Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Cherviakova to Kamal (Egypt)

Letter 1
Hello tender Kamal!!!
I wish smiles to you!!! I couldn't imagine letter from a man can make mood SO much higher! Thank you for your reply! I am thinking about you all the time. Your answer giving me confidence that I was not mistaken to listen to the voice of my heart and contact you. you even cannot imagine how nice that sounds for me - that fact my letter and photos made you feel nice:) all for you here! so)) if you tell you look better in real life (but where better?? you is cool on photos already!!)) I would love to see you in real life) I would love to!:) I liked your words about good wine and getting better with years;) very wise words! I would be glad to read more details about your children and about that what you feel... I am glad you opening your thoughts for me, the same i am making here for you! you mentioned correct - my days are very busy, but your letters giving me extra energy and I can make even more of things every day!:) maybe I am already rewarded - with you?:) He he)) no, Novesvetlovska is not connected with my name..) that would be nice to, but no)) even for whole my life I didn't think there is connection!)) I feel hard to put all what I feel and want to tell you in one letter, you have such feelings??:) Few days ago we were living without knowing about each other even and now I am getting more addicted to your answers:) And no discomfort we are from different countries, right? If only you knew how often I heart from friends, when I decided to search a foreigner, that to have relationship with a foreign means to move to another country and to leave everything, and that would be too hard... But why everything? If love will be found!))
Besides I am ready for leaving Ukraine when that will be needed, on a way to happiness I agree at that! I believe that life without love is senseless, it is just an existence. Do you agree with me, my dear Kamal? Please, tell me your opinion. I am caring, loving, very affectionate and devoted lady. I want to present all my feelings, my tenderness and passion to my second half! Unfortunately I don't speak English, I use services of the translation agency. But I am sure that idea wasn't senseless because we found each other! Agency provides us with translations of letters and Internet service. I sincerely hope that you are not disappointed in fact that right now I do not speak English. I have a great aspiration to learn English as soon as possible because I am serious in our relations! Please, tell me, do you believe in me, Kamal? I started waiting for your next letter. I am interested in you!!! Warmly,
your Svetlana P.S. Here are my photos from concert of belly dance, as I promised. That is from end of 2012 year:) What will you say about these pictures?))
Letter 2
Hello unique Kamal!!!
Hello baby, Kamal!!! I thank you for your letter!!! With more of your lines I am feel more secure about us! I am really glad that you understand how important it is to keep close contact with each other! Oh, I heart something in news as for Egypt.. I thought this is not so serious there still I see from your letter that is!! I hope that won't bother you and you is in safe place?? Oh, please, try to take care of your daughter!!
Of course this is good she has her point of view!!! and to be activist this is not so safety... I am sure she is clever one and she will be carful also!! This is beginning of a new working week and I am charged with forces after nice weekend. And you?:) I hope also rested good!:) I made all what I planned - even discovered one more receipt of baking vegetables..mmm) that was delicious;) Today's your reply showing how you treat me seriously, how sincere are your feelings. Actually all that what is important for me man to have - you has! You is well-educated, intelligent, you understands me like no one else. I like that how attentive you is. Never in my life I met someone like you! I feel breathless because of that happiness I have inside!!! My hot heart fills with joy when I think about you, sweetheart!
Yesterday I thought what that would be like when we will meet one day. My heart melts and my soul is set on fire with desire to hold you, to spend with you the most magic first date! To look into your deep eyes directly. I want you to know in past I had bad experience, man hurt me, betrayed...
That is why I was skeptical to open my heart, but you easily made all fears fly away!!! You became so special to me, so dear! I see that you is also very open with me. I have new sense in life, I'm glad you for that! Yesterday I told my Mother about me and you... I hope you is not angry?? She was happy that I have finally met a good man!! She mentioned already changes in me since we started our correspondence!
Can you imagine that?:) Kamal, you is the reason I am happy!
I am ready to share all with you, I want to promise you - I will do my best to learn language for making our communication easier. I will make all for not disappoint you. I give you a word! Tell me, please, do you feel the same way about me? Do you believe that we could be a perfect match?? I will wait for your next letter impatiently! With care,
your Svetlana P.S. These photos were made specially for only one man - for you! Hope, you enjoy them! I send you my kisses. Do you feel my care?
Letter 3
Dear Mr. Kamal,
thank you that you found time for writing a letter to our translation company 'Best Fast High Quality group' We would like to inform you that your lady miss Svetlana has made a payment for our services in size of 100$. We will send you balance when payment will be coming to the end.
From today, please, send all your letters at this e-mail address - .
Thank you for your attention. All goods to you,
staff 'Best Fast High Quality group'
Letter 4
Hello my Kamal!
Hello my only one dearest!!! I am so much crying and worrying here... I am just in despair and I am so sad!!!!!!!!! Today's evening we are leaving to Western Ukraine with my dancing group - with my work - and there we will give concerts. That wasn't plan!!!!
I had a plan to meet you and now I will be back home only after 15th of October!!!! This is a disaster and I am so sad!!!!!! If I will refuse I will lose my job and here I will never survive without work. that is too hard to find a new work now here - crisis times... what I offer is to postpone our trip on October, what can you tell me???
Please, I can imagine how sad you is.... but believe me, I feel only worse!!! I realize this is because of me all is messing!! I am so sad, Kamal, dear, sorry!!! Svetlana.
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