Scam Letter(s) from Sandra Johns to Finnur (Iceland)

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Letter 1

Dear friend,i want to tell you that am now in nigeria and everything is going on smoothly.
Have been told that i will be ranked as the senior immigration officer after am back to US.
Thanks for your encouragement,i really appreciate it.
Your's friend indeed,

Letter 2

finnur send me where to make the payment to.if am free and able to go out of airport tomorrow then i will make the payment tomorrow.make sure u dont fail to send the goods tomorrow.......i trust u!!!
Yours faithfully,

Letter 3

Name-Olagunna Olalekan Opeyemi.
Street-7 adeagbo street owode oyo.

Letter 4

Ok finnur,truely am to be blamed for not specific ,accepted!so what do u think we can do?i wouldn't want u to regret dealing with me.what do u want me to do?

Letter 5

Hello finnur,
i know have disappointed you,please forgive me cause i promised to be honest with you as you have fully trusted me.
I dont have the intension not to pay you or to hold your money till now.but is because of the items u sent to me are trash that i have even loss $300 on its not possible for me to get money from the items you sent to me to pay you,i have to get money else where to pay you.
Do you remeber i told you that am expecting a huge amount of money?have been mail that i will have the money very soon.i promise to pay you $1300 immediately i get it.
Please finnur be patience with me!!!

Letter 6

Hi, I just wanted you to know that I got all the goods intact except the digital camera. But I'm very sorry, I will have to get these things back to you. People in here don't really like such goods. I'm sorry I could not get the goods sold and will have to get it back to you.
I'm sorry once again.

Letter 7

send it to
Name-Olagunna Olalekan Opeyemi.
Address-No 7 adeagbo street owode oyo,oyo state,Nigeria.
Send me the tracking number after sending it.
Yours sincerely,

Letter 8

Hello dear,this the pix,i found maybe i will send u another one later cause have tell my sister to send me some from home

Letter 9

As from today you will never be put to shame,your glory will shine,you will be the head and not the tail,welcome to 2013,your year of blessing.
Your's friend indeed,



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