Scam letter(s) from Olga Shishcina to Matthew (USA)

Letter 1
I am Yuliya. I am single woman, 32 year old. I for the first time try to get acquainted through the Internet and I don't know what to tell right now. I am petite, light skin, long hair, slender.
I am very lonely and wanted to find man of my age or older than me. I don't need puppy, I'm looking for mature guy that i can build a relationship. I am romantic, opened and very sincere in a dating.
For me the base of any relations are sincerity, respect and trust.
I am looking for man who i can spend time with and get rid of feelings of loneliness. I want to love and feel that i'm loved too!
I have pics and will gladly send you If you like my description.
I will wait for your email and if you are really serious in your search, maybe we will find interest in each other. Neither of us knows to where this path will lead but I am willing to walk it and see where it takes us.
I will send my pictures through email when you will answer me.
Do not write me if you married or my letter was reached to you wrongly. Write me on my email : Yuliya
Letter 2
At the beginning of the letter I want to apologize for the delay with my answer. I hope you are not angry with me. Unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity to answer earlier.
I think you haven't forgotten me and my latest letter. You know when I got your email I wanted to answer at once but I couldn't. I get the access to the computer now.
Something had gone wrong with my email that's why I have to write from this address.
Now please write me to this address. I'm absolutely happy that you've found time to answer me! I'm very glad that you've sent me the email.
Before I start telling you my story let me inform you about a very important fact. I hope you're not disappointed that I don't live in your country (I think you've already guessed).
I sincerely hope it doesn't frighten you. I'm the same as ladies living in different countries. I'm just a human being with a heart and soul. I suppose my nationality and location don't disappoint you and you will answer my letter. I think the nationality and cultural difference are not the most important things in a lady for you. By the way in the nearest future I'm going to travel. Maybe I visit your country and who knows we are possibly become friends or maybe even more… and if your interest isn't limited only by distance and boundaries I'll be really happy.
Now let me tell you a few words about myself. I live in Russia. The village I live in is called Pryamicino. It's a small village where just 5400 people live. Maybe you'll try to find my place on the map. It's not far from Kursk (a large city in the south-west of my country).
In my childhood I dreamed of becoming an interpreter of the English language and I wanted to work with our President to know state and international secrets.(smile).
But the fortune disposed in a different way. I started my education in a medical school.
After finishing school I entered Medical University. Now I work at hospital. I'm a dentist.
Are you interested in how I found you. I read the ad in freedating site. I wrote you a letter. From you came the answer. You do not place the ad? Maybe your friends played a joke on you? I hope for you it's not a joke? However, I am glad I found a new friend. Suddenly we met. If people from the different ends of the ground unexpectedly meet, maybe in the heaven someone to us has helped. Who knows where we'll be in the future... Site -
Shane I promised to send you my photo and now I keep my promise.
I hope you like them. In addition I want to say that my hair is black though I change it sometimes. I hope you are not disappointed because many men like blonde ladies (smile).
My height is 5 feet 4 inches. My weight is 120 pounds. As you know I'm 32 years old.
I was born on May 29 in 1981. Of course tastes differ but maybe you'll like my photo and my appearance. In other case if you don't like my appearance please let me know, I won't disturb you any longer.
I should say I'm an optimist in the depth of my heart and it helps me in my life. I'm not a little girl and I see my life from a philosophical point of view. I can't make myself an absolutely happy lady. I've got a wonderful job and good house. But there are things that make people happy. They are not material things, they are more than that. I was the first who wrote that. It means I'm ready to share my thoughts with you. I'm very glad and grateful you've written me. In any case I hope you are interested in our dialog and I'll be looking forward to getting an email from you. At the end of the letter I want to ask you simple questions. What is your profession? Do you like your job? Have you got an experience in communicating with people from other countries? Maybe you're more qualified in it than me. If you don't want to answer the questions please don't do it. It's just my woman's curiosity. I'll be extremely grateful if send me your photos. I'm sure to save them in my computer.
Best wishes.
Letter 3
Hi Shane!!! How are you doing? How did you spend your day? I hope you are glad to get my email? When I got yours I was in the seventh heaven, I was the happiest lady in the world!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot. Now I want to explain the fact about my opportunity to write you letters. I send my emails to you from my job because I haven't got a computer at home. The computer I use is in the Accountant Department. The lady who works with the computer lets me use it for my personal purposes sometimes. It depends not only from me and my desires, unfortunately. I work from Monday till Friday. It's Russian standard.
That's why I won't be able to send and get emails on Saturday and Sunday. But sometimes I have to work at weekends because any pain even toothache hasn't got a schedule. (smile)
I suppose you remember I'm a dentist. That's why I will have an opportunity to write you on Saturday and Sunday.
Thank you for your picture. It is a fine picture. You are a strong and handsome man. I very much like this picture. It is wonderful, when a man combines force and charm. It happens so seldom. Forgive me for my frank words. But I always speak whageat I think. I think there is nothing bad in it.
You have pleasant appearance and it is wonderful.
I am so sorry that you had so a lot of negative experience in dialogue with people. I do not understand people which put material values above spiritual. I hate lie and of course I understand you as you have been deceived so often. I sincerely regret. For me the material world is absolutely not important. I adult lady and I know the value of a life. I have no time for games and I had difficult life and therefore, now I can't exchange my internal world for small lie for the sake of money or other material things. It is alien for me, and probably my difficult life has generated my present interests and predilections and my understanding of meaning of the life.
Now I'm going to tell you about my interests. My hobby let me say so is the English language. I have been interested in it for so long since my school years. The educational program in Russia includes learning foreign languages. As a rule they are English, German and French. I started learning English and now I'm extremely happy that I made the right choice.
I absolutely love the English language. After finishing school I continued learning the language at the University. I had been learning English for 18 years. I want to know it perfectly. I speak English. Maybe you'll like my accent (Russian I mean) I have. It's possible there are some mistakes in the text but I'm sure you won't offend.
Another hobby I have is knitting. It's the deal of my life. My mum taught me how to knit in my childhood and now I knit clothes (sweaters, jackets and waistcoats) for my friends and myself. I adore knitting and I like wearing woolen clothes. Almost all warm clothes I have got I've knitted myself. I don't know if knitting is popular in your country as for Russia it's really fashionable and up to date. What else can I tell you about my life? I haven't got children, I've never been married. Of course I had relations with men I even thought that they were serious and would last long and come to marriage but I was mistaken. Now I have got nothing but bad and painful memories.
Shane, how can you describe your character? As for me I've never tried to describe the traits of my character but nevertheless I'll try. I live with a smile on my face and a hope in my heart.
I consider myself an optimist. And maybe it helped me be the first to write. I've seen and experienced a lot in my life. During 32 years I'd been overcome a lot of difficulties. You know I don't need much in my life to be happy. All I need is a real man who will be my friend, my love and support forever.
And it happened so that now I'm looking for him in such a way. I don't think it's wrong. And what do you think of it? I live honestly and it brings me satisfaction and pleasure. I know happiness doesn't need a lot. Maybe the most essential thing I lack now is love. A human being can't be happy without love. I mean not only love between a man and woman but also love to the family. For instance, I haven't got a family and it really oppresses and depresses me.
Shane, do you often meet your relatives? I really miss the time when I had a lot of relatives.
I want to return it. Are you looking for a soul mate or just a friend? What are you looking for in the soul mate, Shane, if it is so? I hope to hear from you very soon.
Best regards.
Yuliya. P.S. Your letter went to my spam folder so I did not see it immediately.
I was interested why. To me have recommended to place you in a "favorite list".
Maybe my letters to you too get in spam? Place me in a "favorite list".
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