Letter(s) from Anna Livarenko to Kamal (Egypt)

Letter 1

Hi once again KAMAL! And again this is Anna writing!

How is everything for your today? As for me, I am alright and I should say that I have pretty normal day and it became even more better when I got your letter! You always raise my mood with your letters!
What are your plans for tonight? Maybe today my brother will come to visit us with his wife and lovely little daughter. I adore playing with my niece, she is so cute. Well, I love all children because they bring light into our life. I adore observing kids when they play in the streets. When I was at school, my dream was to work in the kinder-garden, and, you know, I would gladly do it, but today the salaries in the kinder-gardens are incredibly low, and I wouldn't be able to earn my living with such a job.

What about you? What dreams did you have when you were child or teenager?
Which of them became true and which not? Can you share these little things with me? I would be happy to know you a little bit better.

Write me soon, I will be looking forward for your letter.


Letter 2

Dear Sir!

We inform you that 100$ were received and put on your account.
The translation of your communication service is continued.

Regards, Administration

Letter 3

I am incredibly glad that you have not left me in trouble and helped me.
I was afraid to lose you and now I am the happiest on Earth! I am really glad we can continue correspondence with you!!! You become so close to my soul that I was afraid we will not continue correspondence because of the financial problems! But now I am absolutely happy!!!!

How was your evening?Anything special?
How do you feel towards me and what do you want for us in future?

As for me I want to build our relationships and make them more and more serious.
You are a nice man and I don't want to lose you......I will try to show you as much of my thoughts and dreams as I can in order you get to know me more and our relationships develop in the best way!!!!!
You are really special to me, DEAR KAMAL! And I really hope to build strong relationships with you and be happy together with you in future!!!!!
What is your idea about it?



Letter 4

I am glad to write you and to get the letter from you. I started worrying much already and now I am fine cause you finally replied me,


How is the situation in your country? Any better?
I will be happy to meet with you and i shall ask at work if I will be able to have some days off at the end of September in order to see you, DEAR KAMAL! I want to pay you then as much attention as I will able to...)
KAMAL, I realize with every day that you are really good and that you are my match.
Tell me what characteristics should a perfect woman have?
As for the perfect man I can tell you that he will be:
-in love with me (the main thing)
- Reliable
- Romantic
- Clever
- Kind
- Have aim in life and go towards it in any situation- never give up. I like optimistic people))))))
I thought that I would never meet a man that would be caring, giving, loving ......
a man who is my match. But you appeared on my way and we are a match I think! Agree?
Good night my love.

I am always yours.
You are in my heart.

Your Anna

Letter 5

Hi, Kamal!

Now here it is a changing weather and it is sunny at the daytime and rainy ay night...
You know, today I was sitting and thinking of you, I imagined that one day (may be sunny day and may be rainy, it fact it doesn't matter 'cause after we see each other clouds will disappear and sun will rise upon our heads)we will be sitting together, touching each other's hands, kissing! After this thought my mood has risen and I felt better))
You are my treasure- even a though of you brings sun to my life and problems pass away....