Letter(s) from Natalia to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello, Frank!

You added the last drop to my mood, now it’s perfect! I can't put into words the feelings I get when I receive your letters and pictures.

For writing you letters I use the translation company. These people help me a lot...

You know, sometimes I behave myself as a child. I adore eating the ice-cream and watching cartoons. Please, don’t laugh at me! I do such thing rather often. Sometimes it’s so important to feel yourself a child in strong, reliable hands of the loving man. Do you like to watch the cartoons? What is your favourite one? I love ‘The King Lion’, ‘Ice Age’ and many others.

Can you drive a car? Several years ago I began to study at the driving school, but I didn’t finish it. I had some problems with my health.
So I didn’t get the license. But I still want to finish it. While studying there I had a success. I didn’t expect that it could be so easy to drive a car!

How did you start to drive? Was it difficult for you? Do you have any funny stories concerning driving?

It’s so interesting to speak with you. It seems to me that I’ve known you for ages!

I yearn for the day when we actually physically meet and to hold you in my arms and never let you go. There is so much we have to learn about each other, yet I feel our hearts will take care of everything… Natalia

Letter 2

Hello, my Frank!

It’s always so nice to get your warm letters.

You’re a very tender and attentive to me. I’ve never felt such warm feelings before. Thank you for it! I’m sure you’d be the perfect husband for me and father for our children.

I need you. It seems to me that I want to be next to you till the end of my life. To wake up together, to drink cappuccino, to watch our favourite cartoons. Make picnics, swim, and go fishing. By the way do you like fishing?
All our life would be so interesting, full of festivals, birthday parties, dinners in the family circle…

I hate myself for telling you that I cannot continue our correspondence anymore.
I don’t have my personal money, and unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to pay for our correspondence. Nobody does his work free.

My mother said that it’s enough for her and she is not going to pay for my letters anymore.
I understand her very well. She really works hard in order we have what to eat.

I look at these events as another lesson in my life and we have to learn how to cope with these things and move on. Fate has a way of dealing with these issues, and eventually you will look back one day and say it was nothing I couldn't handle. Just another stepping stone towards completing my life's dream.

You know, today it is sunny outside and a bit windy. It's quite pleasant outside, but in my soul…there is emptiness…