Letter(s) from Natalia to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1

Greetings my new friend :-) And I hope in the future, a new loved one!

How are u ?Hope fine ) To start with I want to thank you for leaving me your e-mail, because now we can start to talk and i hope do next step in our relationship.

My name is Svetlana and i am 29 years old .I have dream I want the man who will marry me one happy day. Who will help me every time and support me in difficult time. I want to care about him, I want love me very much and he'll reciprocate. I want to create the family with him and have children.I disappointed in Ukraine men and i want to find future husband foreigner .And I would like to try my luck with you.I want all my dreams come true and finally I got a man that I could be given completely body and soul.I want chat with you but i think real communication is better and i think we sooner can talk on the phone and i hope meet )))

Can not wait for your reply, but it would be even great if you send me your photos.

Many kisses ,Svetlana

Letter 2

I think u must know more information about me )))I told u before that my name is Svetlana.I am 29 years old and i live in Ukraine,Lugansk.
I hope u know where is this city )Well about work, I think you'll be a little surprised since I work in the police, I'm Lieutenant Police)
I will send you some pictures where I'm in uniform ...My work so hard.
I hope you likeit.I live along and rent apartment...My parents live in Gorlovka,its near from Lugansk.I haven't children but i so wanna have children in future!What about my free time and hobbies :despite the fact that my work is very serious and time-consuming, I find time to read a good book or listen to music, I like to watch movies at home and in theaters. I love to cook and eat with pleasure to cook for you a few signature dishes I love to walk in the fresh air.We can talk without problem because i know English.I haven't computer at home and i writ u of Internet cafes.I have 168 cm and 53 kg .I am not smoking.Dear if u wanna know about me more ask me question and I will answer you with pleasure.
My last relationship ended about 8 months ago and now i wanna find my really love ...May be it will u ?

Please tell me more about u...

Ur Svetlana

Letter 3

U dont know how i am happy that we know each other better and better )
Today i have had so tired day ( But i am so happy to writ u today !
Today i told my family about you and about our fellowship.
At first they were a little surprised and wary as you foreigner, but then I calmed them tell that you are a wonderful person and they calmed down and you even liked it. And I'm very happy about that!
I'm so happy to read your letter, because I realize every time that you're that man whom I'm looking for all my life. It means that I wish to be with you more and more. I want we believe in our happy future and develop our relationships. You're unique. I respect you and respect your points of view. You're real man.I was overwhelmed with emotion when I am writing to you because I am more and more moving closer to you! And my dear ur family know what you're looking for the other half in the Ukraine?