the way, I'm sure that you deserve happiness in this cruel world and I will do all my best to make you the happiest man in the world! I was happy to hear your voice and don't worry about your English, I understood you very well and like your voice a lot!
I always have a great desire to visit you as soon as possible and I want to open you today my small secret As I told you before, I attend belly dance corses because I want to surprise you at our first night.
Do you know what is it belly dance, darling? Every part of the body is involved in the dance, the most featured body part usually is the hips.
Belly dance takes many different forms depending on country and region, both in costume and dance style. Belly dancing arose from various dancing styles which were performed in the Middle East and North Africa. Belly dance has roots in the ancient Arab tribal religions as a dance to the goddess of fertility.
Another theory is that belly dance was always danced in the Middle East and North Africa as entertainment, as the movements of dancing girls depicted in carvings from Pharaonic times are typical of belly dancing. A final theory is that belly dance was originally danced by women for women in North Africa.
Most of the movements in belly dancing involve isolating different parts of the body such as hips, shoulders, chest, stomach, which appear similar to the isolations used in jazz ballet, but are often driven differently. To tell you the truth, it's no so easy to learn Belly dance as it's necessary to use every part of your body isolated but it's very hard to manage it. I try to do all my best to learn how to do that because I really want to make a small surprise for you when I come I even have a special costume for that so you can see it on the photos that I send you today. So be ready because I'm sure that you will like it I kiss you now and wait for your news with impatience. I will go to the belly dance corses now to become more perfect in this sphere not to disappoint you:)
Have a nice evening, darling.
Many kisses,
your Russian princesse Alena
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Ronald!
i read your letter and I was shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still love you, but a little bit upset about everything that is going now...I love you and so i don't want to lose you, and i want to be with you!
You are the only person for me, my honey!
but because of your words I'm really angry with you!!!!!!!!!!
First of all I'm a serious woman and not a little girl to treat me this way, and if you are really had some feelings to me you don't have to say such words.....You even don't know the reality and you let smb. push yourself around, it's not the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you have to understand me!Dear, I love!!I want to be wit you all my love! I've never loved anybody before so, plz,honey!
Although you made such things with me, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O'k, I understand you!so, listen!
I have to say that I was writing for the person through the Internet for the first time, but it's not truth! Before I was in correspondence with some man .... You know that I'm serious person and I was looking for the real love and someone whom I can trust....but by the way it wasn't so, he was only the person who liked to treat with woman and he was asking me only the naked photos, and all the time he was speaking only about the sex! But I didn't want such relations and when he asked me to come to him to entertain very very interesting way and he said that we'll all the time have sex I can't stand that I said FUCK YOURSELF and he replied that he'll avenge me by all means and anybody will be ably to look at me...and I will be all the time alone..... so you are the only person who can decide now, everything is in your hands dear....
I love you....
Your Alena with love
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