Scam letter(s) from Rudy Istre to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Yes I accept the offer and Yes thats my Favourite really sorry am having problems with my internet,,i really want us to chat more and know more about each other
Letter 2
Joe are you even reading my emails at at?? look i dont like repeating my self okay...
Letter 3
i wont answer anything
Letter 4
i have still not heard from you,i hope all is well
Letter 5

hello how are you doing?? am sorry i couldnt get online for some days now,my internet has been disconnected and right now am in a cafe which is about an hour drive from me,i got there so i could check my email to see if you get it sent for me so i can pay my internet and we can keep intouch always until i get back to the state,i saw you werent able to send me to send it to me so now i dont know what we can do because i cant always go to the cafe which is an hour drive for me for us to chat and its cost alot for an hour access..
Letter 6
i wish you can see the smile on my face as i was reading the message,you are soo nice and lovely,i thank God you Came my Way,you came my way when i least expect and you have really touch my heart,i will like to give you a chance and see how it goes..i will like to know if are you getting me the airtime to resubscribe my internet??
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