Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Glyebova to Steve (USA)
Letter 1
How are you doing, handsomng!
I beg your pardon if I interrupt your daily routine. Please understand that I have to send this letter because I plan to struggle for my personal happiness. I am writing to you not because I am idle. I am writing to you because our ’they lived happily ever after’ can depend on this message!
Just as any person in the world I want to know what happiness is. I wish to meet a lad to adore me and take care of me. I am not longing for adult tricks or naked pictures exchange in the Internet. All I am seeking is serious affair.
Let me introduce myself. I'myself Mariya. I am 30 years old, I 'm woman and I live in Russia. Despite my age I fail to find my man. I do not have a man to respect me and appreciate my feelings.
I am a excellent cook. I like trying new recipes, experimenting with food and I guess all my ventures are very delicious.
I like sticking to active life ways like going info sports, communicating with people etc.), I cannot imagine my life without music and reading books. I have a very good upbringing – I am steady, polite, mild and tender. I am a non-smoker and do not drink alchohol. I have never been married and I do not have children.
I can speak about myself in detail, but one letter is too short for that.
My motto is finding and enjoying long-term affair.
Please, do not ignore this letter! I 'm looking forward to your answer to my message on my personal mail -
Have a good day!
Truly yours, your new friend,
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