Scam letter(s) from Janet Mark to Gregory (USA)

Letter 1
Full Name:Musah Shawuna
country :Ghana
city :Tamale
zope code:00233
Letter 2
Hello Honey, How are you doing Today..i Miss you do much Huh..i got the funds thank you for your support Honey ..well honey i have a problem with My Facebook Account i don"t know what is wrong with it ****..i can"t even access it i Thought i have to get new Facebook Account..Honey i want you to know that i am very Proud of you are my world i can"t wait to spend my whole life with mean a lot to me ..Hope to hear that from you back
Letter 3
Darling send me pic of you too ..cant wait to have your pics Huh
Letter 4

wow!!! Darling you look very handsome..wish i was there to feel your body....well Darling you have to try to be always Honest with me you never told me you have wife..but i don"t have problem with that you have to try all you best for as to be together and let our Dreams Come True..there is nothing i need in This world But you ..i Give all my Heart to you and i praying that you will never let me tell me how will your wife feel she hear that you are in love with...please i don"t want to be hurt again am very scared...hope to hear from you back
Letter 5
Oh c'mon **** is not the end **** so far as we are still alive there is hope....**** don't be worried and don't take things too far too am here for you and will always be there for you ok....Love you....!!!!
Letter 6
Just be safe **** and take care of yourself for me until tonight when we are able to talk to you each other....Love you ****..!!!
Letter 7
Ok **** be safe and take care of yourself...Love you!!!
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