Scam letter(s) from Elena Krasnova to Mick (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my love ****!!!
Your letter brings light in my life.
How you today?
I think, that life not so bad if there are people similar to you.
Many thanks for that that you is at me.
I see, that you have very kind heart, and it may do us by warmer.
It is very pleasant for me to hear you my good!!!!!!!!!!!!
I lived very simple way work, the house, days off, visiting of parents, grandmothers and grandfathers.
Sometimes I leave on walk in park with my girlfriends.
But sometimes, I am sad, because near to me there is no loved man.
And now, when I have you in the life I believe, that my life will change and becomes bright, kind for us.
I think, that everyone in this world requires heat and love.
I would like, that my loved person smiled to me each morning and each evening. I shall smile to you it there will be a big happiness.
I am ready to do all for this purpose. My love I is very glad that you too want me to meet.
My honey well I now I shall try to descend in round agency and to learn all concerning my trip to you. I kiss you my honey.
I expect your following letter. Love for ever. Yours. Elena. My dear waters my recent pictures.
I was photographed one month ago.
I now have not changed nearly.
Letter 2

Hello my love ****!!!I am very happy to see your letter again.My honey when I read your letters my heart is beaten much faster.I read your letters on one breath.In your letters always it is a lot of love and heat.My prince I feel the happiest on light.I think that to me has very largly carried that I have met you.My dear I want to be more than the girlfriend and I dream that you were my husband.I constantly think of you.Since we have got acquainted has passed not enough time, and at me such feeling that we are familiar eternity.My sweet I love you and I shall be very happy if you will take me in the wife.Now I want to tell to you that to me have told in a travel company.For reception of the visa I will need the passport for travel abroad.Its registration will borrow two weeks and it will cost 50 $.To me have told that there is a set of various visas.The most optimum variant is the tourist visa.On it I arrive to your country as the tourist for 90 days.If we shall get married during these 90 days that I can remain with you in the country.Its registration will borrow two weeks and it will cost 300 $.As there is a visa of the bride, but it is made out very for a long time and you should write the invitation letter.As it very expensive.Tickets will be costs about 420 $ in one party.My sweet I today went to bank to learn as you you can send me of money on what has answered me that the fastest and reliable way to send money it through the Western Union.That you could send me of money for registration of all documents through the Western Union to you enough to know my name, my surname and my country.All that to you to be necessary to be known to send money I shall write below.My name ElenaMy surname KrasnovaThe country Russia.My honey I hope that you can help me with registration of all necessary documents.I love you my prince ****!!With love your future wife Elena.
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