Letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Aslak (Norway)

Letter 1


Thank you so for contacting me here, I was waiting for your mail and I am happy that you have contacted me now and I will tell you about me right away. My name is Evelyn as you already know.I am 26 years Old,I am Single.. dark black hair, brown eyes, 5'6ft.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady Living in Ghana right now. I am self-sufficient, Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure. I was working as an Accountant for a Restaurant but I lost my job 6 months ago due to the Global Economic Crisis...I am Living with my uncle and Grandmother in an apartment which is as big as a house. I am a Ghanaian By Birth,my Father was from the USA in a small town called Ephrata in PA and my mother was From Ghana..I have been in PA when I was a kid to visit my dad by then.. I am a hard working lady and very friendly.I have no Kids and Never Married.. I Cook Very Well Because I was thought catering in the High School.....lol. My Father passed away 5 years ago from a terrible car accident. Well I will say my Father was the Best man I have ever Loved he is so caring,loving,God fearing,respectful and responsible father but I trust and Believe in God and I know God is Doing is Things In HIS Own way.
I have learn to be a Strong woman have hard working my I lost my late father I was working and schooling at the same Time that was how I grew up. I have been In a Relationship which ended Up 4 years Ago because the guy was very unfaithful it has Cost me a lot of pain and I am now Looking for a Loving God fearing and Responsible man To settle down with for the rest of my life. I am was introduced to this online dating by my friend who now live happily with her man in Australia, They actually met on the internet, I never believed this online dating until this my friend succeeded it. In any good relationship, there should be trust, communication, Helpful, Courage, understanding, and honesty and these are the basic qualities I am Looking for in a man. Life is a precious gift from God, and it should be lived with love and joy. I enjoy various activities. I can bowl, skate, swim, play chess, checkers, draw, bike riding, a little fishing and crabbing, a little golf, have tried tennis, camping, sports etc. It does not matter. I am a very average versatile person, and not hard to please. I enjoy the complex as well as the simple things in life. I learn that life is too short, so I got no time for games. I don't want any form of games from my man.

I am going to send you some photos of me in the next email, I hope you will like it.
Take care and Stay Blessed