Scam letter(s) from Elena Krasnova to Malcolm (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my love Malcolm!!!
My dear it was again very pleasant for me to see your letter.
It to me has brought a lot of happiness.
But there is more than happiness to me has brought telephone conversation with you.
I am very glad that we could with you to speak on the phone.
For me it is first time to call in other country.
If it is honour, I did not expect, that I shall speak with you.
I love your vote it sounds very beautifully.
It is pleasant, that you have estimated my English language.
Yes, I am valid I take a great interest in the English language.
It gives result.
I hope, that we spoke not last time.
My lovely I do not know where to me to find phone so you could call to me.
I have no phone I called from my girlfriend.
The girlfriend of it will not give mine to me as at it will calculate many money for conversation with you.
I think that it is necessary to buy a cellular telephone only.
But I would not have money that it to buy.
But it is the best way that we could speak with you.
My dear it was very pleasant for me to hear that you too want to meet me.
I think that we with you are created the friend for the friend.
I not to time did not visit other countries I about it dreamed much and at last my dream can come true.
All this will be due to you my love.
I very much wait for it and strongly I miss on you.
My dear I has just returned from travel agency and it is very tired.
I there was about 2 hours tried to learn all more in detail about my trip to you.
My honey to me that have told in the company of travel.
For reception of the visa I shall require the passport for travel abroad.
His registration borrows 10 days, and it will cost 50 $.
To me have told, that there is a set of various visas.
The most optimum variant - the tourist visa.
On it I arrive to your country as the tourist within 90 days.
If we shall marry within these 90 days which I can remain with you in the country.
His registration borrows too 10 days, and it will cost 330 $.
As there is a visa of the bride, but it is disassembled very much during long time, and you should write the invitation letter.
As it is very dear.
I shall require also tickets I behind them I shall depart to Moscow and I shall buy them there and to take off from there.
My dear about tickets to me they have told just will cost about 500 $.
My sweet, which I today have gone to bank to study as you, you can send me of money that has answered me that the fastest and reliable way to send money it through the Western Union. That you could send me of money for registration of all documents through the Western Union to you enough to know my name , my surname and my country.
Everything, that to you to be necessary to be known, to send money I shall write below.
My name Elena
Krasnov's my surname
The country Russia.
My honey I hope, that you can help me with registration of all necessary documents.
I love you my prince Malcolm
With love your future wife Elena.
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