Letter(s) from Natalia Maiyisheva to Eddy (Canada)

Letter 1

Good day for you, This is Marina,
I desire to learn with you and to perfect amicable contact, maybe perfect into a more severe relations.
I'm watching for love and I desire to start a family. My friends think I'm amicable and fine, I'm very happy know it.
I would like to obtain to know you and in my next letter I will send more fotos.
I will wait for your letter, With regards Marina

Letter 2

Hi my new friend!
I think you won't be disappointed by our acquaintance. I am 29. My birthday is on the 15th of June. My sign of zodiac is Gemini. When do you have your birthday? My weight is 54 kg and my height is 165 sm. I am orthodox Christian. I have never been married and don't have kids.
I am single now. I work as an English teacher in the primary school for children from 7 to 10. I am a sensitive kind-hearted thoughtful and receptive woman. On my close friend' opinion I am kind, smart, intelligent, purposeful and sociable. I live in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. It is a capital of Nizhniy Novgorod area in Russia. My city is very beautiful. There are a lot of squares, parks, museums, theatres, opera-theatres and other attractive places. My favourite season is summer. I have been living in Nizhniy Novgorod for my whole life. I don't know my parents because they left me in the orphan asylum. To my mind this fact made me a strong person. I am not rich but money is not a main thing in our life. It can spoil people and make a lot of people unhappy. But I think love gives more happiness. I dream of my won family with my lovely man. I like cooking and all my friends say that I am good at it. I suppose it is interesting to you why I decided to find my half in internet. I would like to tell you that my bosom friend Kristina found her love in internet. And now they live together in Australia. It was a nice love story and I hope that I will also find my real love. This is my first letter to a man in internet, that's why I am surprised that I managed to write such a big letter to you. I hope you will be able to tell me things about yourself, probably about your family and place of living. I have to finish my letter and I will be happy if you give me a good reply. I attach my photo and hope you will like it. See you. Bye.

Regards, your friend Marina.

Letter 3

Hi my good friend!
I am so glad to receive your letter. It is the happiest moment for the whole day when I am reading it. It makes me smile. I am grateful, that you have told about the relationships in the past because it helps tolearn you even better. My dear, I think you want to know more about my hobbies and interests. So about music. I like different kind of music: Sting, Tony Braxton and Whitney Huston, Justin Timberlake,Moby. Actually I prefer temporary and good music. As for films I like comedies, fantasy and romantic films. My favourite are: Avatar, TheLord of Rings, The Green Mile, The Notebook. I think you have watched all these films. Am I right? What are your favourite ones? As for food I like fried potato, different soups especially Russian borsch, and I would conceal that I like meat. I also like fish and chicken. Do you like it? I like pizza with cheese. do you like cooking? My friends say that I cook well and may be one day you will be able to taste my dishes. I would be also glad to taste dishes form your country. Some words about sport because I am keen on winter sports and skiing. I also like playing volleyball and aerobics. I also like dancing. I hope once we wil dance together. Would you like it? I want to mention about my favourite colour it is blue - the colour of sky. I would like to tell you that one idea came to me. We can speak on the phone. It's a pity that I don 't have telephone at home but I will be able to call you from the post office and will be happy to hear you voice. Please give me your telephone number in the next letter and tell me what is the best time to call you. Please don't forget about it. I wrote so much I even didn't think and that's why I think that you can learn more things about me. And you will tell me more about yourself. I send you my photo. I want to see your photo too in the next letter. I


Letter 4

Hi my dear!
I am always so pleased to receive a letter from you. If you send such letters all the time I will get more and more pleasure to read them. I am grateful to you that have told about the tastes and interests and it really was pleasant to me so and I think, that we have with you much in common. Today we have good weather. I don't have my beloved man yet though my friends already found men and had weddings. I feel lonely in Nizhniy Novgorod. You know I have no parents and my best friend Kristina is far from me though I have a chance to write both her and you. Apparently I just missed my time because when my friends looked for their love I gave my time to the education and work. And the men with whom I was, were not worthy of me as you know. Now I am serious with my intentions to find my love. I dream of being happy and make my man happy too. Probably I am too exigent. The men who always think of themselves and work irritate me. It will be ideal if my man treat me as a queen. Then he will be my king and will get my attention, tenderness, care and love. I think it is natural when a man respects his woman. My dear I see that we have more and more interest to each other and it is good. I found a wonderful friend like you! You are really good. I think friends should understand each other morally. Do you have the same opinion? When I went to the cyber cafe to write a letter to you I came across my good friend Svetlana. We studied together in the institute. She is a good person. I told her that I write letters to you. First she was surprised because she didn't write to anyone in internet. I explained everything to her and she supports me afterwards. She asked to send regards from her to you.
We have known each other for a long time and understand each other very well. I trust her. Please tell me about your friends too. I think you should have at least one close friend. Send regards to them. Ok my dear Ed , I should finish my message. I hope that I will get your reply soon.

Take care,

Letter 5

Hi my dear friend!
I am so happy that you answered me. You know I was thinking of you for the whole night because I miss you. When I came to cyber cafe I was so satisfied with your e-mail which I reread for several times. I am so happy that I got acquainted with you, in this big world. I think you are a very good person, you are so brave, confident and kind. I can say that you are so meaningful for me! It is so cold outside and there is a strong wind with clouds I don't like such weather. I like summer so much. During this season I have long holidays. I like spending holidays with my friends and going to the countryside and forest. It is so wonderful that I can have hours of reflection about my life. There are rivers in forest and it is so romantic. What do you think? If you were here near me I were the happiest woman in my life. Especially if we had picnic near the river.
What do you do on holidays? It is interesting please tell me about it.
My day is full of good news. Today I received the letter from my friend Kristina. She is happy to learn about you in my life. Now she is pregnant. She learnt that it will be a boy and they together with her husband Larry are thinking how to call him. What name can you suggest my friend? I want to tell you that I think of you more and more and about a possibility to come to you. What do you think? I feel it with my heart and soul and can't live without your letters. That's why I ask to give me you answer as soon as you can.
Thinking of you.

Warm kisses, Marina.

Letter 6

Hi my dear!
I want to tell you that I am so happy to get your answer my last letter. I have been thinking of you for the whole day. Every minute I think of you and the words you told me. Yesterday evening I couldn't fall asleep because I was thinking of us and our relationship in internet, our warm messages and you. I thought about everything and want to tell you that I can't live without you! I fell in love with you! I love you my dear. It happened so quickly and suddenly I didn't expect it! I LOVE YOU! I think you have the same feeling towards me. I think you are my man with whom I will share all my life.
That's why I think we need to meet each other. I have never been abroad and will be glad to come to you first to see each other to see how our relationship will be developed when we live together. We can write each other hundreds of letters but none of letters can replace a real meeting. After the meeting we will be able to decide what we need to do and may be I will stay with you forever. It would be good and I am not against as I am sure in my feelings. I think it will be difficult to meet in Russia because we have a complicated situation and there are a lot of criminals here. I have one important question to you. Do you write to other woman? You understand I wouldn't like to lose you.
Probably you have a question about my work but I will take holidays because I didn't take the part of it last summer. So I won't have any problems. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I know from my friend Kristina I will need a passport and visa for the trip. I will learn about it in detail the other day. I hope you have a similar opinion that our meeting is important. I miss you so much when I am still far from you. I look forward to your reply my beloved!

All my warm kisses and hugs,
your lady Marina.