Scam letter(s) from Rita Munoz to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
i'm pretty new to this internet face booking you showed up on my people you may know and your Tender looking face with a nice smile pecked my Interest that allowed me to contact you, And I must admit that you're cute and you wouldn't tell me that you're still single???lol i will like to have a chat with you on yahoo messenger here is my yahoo
NB you can text me on my cell later so that we can chat 720) 432-1257
Letter 2
How is your day going i hope it was splendid? i really enjoyed our little conversation this morning I must confess that you are a nice man having waited for so long chatting with me , You sounded very nice,loving and caring to me. I know there is a little distance between us, But i don't think that distance has any rule to play in a relationship...i want you to know that communication is one of the keys to build a relationship...Please always keep in touch...wish we can talk every minutes of the day.... Please tell me when you will be online so we can have another chat.
Letter 3
I missed talking to you already...
Letter 4

I have been crying all day. I went to the Customs office today concerning my goods and when i got there i was told i would need a repudiation in my documents. This has never happened before. The Custom official said it's a law that was newly brought in by the thailand Government. Am so tired of here. Everything is just going wrong and am very confused at this stage, The customs down here charged me with Tax evasion because of the VAT on my goods that i didn't know about.
I have spent all the funds on me to get my goods to this stage and now they are telling me that there's nothing they can do about it and i don't know what to do.They are threatening to seize my goods if i don't come up with the sum $2,989. I called the Embassy and they said there's nothing they can do because it concerns Foreign tax affair and the best they can do is advice me to make the payment for the VAT(that they can't assist me in international Tax Evasion). I have tried every other way to get the funds but to no avail.Can you help me?I would really appreciate it,I can get the funds back to you when i get back home, Please.
Kindly look down on me with mercy and dry this tears from my eyes. Dear, i would be most grateful if you do help me out of this situation soon. I would be eagerly waiting to hear back from you soon
Letter 5
Honestly I don't know what is going on am conuse but thaks for letting me know about it
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