Scam letter(s) from Alla Gulyaeva to Michael (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Michael,
I was very glad to get to know that you got interested in me. You know, my dear, that my intentions are serious and I'm looking for a husband to create a family, so if you are not serious and looking just for fun, please, don't write me. As for me, I have heard a lot of different stories about men, who cheat their women in Internet, they write about feelings and emotions, but then come and meet with a lot of girls.
If you are the same, please, don't write me.
Nevertheless I have a serious intentions, I'm a bit naughty... Do you wish to know more about it?
please write me to address
Letter 2

Hello my sweetheart Michael,
Have I ever told you that the fact you got interested in me impressed me a lot? You really made my day. I wish to tell you that I don't have a lot of money to pay for our correspondence. Do you think it's normal that I pay for your and my letters? I don't ask you for anything, just to help me to pay for our correspondence and to keep it until our meeting with you. That's all!!! I don't need anything else.
But if you can't support me with this little help, let's better stop our communication, cause I wish to tell you for sure that I won't be able to pay for a long time. My salary is $30-$40 per month. How could you imagine I pay $5 per letter, for me to get your letter and to send you mine costs $10 and I pay for every photo as well. I'm so sad that you still didn't send me any photo of yourself. As for me, I have sent you mine already and today I'm sending you my new photo as well. I don't have a photo camera by myself, anyway I asked to make some photos of me, cause I know that they'll bring you the happiness, my dear. Am I right? Don't you want to make me happy with your photos as well? I wish to tell you a bit about myself and I hope that after reading my letter, I'm sure you'll do it very attentively, if you decide that I'm a woman for you and if my interests and intentions are the same as yours, I'll be the happiest woman in the world to get your another letter with a detailed information about yourself and to continue the correspondence with you. But if you have any hesitations,
please, don't waste your tine and my time with my money.
Yes... I'm paying for the correspondence with you and I wish to tell you from the very beginning that I don't know English language, I can't neither write it nor speak. But if you know Russian language and we can communicate with you in Russian, it'll be really great. I'm absolutely serious in my intentions to find a husband. So a bit about me... My name is Alla. On the 24th of February of this year I'll be 27 years old. I'm working at the bank as a counter and I like my job a lot. I wish to tell you that as soon as I'm the only child in the family, I was brought up the strong way.
But you know that forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. So once I decided to try what the *** is ... and ... liked it for so much, you can't imagine. But of course my Mom and Dad doesn't know anything about it. It's my little secret...
Well, enough for now, if you are really interested we'll discuss everything...
Your naughty girl.
Letter 3

Hello my honey Ìèõàèë,
I was really happy to get your letter today, my dear. It was really nice of you to answer me. I understand that you can have doubts about this far distant girl, I mean myself,
which writes to you. I understand also your doubts about my intentions. Great "thank you" for your suggestion to help me, my dear. The best and most suitable way for me will be trough the Western Union. You should write in your document:
name of the receiver: Alla Gulyaeva
address: 91000, Sovetskaya street, 63
city: Luhansk
country: Ukraine
My strongest wish is to find a family, and to find the husband whom I could give all my love. You will say: "what pretty words". But I'm the most serious of the world. I hope to be able to give you the proof of my wishes, of my dreams,
and even if I'm faraway and my words so tender, I hope to have the opportunity of proving to you that I'm not like the other women with their stories. I don't say that I'm now your princess, but I want to give myself of it the chance to show you which I am. You will be the only judge. Will you grant this chance to me? I'm very serious in my intentions,
my dear... You're so nice and so lovely... I would remain whole hours to contemplate you, to admire you. I'm thus at the same time enchanted but astonished that you agrees to better know me, for, only God knows it, one day to meet and to have a beginning of happy life by a marriage. But before arriving from there, I will give you a small presentation of the girl who I am to erase your doubts. You're such a sunbeam that I would like to take you by the hand and to show you all the wonders which the world has, because it's not more beautiful gift than to be able to learn from the others. I don't know your country, but I hope of any heart to have the chance to have a guide like you to make me discover it. Do you agree? Perhaps, nothing is impossible!
My creed in the life is: "I wasn't born to pay attention to me, but to pay attention to the others". Such is my currency.
Your pussycat.
P.S. Today I'm sending you some photos that was made recently. I have found it at home and hope that you'll like them. And I also have a present for you for tomorrow.
Letter 4

Hello my sunshine Michael,
You can't imagine how I'm fond of our correspondence with you. Have anyone told you already that it's difficult to live without you being near? Have you ever heard that you are the person somebody wishes to spend the life with? You know, today when I went to the bank for my job in the morning, I met my friend. She also goes to work by the same bus usually. She called me for several times, but I didn't pay any attention to her. As she has told me then, looking on my face, she decided that I'm thinking about a man. I have such a hazy look... I wish to tell you what I was thinking about... As you have already guessed, the thoughts were about you, my dear. I imagine the comfortable feeling of gently caressing your face, your cheeks, running my fingers through your hair, softly rubbing my fingers across your lips. Kissing your neck, down further to your sensual chest, as the excitement builds even more, as you begin to desire my kisses all over your body. Nothing else can satisfy you in this way. Now all these thoughts may even now be penetrating your mind as conditions coalesce to create a sense of ecstasy and passion that you always have known is there, inside yourself on a very deep level. With Me, I know how much you deeply desire to connect with someone on a special level, someone who can touch the deepest part of your mind, body and soul, who causes you to instantly awaken all those incredible feelings and sensations that you have had locked away for so long. You have always looked for somebody to cause you to feel all those totally wondrous feelings, and to suddenly awaken all those fantasies and desires that are deep inside your mind. Someone who can cause you to have all those fantastic sensations spreading through your body now. Now I don’t know what it will be that happens in your daily life that will cause you to think of me. Perhaps it will be simply driving in your car, the monotony of the road going past that will cause you to suddenly picture me being with you, and to feel my touch on certain parts of your body, in a way that causes you to want to just surrender to that overwhelming sense of passion. I find my thoughts drifting to a time in the future where I will see you somewhere and you will recognize me. You will see it in my eyes. We have crossed paths many times, yet you did not realize that you saw me. I wonder if you will realize all your fantasies and desires with me. Just love me and send me more pictures of you!!!
Your Lady.
P.S. Such a way I'm for my parents and friends...
Letter 5

Dear Sir,
We represented the bureau of the translations,
which located in Russia. Some time ago we've opened a filial in Ukraine. Your lady came to our firm and made contract with us for the next services: providing of Internet connection,
her own e-mail address, translation of any kind of different texts.
Today Alla came to us and asked to inform you that she won't be able to pay for the correspondence with you for some time.
she is afraid that you'll be worrying about her silence.
The proposition from our firm:
We are an international firm that works with any country of the world. So, if you are interested to help your lady to pay for your correspondence, please, contact us, and we'll send you our price list. (The prices are the same as for Ukrainian clients).
Sincerely Yours,
Letter 6

Dear Michael,
We are glad that you wish to help your Lady with the payment. Thank you that you decided to use our service.
Unfortunately we don't have a web site.
Here is an information about our service (all prices are in USD):
- translation and printing/typing of one page (not more then 1500 signs)- $5
- printing/scanning of one picture - $3
- phone call translation - $5/10 min.
Also we can suggest you to use UNLIMITED SERVICE
- 1-MONTH. The price is $250.
(unlimited quantity that includes everything you can see above).
You can send the money through Western Union or Money Gram to the name of your Lady. Here is an information you need:
name of receiver: Alla Gulyaeva
address: Titova St. 3/7, Nikolaevka, Ukraine
If you want to make a payment on-line, using the credit card,
you can visit web-sites and .
As soon as you make a payment, please, inform us with your full name, country you are from, the number of the transfer operation (MTCN) and the sum you sent.
Sincerely Yours,
Letter 7

Dear Sir,
Excuse us for bothering you. Today Alla came to our firm and asked if there is a letter from you. She is interested in you very much and suffering from your silence a lot. She asked us to tell you that she misses you really a lot and wish to continue the correspondence with you. Please, give us your urgent reply, so we'll be able to provide her with such an important for her information.
Sincerely Yours,
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