Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Sezoka to Alexandro (Colombia)
Letter 1
Hello my dear love and prince Alexandro!!!!
Thanks you, that you to write me the fine letter!!!
You to open to me more and more and I to rejoice, that we with you to become even more close each other!!!! I want, that never will be secrets between us and we can always speak on any themes!!!
I wish to tell to you, that at a meeting you can see me and feel and pleasure by me!!!! We will be pleasure the friend the friend and it will be a fairy tale!!!! I love you and I wish to present to you all my feelings, all my passion and the caress, all my tenderness and love!!!! I think, that we will be mad when we will be together and all world will exist only for us with you, my love Alexandro!!!! You can think, that again I to hurry up for our meeting!!! But I do not wish to write you the letter only!!! I am very glad, that you wish to be with me together!!! I too very much want it and I understand, that we are familiar only in letters, but I feel you, your love to me and my heart are said to me, that by you - my happiness, you - my love, you - my future!!!! I very much wish to see you, to embrace, kiss you, to speak with you about love and about our future! Today to shine the sun and heat and I to smile and rejoice to this fine put!
I to rise today with dream of you in the morning and I will be to think all the day long of us with you! You have presented to me the new feeling, new happiness and I thank the god, that it has helped to find you in this world! I all flare hot fire from love to you. This fire in my soul and my heart and it inflames every day all more strongly and more strongly.
My love, I think of you for days on end constantly. And does not suffice at night when I lay down in cold bed to me especially you. I to trust you completely, and I know, that you will never do to me badly and I can be sincere always with you!!! I am confident, that our love has a future!!! Our future are we with you, mine Alexandro!!!! You are a part of my heart and soul, a part of my life and the future!!!! I never was earlier so is happy, as now!!! You to give me happiness and pleasure, you to give to me warmly and love!!
I wish to ask you Alexandro please tell me please, my love too to give you a lot of happiness and pleasures??? I love you all heart, but it is very pleasant to me to hear your compliments and the gentle, warm letters, full caress and love!!!! And still dear I can already fly to you it is can already happen in 2-3 weeks if we want. If we meet now then yes. If we wait a little about 3-4-5 weeks then it was necessary also is guaranteed. That we waited but it is better to receive documents earlier. I have the passport and other documents to submit but I will wait it is a little. Though very strongly I wish to fly to you. I need to know that you also the serious?? And if you help and will not throw me. I then will give you confidence of all that I to arrive to you. And still I can much here but I wish to be convinced also that you really want and is capable care of me when I to fly to you???
I have collected also other all documents from a place of work and about that that at me is not present any a debt here. Thus I am ready to give it to Travel agency in Azerbaijan that they have given it further for visa preparation. You can see a travel agency site also. And to write there the letter:
There my data here also:
Elena Sezoka, Azerbaijan, Zabrat AZ 1003
That as to the information of a full trip for: two way tickets, the visa, the passport, medicine insurance, taxes
trip cost 1175 euros
It can be paid at once in travel agency without problems. If I am necessary I can speak with them and in any case inform me your opinion. Also they can give the receipts, all guarantees that payment will go for payment of my trip with all official documents and the seals. They also can give all information and all will depend on us as we will solve and as we will be capable to cope with problems.
I need to see your answer and still we can solve together that that we want.
I do not know now as it will be further but we will look forward and to solve something. I am very pity that not rich and also I do not think so of you never. Simply by common efforts it is possible to achieve much in any relations. If you refuse to help me then I will not take offence. I will try all to make but I do not know if to turn out. So it is a shame to me that I write about it and at all I do not know as you you will react. I very much love you and I want that once already I did not write you the letter. And simply looked in your eyes and to smile.
Many kisses Elena always yours
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