Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Phillip (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my friend Phillip
Today I have woken up in 6.30 o'clock in the morning with good mood. In our city of Yaroslavl a warm flying weather. I love summer.
And what weather now in your country? I am glad to see your letter on the computer. It is a pity to me but the house at me is not present the computer.
Now my computer is at my sister. The computer is necessary for my sister for study. I read your letters and I write on work.
Yes, it is not a lot of about the work, I work as the tutor in "the Children's boarding school".
My work demands from me gravity, attentiveness, diligence, and certainly love to children, and I very much love children.
At me there are these qualities. I like to work with children. To train, bring up them.
After all they do not have parents, and they are deprived the happiest-it families!
I think that soon sister will return me the computer and we can communicate on web cam or on skype.
Unfortunately on my working computer is not present Msn Messenger.
How are you doing? At you good mood? I want that together with my letter on your person there was a smile.
Phillip it would be fine if we lived in one city or the country. To like me our dialogue. In each your letter I learn your life, you.
Please the photos have come to me. I would like to learn you better. And you listen to what music? I love different music, it depends on my mood.
Phillip when I write you the letter, I would like to tell to you about all. It is a pity, that between us distance.
If we lived nearby could meet in cafe and talk infinitely. I sincerely hope, that you support my dreams.
I hope, that sometime ours with you dreams will be carried out.
I wait your letter. Write to me faster... Tatyana
Letter 2
Good morning Phillip!
In the street my city of Yaroslavl today solar hot weather. Thanks for your letter. Your letters do my day better.
Sometimes I read your letters on some times in day. I wish to tell concerning phone,I knew that my phone does not accept and does not make the international calls.
I ask you not to be upset, I will find in the future a way to call to you.How affairs with you are? Than yesterday you have been occupied?
It is interesting to me to learn, how you spend time.I have noticed one feature when I wake up with good mood, my day passes very successfully.
Phillip, you did not notice the similar? In any case, I would like to share with you the positive energy.
I the optimist on a life. We live once, and we should take pleasure in our life to the full. We should appreciate each moment of our life.
Therefore, if we have a possibility to meet, we should use this chance. What do you think of it? We should not be afraid, I feelings do not vary.
Yes, I have a liking to you. You like me. I do not know, how it to explain.My emotions do not recognise to a logic explanation because it goes from heart.
Yes, between us the big distance.But when I read your letters to me it seems, that you sit absolutely close. I feel you.
I do not wish to hasten, and I sincerely speak with you about feelings.
As you already know, I do not search for short-term relations. I would like to find the unique person with whom I will spend the life.
The life is short, and I do not wish to waste time in vain. I do not wish to spend the rest of a life for games.
Yes, I wished to tell, that I do not smoke, on holidays I presume to myself a wine glass.
Today during the lunchtime I have visited cafe together with the colleague. We ate and talked. A name of mine of the colleague Lena.
Lena has told to me, that has noticed changes in me recently. I have started before usual to come for work.
I spend a lot of time behind the computer.Besides, my colleague has told, that recently I look very happy... I did not expect to hear about it.
Phillip, I have told nothing to my colleague about ours with you dialogue.
But I have reflected and have understood, that really my life has changed after we have started to communicate.
When I read your letters I plunge into other world. I try to present, that we nearby and we talk.I trust you and consequently I speak to you about it.
Today I send you photos from rest, I trust you, and I think, that you will not show anybody these photos.
I will finish the letter to you now. I wish you pleasant day!
Remember that you have a girl in Russia. Tatyana
Letter 3
Hello Phillip
I wish to tell that thoughts on you bring to me good mood. When I cannot see your letters, I think of us with you, and I have a good mood.I have just read your letter...
Phillip, ours with you the friendship very much is pleasant to me. Earlier I to you had a feeling of curiosity. Now I had a feeling of liking to you.
I wait your letters, like the child who waits a gift for Christmas. Your letters became the important part in my life.
Very much for a long time I did not feel, which is in my heart now. I have to you feelings... I am afraid to speak to you about it, but my feelings to you, big, than liking. I with huge impatience wait your letters. I go to bed and I think of us with you.
Earlier I did not represent, that feelings can arise at dialogue in e-mail. Now we are convinced of it. Phillip, what you feel?
I sincere with you, also say to you only that I feel. From the very beginning of our dialogue we have agreed about sincerity, and I trust you now.
I have a sensation, that we are familiar with you throughout the whole life. I do not have any secrets from you. Always I try to answer your questions.
Please, repeat the questions for me when I forget to answer your questions. Well?
The darling Phillip, today I wish to ask you some questions. If you do not want to answer me, I will understand you.
You write letters to other girls? You, the unique man to whom I write the letters. I am not interested in dialogue with other men.
Tell to me please as you consider your future? What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your future want?
You would like that your future wife was till the end of your life? I wish to marry only once and to be happy.
You can travel to Russia? I have a passport which allows me to travel all over the world.
In letters it is difficult to speak about feelings. I wish to look in your eyes, and to listen to you. The sight can transfer much more words.
You agree with me? Our meeting will help us to learn each other. Yes, I already seriously think of our meeting.
Please, do not forget to answer my questions. I very much appreciate ours with you dialogue.
Phillip, I am afraid to check up mail in any day, and not to see your letter. Please, do not leave me without your letters.
Today to me my girlfriend Olga called. She has invited me in cafe, to celebrate its anniversary of wedding.
Now I should run, I will write to you later...
I wait your new letter.
Kisses... Tatyana
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