Scam letter(s) from Samsidee Mohammed to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
My pics for you
Letter 2
Have you ever felt loved before with anyone in your life before ? and can you tell me what love means to you?I think love is caring about someone in spite of their faults not just desiring the Yes I have loved, I am not really sure that i have been loved in the way people talk about though, I have always felt something was to me Is putting someone before yourself. It is desiring their pleasure more than your own. The bible says a man is to love his wife as Christ loved the church, to me that means he should be willing to give his life for her.As a friend used to say God said it, I believe it, and that settles it good. I think Love is trusting,I think Love is Kind,i think Love is listening and i think Love is giving.I think to be in love is to want to spend time with someone more than anything physically,mentally,chemically from heart to heart,soul to soul,body to body,mind to mind and everything in your life with him.I think being in Love is wanting to pleasure someone in the way you conduct your life and wanting to please them physically weather that be staring into their eyes or a long walk or an understanding touch or providing their material needs or satisfying their ****** needs. but most of all I think it is just being there no matter what good or bad..I'm seeking a serious long term relationship and more. Someone who is responsible, respectful, can take care of themselves, and who is employed...special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care, one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows. Someone who's willing to spoil, pamper and love me unconditionally, whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal, sense of humor, loving and wants a lifetime of passion.and also knows how to have fun but can be serious when needed., so only serious inquiries will be accepted..I hope to hear from you soon I'm looking for a soul-mate...a best friend for life! Someone I could talk to about anything....A good listener, smart and funny! I'd give the same to the ONE !! Who knows - may be you are my twin-soul.I Hope to hear from you soon Do you live in a house or apt?
What is your vision in life?
Do you know what went wrong in your past relationships?
Do you know what you want in a new partner?
Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do drugs?
How many brothers and sisters etc. you have?
What's the year you were born and how old you are?
What types of music or movies or TV Shows you like?
What is your goals or dreams in life?
What do you dream about at night?
What's your favorite foods & drinks?
Can you drive a vehicle?
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