Scam letter(s) from Elena Krylova to Eddy (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon. how are you today?
My name is Elena, I really want to meet you,
I found your address on dating sites and I resort you also do not protest to have a friendship with me :)
and maybe one day in the future we'll meet in a cafe and we'll drink tea together :)
what do you think of about this? I'll be waiting for your reply, if you are interested in my post that I hope that we will change photography with you or we will have a agreeable conversation in skype:))
I will wait for your post.Sincerely Elena
Take care
Letter 2
Hello my friend ! How are you today ? how are you? It's a beautiful morning and a great mood. but as your mood ?
Please forgive me that I did not write you a very long time , I had problems with the Internet. I hope that you do not forget me :)
Frankly speaking , I did not expect today to see your reply letter to me. I thought that I would not be interesting to you and you write to me. Now on the Internet a lot of different SPAM and we are all afraid to answer unfamiliar letters and photos. To me just come a lot of emails and sometimes I even wonder where are all those letters . I am very glad that you wrote to me and wants to meet with me . I want to say thank you for what you are interested in me and of course a special thank you for your letter .
Please forgive me that I did not write you a lot of time I could not get to the Internet.
I can not wait now to start communicating with you , but the problem is that I have little time to write to you. I beg you not to think that I'm lazy to write you a lot. It's not that . Check e-mail and saw your letter I am just wanted to immediately thank you for your letter of response , but the other is a long letter I will write to you later , ok? I will answer your questions and I will write more about yourself , okay? Instead, you should have the first idea of what I myself , as well as what I live in this life that makes my mood and what I pleased. Be a little more patient I 'll write you a letter later. I ask you to please write to me in English , right? you can use a translator I am very good English .
Once again I want to tell you that I am glad that you wrote to me. I am very pleased .
Sincerely your new friend Elena.
Letter 3
Hello my new friend! How are you? I hope you are all well? I would like to ask you a question, and I ask you to enable you to reply me ... me and so very uncomfortable that I'm a woman looking for a man herself, but I hope you can understand. I would very much like to talk with a man from another country and so decided to try to do it ... I wrote you a letter, and very much hoped that you will be able to reply to me ... but now I do not hear from you and do not understand ... if you want to chat with me? if so, why did not you reply to my letter? I'm just on a few times to check the mail and hope that you will answer me on my email, but every time I did not hear from you ... therefore I beg you that you could just answer me. If you do not want to get acquainted with me, then I will not write to you the letter. OK? I very much hope that you will answer me ... your friend Elena!!!
Letter 4

Hello! it's me again - Krylova Elena!!!
I'm at work until now, but here I found an interesting profile and could not send it to you. Here, just about the main questions and my answers. I think it will help for our common acquaintances. You can see what I like and what I do not like this life . As there is some evidence of my appearance .
maybe you could just answer some of the questions in this questionnaire? It's pretty simple. I would hope to see your answers. Now move on to the application form :
0) What is your full name? Krylova Elena
1) Eye color ? - Blue
2) Hair Color ? - Light ) )
3 ) Growth ? - 172 cm
4) Weight ? - 55.5 kg
5 ) Do you smoke ? - No and no when I did not try and do not want to smoke, do not understand why spend the money and at the same time ruining your health ..
6) Do you drink ? - Very rarely on holidays 1 glass of wine when in the mood .
7) Do you use drugs? - Never will be , I do not see the point in it .
8 ) Have you ever stolen ? - Never will be. " Bring my motto of itself "
9 ) Do you know how to play a musical instrument? - Not a lot of 7 string guitar, love the sound of electric guitars and basses .
10) Many, if you travel ? - Not when I did not go out of the limits of Russia , work and travel were only Russian . I really want to go somewhere and see another world, how the life in another country.
11) What is your favorite color? - Pink, white , red.
12) What is your favorite movie ? - I love to watch TV series Dr. Hause MD you watched it?
13 ) Do you suffer from depression ? - Sometimes, but very rarely . when really bad at heart.
14) You are an evil man ? - No , I'm good , and I want to welcome all the evil triumphed on the ground. I do not want to have war as in Egypt , Tunisia , etc.
15 ) Do you ever envied someone ? - No , I think that this is the envy of evil, because when a person strongly jealous he is ready for anything.
16) Do you blame others for their own mistakes? - No , because it's my mistakes and my only and are made by me personally , but learn from your mistakes or as otherwise .
17) If you were given a chance to return back time and again to be 19-20 years , so you want to change in your life? - While I was happy with everything , my career is coming up and I achieved everything it wanted and still be able to achieve great things. but I know my friend has made a career and mind , successfully graduated from the " International Institute of Economics and Law ," had a good job. but now I'm alone , I have loved men , and it depresses me ..
18 ) Do you have a car? - No, I do not have rights because there is no time to go and learn from them.
19) What are you most afraid of in life? - In our present time, we must be afraid of almost everything , but it is very scary to do any thing. better at all close our eyes and is no longer afraid , because it is easier to live .. Most of all I am afraid of loneliness !
20) Do you believe in God? - I believe in a God who is always with us , helping us out of the sky in the hour of need. I often go to church to pray for a good life and in the lives of luck .
21) Do you believe in love? - Yes, it will save the world and keep him on his feet , WITHOUT LOVE WOULD NOT BE U.S. !
22) Are you in love ? - Not yet, but I'm waiting for her prince to love and be loved.
23) more than anything in life you want ? - I want to be happy spiritually , wealth does not interest me . I want a nice happy family and loved good good support future husband.
I want to ask you that you send me a picture as possible , I like to watch you and your art . When I look at your picture , I have a smile on your face and uplift the soul becomes easy. My friend is a very interesting profile , do you agree with me ? So you now know my answers , and I hope that I know so well and your email me the truth , okay?
So, I 'll take the time now . I look forward to your early reply to me ..
Sincerely your friend Elena.
Letter 5
Hello my friend! How are you today ? and how are you doing ? a job?
If you say that I am not happy to see your letter , it would not be true. I'm very glad to see your reply letter to me and I can not even find the words to express my joy . I guess I just have to tell you " thank you" for your prompt reply and I hope that you will always be so exciting and soon to answer me .
I already wrote to you in my last letter , which for me is a new acquaintance . I do not really know how all this is happening , but many times I have heard that people meet on the internet and sometimes even an acquaintance comes to weddings . I can not understand how it happens ? Is it possible to fall in love through letters , or how ...? Do you believe in that kind of love , or you do not understand this ? I am interested in your opinion .
First of all we need to know with you about who and what are the qualities we look for in a partner , and with this fact to continue our acquaintance . It may be that we do not approach each other , if so, worth continuing? do you agree with me ?
Yeah, I'm not a princess and I do not look for the prince in this life. It has long forgotten the days when men performed feats for the sake of women, but I still believe that these qualities are living somewhere inside you, and all in men.
honestly admit , for me, is not very important physical quality men . Yes , sometimes there are not very interesting or even worse. So a lot of the same age is irrelevant for many, but not for me. I'm 30 and this is the age in Russia , where the woman has to think about family and children. My friend had long ago married and only I was left alone. No, I'm not saying that I do not have fans here . Here in Russia , many , or even almost all the men drink ***** , they like to change their wives , or even just walk away from them. Marriage in Russia is not stable and it is very hurt us women. My friends often complain to me that there is no happiness in family life, etc. Of course their words scare me , but still not looking at their word, I believe that there is a man, which I need in this life.
I want to write you a little bit about your childhood . In my youth, I tried a lot of any hobby. When I went to school, I attended just two of the club dancing and drawing. I was in the dance much better than in the picture. Until now, I do not regret it as now I dance very well and to me, this is - not a shame to go with the guy at the dance . It is possible that we , when it is to visit dancing together . My parents raised me very well and like what I grew talented girl. So about 7 classes classes that I attended music school and achieved success as not bad . Now I play a musical instrument once the piano. I just said that I have a wonderful and beautiful voice that I have great hearing that will be very good to help me in the performance of music as a part of a choir. but I refused it because I did not have time to do all at once .. I'm very tired of those lessons in school, after school, I went to practice the piano, after the evening went to a dance when I come home at the end of the day I was severely exhausted and tired , but my parents gave me a lot of effort and energy to give proper nutrition. . Do you think I'm not vain agreed to go on singing in the choir ? who knows, maybe I would have become famous in his life .. Who knows how could happen ..
You would be very happy to hear that. Though now I have no great desire to do so. Two years later, I began attending the sports section navigation. Here, I realized that this is really my call .
I've been busy on these sports 5 years and was at 22, owner of the protected category of sports . I'm at home still have my cup and writing. I think that it has affected my employment navigation forming my beautiful figure.
At leisure , when it's poorly maintained , I take a great interest ( percentage ) in the TV and reading books. I love the different literature (Pushkin , Paulo Coelho ) . Basically it - novels of love. which describes all the passion , enthusiasm, love, stories of life .. I just love walking tour through the woods in the field, on the grass . Very good nature and the air is very clean.
Well, I'm at work so far and I have to still work. I'll wait for your response letter and I hope you write me soon .
if I do tonight will have free time , I will write more to you. Talk a little about me and my family. I mean my parents. Like all the people I have a mom and dad, but about them later , ok. Have a nice day .
Sincerely your friend Elena.
Letter 6
Hello! Please forgive me for these days of silence. There was a lot of work I have here and I just could not find the spare time to write to you. I hope you do not get angry and do not forget me ? Please, I would not forgive myself if I would make you forget about me.
So, this is my third letter to you. In the last letter I had promised to write to you about my parents , but unfortunately I have not written to you about them. That day, I worked very hard, so I just did not have the energy to write another letter to you in the evening . I hope you're not too upset about the fact that I have not written to you that day in the evening.
Well , I'm a man of words , and so I will keep my word , and continue my story about myself and my family. (By the way , I forgot to ask you. Did you like the photo I sent you last time? I sure hope so ) .
I'll start with my dad . His name IGOR. He now has 61. By the way , his 61st birthday we were celebrating two months ago. His date of 13/06/1952 Though he had turned 61 years old, but he does not feel old. He always told me that the sport makes him feel better , and so he is constantly involved in sports and thus looks young . By profession he is a teacher of physical training. Previously, he worked in high school sports coach , but now he has been working for a trainer in a special sports school. He was the coach for football and track and field . Unfortunately international medals , I can not boast of it, because he has none . I do not know why, but he did not aspire to international records . He just loves football and loves sports in general and the lack of it . If you have ever met him , I 'm sure you would be a good opinion of him. He is my very good, kind and always around to help me .
Mom . On it I can also tell a lot , but the time and place of the letter is not enough for all words. So I'll talk about it briefly and the most important thing . Her name YULIYA. She is 55 years old and she is also a former teacher, she taught mathematics. Before, when she worked in high school, she was a deputy of my dad . It was there in the school they met each other, fell in love with each other and got married . my mom works at the school since I was born. Perhaps she was not with me time to study and work , and so she gave up her job. Yes, sometimes she regrets it , but then again she did not have any other choice , and I understand it in this . Now, my mom works in a completely different structure. After my birth she finished Pedagogical Institute and is now head of the kindergarten here Sizran .
So, here is my whole family . Oh my grandparents I will not write to you because they are already in another world. They , too, were dearest to me, but unfortunately their life in this world is over. I hope you understand what I 'm writing to you.
My mom and dad are now living in a two-room apartment in Sizran, but just on the outskirts of the city. Up to 25 years I lived with them, but 4 years ago I bought myself an apartment and now live separately from them. My apartment is located almost in the center of Sizran . By the way, if you want to see the location of my house , you will be able to make it through the program "google map". Do you have this program in your computer? I saw how people look at the map online residence of their home or the homes of their friends . If you have this program , then type in my address and you can see my house .
My home address Sizran :Russia Sizran
Street World 1
Krylova Elena
I have another very important that I should discuss with you. I have to write this to you because it is important for both of us.
I mean now the talk on the phone or via chat conversation . I guess you wanted a more intimate fellowship with me , but to my great regret I must now deny you in all this. No , do not think that I do not want to talk to you over the phone or correspond with you online . That would be great , but I have my principles , I do not want to break . The fact that in such close contact is very easy to get used to you soon , and I do not want all this to be so soon. I had once scalds relationship with a man and do not want to repeat such a mistake. For me now it is important to get to know you, know your inner side, your soul , to be sure that you are the man I was looking for in this life. Do you understand me ? Please just do not get mad at me now. I can not tell you that I 'll never give you my phone number. Of course I will write you this, but a little later. Perhaps even after a week or two weeks . Let me decide on this, okay? I hope you can be patient.So, it happened a long letter again . I hope you do not get tired of reading my letters?I'll wait for your response letter and will believe that you will write me soon.Kiss for you on both cheeks.
Sincerely yours Elena.
Letter 7
Hello My Dear friend! So , today is your day like ? What is your mood, well-being ? All is well there with you ?
Personally, my good mood today and this is not only due to the fact that I was less work. I would say that my spirits rose more because I finally was able to see again and read your welcome letter . honestly admit, I eagerly waited for your letter. I know that you and I know very little about , but when I see your letter , I immediately lifted the mood and a smile on his face. I did not lie to you now, and indeed it is. She does not understand why this happens to me , but maybe it's because we are getting closer to each other? with you there is nothing of the kind? You do not have a smile on your face when you receive my letter? Frankly speaking , I'd like to make you happy as well my answer and I hope that my writing will always lift your spirits .
I can not believe that such a handsome man free . What do they think there your woman ? We have a beautiful Russian women men immediately snapped up and very little free . So I'm proud that you give your attention not to the other woman and me. ( I hope you do not turn red from this compliment ? )
God, what a pity that I can not call to you and talk to you on the phone , I'm sorry that I recently broke my phone and now I have given it for repair ..
Dear friend in my letters I wrote to you about my search and just how seriously I treat it. But I did not write to you why I look for a man from another country , not Russia . I'm sure you're interested in the answer to this question, so I wanted to write this letter a little about it. Remember the last letter I wrote to you was that I had already burned in love with a man? This is true, but the details I did not tell you . Now we have become much more intimate with you, and so today I decided to confess to his past relationship with a man. My old man 's name was Vanya. It is the same with Sizran and I met him on the street. On the first day of our meeting, he liked me , and I immediately gave him my phone number . He started to call me in the evenings and we are with him for many hours talking on the phone. She did not notice that I'm used to it and when he can not call me in the evenings, I missed him terribly . Sometimes in the evenings I was holding the phone and prayed that he had just called me . I missed him , I got used to it after these phone calls and I broke out in love to him. He worked in the police force here in Sizran . He was an inspector of the Central Division in the rank of captain - leytinant . Over time, we have to see him more often and finally decided to live together. He moved into my apartment and all was well with us . Was I happy? Probably yes . At least the first year, I was happy with it , but then everything changed . He became more and more often to drink ***** , hanging out with other women , and I like a fool all forgave him . But one day my patience came to an end, and I told him that it's over . I told him that I do not need a man, who in nothing puts me off . I told him that I am not a toy and that I have the heart. He told me the answer that I have myself come to him and walked away from me. I was sick at heart, but I told myself that it 's all over and did not go to him. At the time, I was very afraid of accidentally meet him somewhere in the street. I did not want to see him because she was afraid of those memories . I have not gone down that street , where once we met for the first time , but then I found out the news about him. Once on the street , I met with him our common friend of a woman . We talked with her and she informed me that he had gone out of town for good . It turned out that he was fired for being ***** and then he left with Sizran . Of course I felt sorry for him because he was smart , decent man . But ***** has spoiled him and his whole life has gone topsy-turvy . After this relationship, I told myself that I shall not associate themselves with Russian men and even more so never give my phone number , unless I'm sure of your partner. After all, these relationships started because of these constant talk on the phone and that is why I now have a principle not to give a phone number directly to anyone. I'm just afraid once again get used to and the more I do not want to repeat past mistakes . It is because of this I am not giving you my phone number and I hope you understand me . Ed know , the time will come when we'll be free to talk on the phone or live chat. Only need a little patience and give me time to be sure of you. I'm actually very pleased that we have a conversation with you, and I certainly would not want to lose contact with you. You have become a little expensive for me, but for telephone conversations between us yet. I ask you to be patient and very soon I will go out with his principles. I'm just not ready for this, but I hope that soon I'll take off these shackles of my principle. I hope you can understand me , my thoughts and my ideas .
Well, it turned out genuinely letter and I even felt relieved . I hope you appreciate my honesty and just write me about their past relationship in more detail.
With this I conclude my letter, and now I will wait for your reply. I'll be waiting for your reply soon .
kisses for you from me. ) )
Sincerely Elena.
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