Scam letter(s) from Natalia Tokar to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
How are you dear!
I liked your life position which I've saw in your profile and take all carege that i got to write you Possibly it is a sign from heaven which is leading to something undiscovered.It is rather hard to find what to start from but I will try. It is my first experience in such kind of communication.
So i think it will be reasonable to start from telling several words about me and myself. My name is Natasha Tokar I was born on 17 of October 1987 in small town called Svatovo Lughansk region Ukraine.
It may sound rather official but as i told i have not much experience in this.I am the one person how is believing in kindness of people,optimistic and life loving.
From early ages I've dreamed about career of visagest.
It is great to help people be beautiful or just help people it is my life passion number two because number one is to find pure and sincere love.My main hobby is tennis i try to spend my spare time on court playing or just watching.
In 2006 I've finished university of economy and marketing my parents insisted on this choice.
And i thank them for this because in Ukraine the profession of visagest is bad paid.
So now I'm working as a manager in trade center.
I'm not fond of it but for now it is my traffic and i accepted this traffic. Now several words about my interests I'm fond of active and healthy life style as they say"in strong body strong soul"My weight is 170 cm and my weight is 53 kg so I'm trying to keep on feed .
I love reading very much especially.classic novels and poems which describes relations and love as it is. My favorite authors are W.Shakespeare, Simon Wilier e.t.c.
SO I'm on pursuit of happiness and partner for rest of my life to whom I'll be devoted and whom I'll love more than my life.I think it is enough as for first letter hope lack of experience wont spoil first opinion about me .

You new friend Natasha (jealously waiting for your reply)
Letter 2
Hello dear!
I am so glad that my massage attracted you and you replied it is brilliant.I've read your reply several times just not to miss a think and i have felt something common in this words you are person who seem to be honest.
And I like this in people For me it is not only letter or just words but a small world which grows ****** with each word with each reply and shines brightly I think we can pretend for strong friendship and more because i like you.
Last time i thought a lot about how i imagine my traffic and came to conclusion that it is rather busy.
I wake up at 6.30 and jog for near an hour take shower have breakfast and go to the work where i spend 8 hours a day 6 day a week after work i visit court three times a week and go home for dinner and fall a sleep hugging book full filed with novel about pure emotions and sincere love.
So that is my day please describe yours one i really need it.Just to sit and imagine what are you doing for know and where are you going=)
So want to take care of you and cant hide it i like you and wait for your reply!!!!!

Yours Natasha!
Letter 3
How are you my love!I'm glad to notice that you go one with your words and i admit it.Due to you I've understood that you are all for me and I will never find substitute for you in hole universe.You are and ideal for me and everything in you seem to be so ideal and magnificent at once.For know I don't even imagine life without yours soft words.
I can't stand this passion.I'm sure we got future.And it is not only just flirt or empty words it is true and we can make maybe family and it is not just chatting you are my only and I've never met none to whom I'll be devoted and whom I'll love more .But I have something to say i paid for our communication.
But for know i have some financial problem my account will be closed today if i won't pay and it can be last letter.I'm sorry for that i have not enough money for going on .
But we have to find some compromise.Please don't take from me the pleasure of communicating with man of my dream and my love i can't believe that it may come to the conclusion i dreamed about another one we hugging in bad and drinking wine and just spending time as it have to be but not such cruel possibility.
I love you very much and want to be only with you and don't need none besides you my sweaty.
It wish it was a nightmare but it is reality and I can't to anything sorry for such upsetting finishing note.

Forever only and only yours Natasha kiss!
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