Letter(s) from Carol S. Craft to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

I'm 36 years old single and looking for a man that will love me for me and i will do the same

Letter 2

Oh ok.... I want to love and be loved'I have being hurt in my past by Men But that doesn't seem to lessen my desire to try again...it gives me hope. I know what love looks like because I have had it, felt it, given it. It is the greatest thing I have to offer. I am looking for the 'right' man, not just a "man"... does that makes sense? ...tell me Yes.. I'm not laughing... are you??..I would consider myself a very passionate person not afraid to show my feelings..A relationship Is based on trust honesty and sincerity because without these nothing Is ever going to work out and I should tell you that I am a woman that walk with God intervention not that I am too religious but I do things the right way and the right time they are suppose to be done, I am a Christian...I'm very simple out going woman of honest,loving,truth, and integrity.I believe most in the power of a true love,constant communication and sharing of emotional feelings! also love travelling and meeting new people, Catching fun and always friendly. Well it will be better to know more about you .i am Kinda new to this Stuff,there's something important you must know I had a concoction while I was a kid,I'm dealing with a speech disorder caused by(Aphasia)...