Romance scam letter(s) from Marilyn Anna Lane to Joseph (USA)
Letter 1
Well baby today when i went to the store and ask the price of the phone we talk about, the price was 300 dollars my love so i was confused and i was ready to tell you that on the phone but you were very angry and i couldn't..And i even called my friend that im using her phone and asked her that, how much did she bought her phone and she told me that it was 370 dollars that she bought it. So that is the news about the phone when i went to the big store today...
Letter 2
so i would like you to save like or 500 dollars that will be like my your last sending me is that, and in that 500 dollars i will use some to get the phone that is number 1: 2: I will get some more food stuffs: 3: Will pay some water bills, and use the rest for pocket using my money as my feeding feel my love i hope you get all what im saying my love so think about this my love....
Letter 3
kay my love if you say so my love.. Well that was also my oppion my love.. Well then i guess 300 is okay my love
Letter 4

Oh no my love don't think that way my love... You will see me in front of you live when my trip money is ready for me to come my love i swear God and i swear on my church my love...
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