Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Chirkova to Jack (Scotland)
Letter 1
Darling here data which are necessary for you in order that you could send me money:
my name - Tatyana
my surname - Chirkova
my address - Lenina 49
the city (in which I will receive money) Dzerzhinsk
country - Russia
Darling, in bank I was told that you shouldn't make a mistake in my data. As if there will be at least one mistake in my data, the bank will refuse to me to give out money. Therefore I ask you to specify data which I sent you at money transfer. That I could receive money which you will send me me it is necessary to know your data:
your name-?
your surname-?
your address-?
the city (from which you will send money, that is the departure city)-?
country - England
the sum which you will send me-?
MTCN (It is a code of a money transfer. It consists of 10 figures. You it will be given out when you will conclude the bargain about money transfer. ) - ?
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