Letter(s) from Olga Sinhik to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

I ADORE YOU AND I WISH TO FEEL YOU!!!!!! I ADORE TO READ YOU!!!!!! I love you Michael! I wish to divide with you the life! I think that when I shall arrive to you. We together shall solve that we shall do further. You agree with me? I shall be glad to teach you to play on a piano.
I think that I can learn you to game on a piano. I think, that at pairs with the big difference in the age of there is a balance of forces inside of these pairs. Partners give each other the different information - because it is people from different generations, different opportunities, the different points of view. They hold each other « in a tone », compensating lacks and defects each other: if in something one is weak - in it another is strong, and on the contrary. And if all this is imposed on mutual feelings such attitudes are stronger than attitudes of two coevals. What do you think? If we will have children, I shall remain with you for ever. You can trust me, I shall be always faithful and true., you mine the man, and you main in our attitudes. I wish to grant always your desires. You the man of my dream! I want that we with you went a hand about a hand on a life. And on a life have helped with all to one another. I think that the trip for me will not be road. I without problems can travel to your country. I with impatience shall wait your letter. I hope to see your letter tomorrow. On it a photo I with the only thing the man, my rabbit Kesha. I very much love it also it brings to me good mood since morning. I have recollected history that when the person is born there is a new star and when someone dies one star falls. One star - one life. I looked at the sky and searched for our stars. It is very interesting to me, what occurs, when two persons, enamoured each other meet? Michael how you think? I think, that stars unite. Also become more and more brightly. I hope, that written English you understand mine and understand my feelings. Michael you know, what happens yesterday? I, as well as thought, have met you in the dream. It was so perfectly. We have met in the street, I went along the street and thought of what that, you went to me towards and thought of the. And we have casually faced, Michael, you have asked, I will go with you to cinema or not. I have told, I do not know. You had one more ticket, and you have invited me.
And I have gone with you to cinema. But cinemas we did not look, we communicated with you more. When the comedy has ended, we left cinema happy and happy. You have told, that spend me. When we have reached the house we did not wish to be separated. We stood about my door both talked. Also have not noticed, how became close one to another and we have kissed. AS OUR FIRST KISS WAS FINE!!!!!! IT WAS FINE!!!!!! On my body there has passed a pleasant shiver. I have fallen in your embraces, and you have kept me, and we continued to kiss. Michael, you see dreams? You can describe them? I would like, what our dreams would become a reality, you want it Michael? I send you the kisses, and I hope, what tomorrow I will receive yours as, you will send them to me?? Something I have fallen into a reverie and nearly have not forgotten to tell to you. Today, I have gone to housing and communal services, you know, what is it? At us there pay for utilities. I needed to pay for light, and there I have met with Marina. But she hurried up home because she needed to make a supper to the husband. I am very glad for her, I too would like to make a supper for the favourite person. You would like, what I would make a supper to you? Marina has told, that it is very glad that has met me, she has told to me, that was going to go today to me.
Michael, you remember, I said to you, that when we sat in cafe with Marina, she has told to me about a meeting of graduates. This meeting will be tomorrow. You not against if I will go on a meeting of graduates? To me it is important, that you will tell on it. I will look forward your letter! Your most gentle Olga.

Letter 2

Michael, is glad to read your lines. Thanks for that you bring to me in them a smile, pleasure. Michael, I am happy when I read your lines.
And I so would like that you spoke it to me looking in my eyes. You want it? As I spoke to you, I visited the doctor. But before visiting the doctor in has staid huge turn, in our hospital now there are physical examinations, on conscription. I at all do not understand why it passes in simple hospital. From for it there huge turns, even old grandmothers sit and wait for that when there will pass physical examination young men. Michael, and at you before conscription young men as pass physical examination in usual civil hospitals? I think, that the state should take away special places for this purpose. I very tired to expect, the doctor to me has told that at me not that terrible has written out to me Coldrex. You know that this medicine. He to me has told that it will soon relieve me of cold. I will be on it hopes. Michael, in hospital I have met my former schoolgirl Julia, she was with mum they as have melted on reception in the doctor to the pediatrist. Julia, was ill with a chicken pox. I have wished her the prompt recover. She has asked me when I to them will return. I would not like to speak to her, but I have told that I any more when at them I will not teach. She was very much afflicted but I have told to her that she very presented girl and when she will grow she can understand all it.
Then I have looked in my bag and I have found sweets have treated her. She has smiled, and to me was so pleasantly to see this smile.
Michael, I very much like to see at close people a smile on the face, it does me pleasure. Michael when I will arrive to you I always I will smile!! You will be happy from it? Michael, today I wished to go to travel agency what to find out about a trip to you. But I have not had time to make it today as, very long time have stayed in hospital. Tomorrow I will go there and I will begin our meeting. Betray greetings family. I very much wish to speak to you about the love looking in your eyes, and I am am pleased very much with those that I can do it soon!!!! Yours and only your loving Olga

p.s. The picture that you received was taken from detskoi grounds, next to the place where I used to work! I was with the kids in the street and had to come to the parents of these children. they were very happy that their children are taught such a wonderful teacher like me! I always take care of them and can say was a second mother! The parents decided to take a picture of me as a keepsake to always remember who taught all of their children!

Letter 3

Hello My Lovely Men and My Sun Michael! All put I thought of you. Michael, I very much miss you. Only your letters bring in my heart warmly and happiness. I love you! You help our meeting and I am grateful to you for all that you do.
Thanks you for all Michael! Michael, you can contact tourist agency in my city. Here the information that you could contact travel agency:
The name: "Traveler"
email: wind-change@list.ru
web sait: wind-change.fo.ru
The name of the agent - Natalia.
You can communicate at any time with travel agency, and they I can answer all your questions on my travel. Michael, in travel agency to me have told I should fly from the airport of Moscow. I can meet you in Moscow.
After payment for documents, for 2 their weeks I can issue. I can receive all necessary documents at myself in city. The visa to me will need to be received in Moscow after I shall pass interview.
Michael if we now can pay for all documents. We can be together before 15 October. Michael, your photo warms my heart and my soul. I have written down your phone number in a notebook. I shall inform you as soon as I will have an opportunity to call to you. Well? Michael we carefully should concern to our love and I am assured that you understand it. I want, I want to you now!!! Sometimes I wake up and I think that you beside, but when I Completely I come to consciousness understand that it only my desire now and I with impatience wait for that hour when we can touch and enjoy a reality. I know that you as wish it, I feel it in your letters. I know that we with you purposeful people and we shall necessarily reach what we want. Now our purpose One and this pleasant feeling which always with me beside. I shall follow you.
You my wall and a support now. For you I shall feel that I in safety and it so.
I shall finish my letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer. Yours and only yours Olga

Letter 4

I see your letter, and it means that we search for one and too. Michael as I already spoke you my name Olga. I not married also have no children. I live in the city of Novodvinsk. I the cheerful and sociable girl. I like to achieve objects in view. In other on what, I also have spent the most part of my life. I have loyal friends, it is a lot of colleagues. I always in the attention center because I work with children. But so that has turned out in a life that I have not met till now the love. I very much wish to love and be favorite. Therefore I here! Michael, I would like to know why you here? What reasons at you? Are you lonely? It would be pleasant to me to brighten up the loneliness dialogue with you. It seems to me, that we search for the same, therefore it would be pleasant to communicate with you more.
Michael, many people, seeing me, speak that, I am happy!!! They make conclusions, looking that I always smile, respond on all requests I participate in many actions. I conduct a vigorous way of life. But who does not guess at all as it is bad to me to come into apartment in which not who does not wait for me, to lay down in cold bed, and will fall asleep only with thoughts on that tomorrow. And in the morning having opened eyes should whom near to itself. Earlier I did not give it such value but now when I became more adult I start to reflect on it more and more every day. This thought does not give me rest. I wish to meet second half. Michael, washing the soul has got tired of melancholy, and I hope that dialogue through Internet probably that will change.
On this a photo I am in village at parents! I went behind mushrooms and have decided to arrange photosession on the nature. The second photo has been made in my apartment. This day at me was birthday and me congratulated much and beautiful gifts have given. To me I was very pleasant therefore on a photo such happy!!! Michael, I hope, that I was not sad in this letter and it to like you. I will look forward to hearing from you! Your new friend Olga!

Letter 5

My mood is awful today. Michael, I have left work. Even it is opposite to me to speak about it. My chief, has come today to me in the end of the working day and has asked to come then to it into an office. After all pupils have left, I have gone to it to an office. My chief not when did not ask to come me to them. I thought, that it does not accept my work.
In general as the person it is very exacting. But when I have come, he has started to speak me what that nonsense, and has started to touch me. I to it have told, that it not to like me and that I will tell about it to his wife. He to me has told, that then it will discharge me from office and has started to touch me further. I not that did not need to make, and I have struck to it a slap in the face and have run out from an office. I have run faster home. I cried, and now on my eyes of tear. I wished where to go, but have thought, that you will worry. I have come what to write to you. Michael, I feel such defenceless. Why with me nearby there is no man who could protect me! Michael why men think, what if the girl is lonely, means to her it is possible to solicit? I had relations, but not long because I wish to feel the present love. And I not when did not test such feelings. I all life wait the unique man whom I will love and which will love me!!! I cannot the word “I is simple so to say I love you”. Only when I can tell it, I will be happy. I hope, that when or I will meet such person. Michael, I am assured that it not when will not cause me a pain, and will protect me. I at all do not understand men who can cause to the girl a pain. It seems to me, that for the man it should be low. I am assured that you not when could not hurt the girl. Because, when I look at your photos, in your eyes I see, that at you is smothering. You the kind person. Michael, you very much like me, you not such as all. Forgive me, but I cannot write to you more now. I need to calm down and consider all. Michael, I hope that you understand me!!!! Yours Olga!

Letter 6

Michael, thanks for your letter. I am glad, that you have written to me!!!
Thanks, that you understand. As to me badly also you support a difficult minute of my life. It very much does not suffice me. I would be very glad. If you have arrived to me! Thanks for a photo with the friend. Today I have come into school, have written the letter of resignation and have taken away the documents. I long thought how to tell to my pupils that I am more at them I will not teach. Then I have dared and I have come on employment have told it, that I will not teach more at them. Children very much were upset. Michael, so painfully that to me I was necessary to hurt me that of whom I love. But I very much hope, that when they will grow, they will understand me. When I left a class on my eyes there were tears. Michael, I adore these children, they to me all as native. But I cannot work more there after an event! I long thought yesterday of it when I recollect how this animal tried to touch me with the paws, me a nausea. I thought what to speak it to someone or not. Has solved that it is not necessary to make it as its status is high also that I will tell me will not listen, and he will think up other history in which I it will appear is wrong!!! So I have decided to leave simply easy. How you consider, I have correctly made? In my head confusion. I have left work. It is a pity to me, that I cannot teach to the groups of employment more. But I think that that, I will visit them. I think this best that I can make!!!! Michael, now I will go to parents. I need to stay with them and much over what to think. I need to decide what further to make!!! Tomorrow I will return and at once I will write you the letter! One of a photo has been made about a children's playground. On a wall characters of a cartoon film " the Crocodile of the Gene " are represented favourite by me in the childhood.
I very much liked to look it and always asked mum when it will begin. You did not look such cartoon film in the childhood? The second photo has been made when I walked on a wood and enjoyed pure air in it! I have already got used to you. You such person who would like to open. I am happy that the destiny has given chance to us to learn one another. I will miss very much your letters, but I will remember you every minute. I will write at once as soon as I will return!!!!
Yours Olga.