Scam letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Brad (USA)

Letter 1
Just wanna tell you right now what am feeling about you right,True Love You're the world to me there's no one quite like you. You're the one I love, the one I want to touch. I give you my heart, and I need you so much. Offer me your sweet caresses; fill me with your wonderful light; soothe my aching heart and hold me through the night.
Letter 2
Tell me what do you wanna know about me and Am here honest and caring about you guess you can do same on here cos love and Adore You... I heard the music when true love called, a song sent from heaven on silver wings. The whole world was dreaming, wisps of light streaming, as the stars spilled their mag
Letter 3
OOH i see well i was born and brought up in Kansas city presently move down to my cousin since lost my later fiancee last 2yrs ago And would like to meet someone special that I can grow old with, and that we can always look into each other's eyes and know that the love between us is just as wonderful and exciting as the day we met. I want to love a Man for who he is, to spoil her, and love him, and let her know just how much she means to me, by the little things I do or say to make her feel special. and I like to spend a lot of time in the outdoors, Camp, Fly fishing, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing, Rock Climbing, I like to take walks, I workout most days.
Letter 4

I got your pics and i really love them i did not have problem with them and I like all these below, Pop, rock, country, Classical ,Novels, history, Honest, loyal, devoted, romantic, sincere, dependable, strong, adventurous, poetic, passionate, social, intelligent, professional and like to put on night gown tonight and my favorite color is blue and red,and i do not like too much food just like some little food chicken and piazza and Italian food.....
Letter 5
Good morning sweetie how was your night hope you slept well for me tonight and I got your message on Yahoo last night and you guess wrong cos am talking to you only on here and my phone went off on me last night?
Letter 6
I slept well for you and think lot about you tonight, nothing much to do this morning just indoor all day and You what do you plan this morning
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