Scam letter(s) from Olga Nasoa to Mervyn (England)

Letter 1
Hi my friend Mervyn
How are you? I hope, all is good. At me all is normal. I am glad that that ours correspondence proceeds.
I am lonely, as told you already that that I was not married, and I have no children.
Well in the future I want to have children. The boy and the girl.
Mervyn I the woman! Which dreams of female happiness. I want to establish a family.
And to be happy nearby the husband, to meet him from work with a supper, to make joint plans on future, here that does not suffice me in Russia.
I have not found the man in Russia that a coma I have feeling. I am assured that in the World there is a man who will appreciate and love me.
Now I am on work, and I have read your letter.
Certainly I had a communication with the man but relations have ended for a long time 4 years ago. And since then I One in loneliness!
All my friends already have a family. I as think of a family future!
As spoke the letter to me 34 years, I was born on July, 4th, 1979. When your birthday?
Though, the difference at our age cannot become a problem for our dialogue.
I was born in a city of Kemerovo and I live in it. I very much like mine a city you can look in the Internet about mine at a city of Kemerovo.
You like your work? Where you work?
I work in "Bookkeeper" in the company Mountain Mines, on coal mining. I like my work. I work 8 years of the company.
I do not have a lot of free time because I work much.
Mervyn, please, tell to me about your country, a city. It is interesting to me to learn your life... How you spend every day?
I think that each person to have the hobby. My Hobby, remains about the childhood to me very much it is pleasant soft toys and as I very much like to cook. What do you like to do? Or your hobby?
The letter I want to send you a photo which I have made yesterday, I hope that will be pleasant to you.
I will wait yours the letter, I hope that soon already I will read it. And as I send you the photo of work.
I should continue to work now. I wait for yours letter Olga
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