Scam letter(s) from Valeria to Phillip (USA)

Letter 1
Hi! How are you? I hope all is ok! My name is Valeriya. I live in Russia. I\'m a rather shy girl at first. I open up a little more as I get to know someone. I send my picture. I hope you liked it. I do not know what to write, because I never used the Internet for acquaintance before. Write to me if you want to learn more about me and see my other pictures. I will wait your letter. Take care! Valeriya
Letter 2
How are you?
I am from Russia, Saint Petersburg.
I am 28,5yo. How is your life there? I am looking for serious relationship.
I?d like to make acquaintance with you.
You can see my photo attached to this mail; I hope you?ll like it.
It would be very nice if you send me a picture of yourself.
I am looking forward to your letter very soon. Have a great time!
P.S. please tell me your age and where are you from.
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Name: Mary Smith
Age: 32
Name: Patricia Aroy
Age: 32
Name: Silver Bentley
Age: 27
Name: Olivia Boette
Age: 30
Name: Anna Yurevna Balabaeva
Age: 30
Name: Ella Mckenzie
Age: 22
Name: Valentina
Age: 34
Name: Jessica Williams
Age: 36
Name: Elena Ryabinin
Age: 29
Name: Evgenia Malykhina
Age: 32
Name: Irina
Age: 25
Name: Ekaterina Belosludtceva
Age: 29
Name: Ekaterina Soskova
Age: 22
Name: Olga Egorova
Age: 25
Name: Hannah Ayilba
Age: 34