Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Barashka to Robert (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello, Robert!!!! A big smile to you from me on this sunny day!!!!:))
The weather is perfect today and it made my mood perfect too!!! But after receiving a message from you my mood became even more than perfect, it became brilliant!!!!!:)) But why is your message so short?? Write me more about you!! And no photos??? I am very interested to get to know you better! How are you doing there today???? How is your mood?? Hope it is getting better now while reading my letter:))? And I hope after viewing my photos it will get even brighter than before!!!! What shall I tell you about myself??? Well today is another best day in my life:) My name is Tanusha! My full name is Tatiana but I like to be called Tanusha, it is my pet name:)) Do you have a pet name too??
Please tell me your real full name and also your pet name! May be you have a special name just for me to call you?:) The way you will be called by me only and nobody else!!! Where do I live??? I live in Ukraine!! Khmelnitsky oblast, Dunaevetsky region, Rahnovka village! May be you can try to find it on the map???
I am weak in Internet but I have heard there are very good and detailed online maps now where you can reach my village easily! But pity that you will not be able to see there all the beauty of it!! It is a fantastic green nature here, breathtaking fresh air and blue blue sky!!! I adore my village, I am a country girl and I love animals very much, but I guess I told you about it already. Also you know about my profession, yes??? I am a veterinary doctor by profession! I have graduated a medical university in Khmelnitsky where I got a higher education. The education is very expensive here, my mom would never be able to pay for it, but I studied there for free because I am an orphan, I don't have a father who died 15 years ago:( I wish I was without a higher education but with my father alive instead!!! But it is life:(( He had a cancer and the doctors could not do anything.
After he died I promised to myself that after I grow up I would become a doctor to save people's lives!!! My dream has almost come true, I can save animals' lives now and I am very proud of it too!!!
Unfortunately there is no work under my profession here in my village:(( I am looking for a job at the neighbor villages which are not far from me, there is still no result but I hope for the best!!
While I am waiting for a good job I work at the local food shop as a salesperson to help my mom with at least some small money. I work there for 1,5 year now 6 days per week. You know although I am a veterinary by profession but I know a lot of those things which the doctors know!! So if you will get sick I will take care of you!!! I will be your personal doctor and nurse!!!! May be even very personal... My Birth date is 04 November 1984. I am a Scorpio. I am not too much into astrology but I know that a lot of people believe it. I have never been married and I don't have kids. I never smoked and I am only a social drinker. On my Birthday or on the New Year I can drink a glass of wine or champagne. I'm also a fan of flowers! They bloom in my garden, I care for my garden very much. I am very neat and I like to clean my garden and my house. My house is always very clean! They say I have a nice sense of humor and people feel comfortable with me.
I am not aggressive or rude or self concerned. I am kind and nice person. Also I like to smile very much!!!:)) And you?? I try to develop my personality, I am learning and growing every day. I also like to cook very much!!! They say my dishes are very delicious!
Especially borsch and vareniki:)) About my family. After my father died I stayed with my mother, I send you the photo of her. Her name is Valentina. She is an accountant.
Also I have a younger brother Misha, he is 26 years old and he is a driver. You can see a photo of him also. He is married and have gorgeous twin kids, a boy and a girl!! They are still very small 7 month only!!!! I adore them and spend a lot of time with them!!! I send you also their photo, their names are Kristina and Oleg:)) Also I told you that I did gymnastic for all my life, I send you some photos of mine where you can see some of the stunt I can do with my body:)) Hope you like it? Umm, I can also make some nice stunt in the bed room with you:))) I am sure you have never tried such a things before and our making love promise to be very exciting!!! I am a very passionate woman!! But surely it is too early to talk about it now...
We need to get to know each other better and then become more intimate... So can you tell me what do you think about me now??? I hope I have not disappointed you in anything??? I understand Internet relationships are hard but I don't want us to write for too long!!! I want us to meet in person!! The world is so small, distance can not be a problem!
Are you agree??? We can plan everything properly and meet in real ok??? I want to meet you in person very much! I believe it will be possible because only mountains can not meet:)) You know I think I need to tell you now about my English skills. I don't speak English unfortunately. You know I tried to translate in several automatic translators but the translations failed completely due to the big differences between our language, the translations sounded just like a set of different words which didn't make any sense. Also even if the translations were ok I would not be able to write you in Russian because I don't have any access to a computer with Internet except at the agency. But I found how to solve the situation! There is a translation agency in my village, they translate documents and also letters!!! Isn't it great? They do a perfect job I think and until I will learn some basic English we can use their service to write each other what do you think? Please believe me that I am going to start learning English immediately!! It seems my letter is getting to be too long, I am very sorry if I bored you. Hope you are not snoring now?:) I truly hope to hear from you sooner!!!!! Write me immediately after you will wake up!!:) I am waiting very impatiently for your reply!!! Kiss you, miss you!!:)))
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