Scam letter(s) from Julia Zolotarewa to Andre (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Andre Thanks for gave me your address! It's Yulia. Thanks for shown an interest to me. I think it is better to write here via an e-mails but not on the site. It is much more comfortable as we could write to each other in our free time and pick each others mail when we have time, don't it? Last time we could have possibility to talk not to much because I had to run to job, so now I can sit and write you much more than a couple of sentences. I think it would be better to introduce myself as you know just a little about myself. You can't put all the information to the profile on the dating site and I'm not sure if our correspondence is private if we talk on site.
Are you a long time on the site? What are you looking for?
Have you ever tried to chat with somebody? It is all new for me...actually my mom have known from her friends about possibilities to found a foreign man abroad. She said she have tired to see that I'm suffering. It is very difficult for woman to be alone. I think every woman in the world dream to found the second half, a soul-mate. My mom advised me to try to found somebody abroad since I can't found my Mr. Right here. So who are you looking for? What type of person are you? I'm kind, romantic, loyal but in the same time self confident person. I know what I need from life and I can assure you it's not not an American dream. I'm not seeking for money or career..but rather a peaceful life with the one I love:-) Hmm...I think that's enough for now. Could you tell me some more about yourself? That would be very interesting for me to know more about you, your interests, your life...everything about you. I'm sure there are a lot of interesting things in your life, aren't it? I have added some pic for you. That would be pleasant for me to receive some of yours if you have. I will wait for your letter or if you have no to much time let me know that you have received my letter, OK? Have a good day!
Letter 2
Hello, my darling Andre! Thank you so much for your two long letters!! That's really nice to listen that you think I could be a good wife for you! I will do anything to be such a wife, not to lose your expectations!! I'm not mad at you of course. Vise versa, you started to write to me and I was the only person you were writing to...I mean you had concentrating spite you were trying to write to other girls for one week! Why should I be mad? That's really nice to know! I mean that you are serious about me and that you are only with me and for me!! Dear Andre, I love the way you express me your feelings!! I am really happy that I have all the qualities that you were looking for...It is absolutely the same with you as I know that you are perfect for me!! You have everything I was looking for, all of these rare characters!! I appreciate everything you say and do! I do love you more than anything in this world!! I love that we have a lot of topics to discuss and I'm sure there are no any chance for us to bore!! This is also very important, cause this will help us to keep our communication and the communication helps us to keep the feeling (such a string between us) of each other!!
This is the most wonderful that was ever created and this developed the mankind and still developing!!! This may effect to relationships as well!!! You know that I had deleted my profile from the site as I'm not interested in anybody else except you! You are the only for me!!!!! The one who can fulfill every needs I had, every desires I had!
That would be great to meet with you, to see in your eves, to finally touch your skin...oh, that's driving me on, I'm sorry!!! You know, your photo is just in the frame right close to my bed, so I could see you and put in and hug tight before I sleep! You makes me feel so great, honey! I do love you so much!! Oh, as for English...I have been at the school and brought money there and asked to allow to at least start lessons. I said that I will bring the rest of money ($280) a bit later.
They allowed me to do that but I had to sign a paper that I will back money in the short period after lessons will start. Hope that's fine with you too, honey. By the way, lessons should start in the beginning of May. Honey, I promise to work ******* this as this is the only way for us to understand each other when we are alone, so I'm very serious about this! Honey, you asked me how much do we need for these lessons for whole 6 moth?...well, the one month of these Intensive classes cost $430 as you ember plus if we do the one payment for a couple of months they reduce the price on that should be $1935 for 5 month and $280 for this first month. Oh, I'm so excited, my honey!! I can't wait to finally speak English, so we could understand each other and have no problems to moving me to Alabama! I love you so much!! Write me as soon as you could, OK? I'll be waiting! Yours Yulia
Letter 3
"DRUZHBA NARODOV" Mr. Andre! We have received your money transfer information and passed to Ms. Yulia. She asked to tell you she will go to Pick money up and she could back to write you tomorrow while her lunch break. Thank you for your attention!
Best regards,
translation company "Druzhba Narodov"
Letter 4

Hello, my darling Andre!! Thank you very much for our letter, my honey!! I glad that you liked my joke:-) I have millions of jokes to tell:-) I don't remember all of course but I can remember many of them:-) So if you want to laugh a little you may just ask:-))) Yes, I was at the store and checked prices for an air conditioners and asked to tell me about its options. I find that the cheapest air conditioner cost $380 (the cheapest among all in the shop). But I have never heard about that brand actually. That's some Chinese one (not sure about its quality). As for Samsung or LG (that should work well), it start from the price of somewhere $500. But I was looking for the cheapest as you advised me. Yeah, that's a long and hot day today too! It's about 34C today with no even a cloud! I even envy to you a little that the weather in Alabama is colder and with rain. Rains here in this time of year is very unusual and not often at all.
It can be rain here twice for all the summer for just one day or so and that's it. Can you imagine that? Honey, that's nice that you miss me so much, that you imagine that you will see me just when you open a door! I'm sure that will happen some day! Maybe that's me, who should come to you, honey? What do you think? I can imagine how much you want to hold me in your arms because I want that too!!! This weekend I'm going to the nature with my friends as that's a barbecue and fishing season. By the way, we usually do barbecue on the nature. Of course we takes care of nature and keep it safe from fire, so we keep all safety rules, so don't worry:-) Kiss you, my darling!! Yours Yulia
Letter 5
Hello, my darling Andre!!! I love you too, my sweetheart!! I glad that you want I buy air conditioner fast. I do remember the shop-assistant advised me some models but they were more expensive. He said to me also about the BTU but I don't remember exact digits.
Of course the one for $380 has not the best BTU rate but it's the cheapest one. It is for small flats like my. But in the same time the shop-assistant didn't tell anything regarding to the quality of the Chinese air-conditioner. I mean he said that Samsung or LG would "live" for longer than Chinese ones and in the same time he wasn't sure if the one he shown will live years or will break in a day. He said that Chinese one is good of course but I should keep an eye on that and the problem is that the Chinese one can be only cleaned but not repaired if something happen. I don't know what to chose actually. I need your advice! I glad that you could help me to buy it until Monday or Tuesday! Thank you so much! Thank you also for your advice regarding to switching the air conditioner when I'm at work and the flat is heating up. Honey, that's so pleasant that you would like to buy the best things of all for me...I just think that should be very expensive. I think if that's not necessary then we shouldn't buy it. I also agree with you regarding to luxury cars. It's very expensive and in the same time dangerous. Who we should prove something with that? We are not billionaires to buy such things. Of course if we will have enough money then we will see what can we do but I think we could discuss it with each other, agree? As for our wedding, actually I don't think that's important to do some theatre entertainment of it but rather a simple marriage with our traditions of course. I think that's important to start a day of preparing, to come to a fiancee's house to "buy" a future wife (of course it's not a finance deal but rather contest of easy puzzles, conundrums and so on but be ready to pay a dollar or so for not giving an answer:-)) ), then the ceremony (I would also like to free pigeons if you don't mind) and of course to celebrate it at cafe. I also think that we should hire a good photographer and video operator. That shouldn't be cheap but that will save the best memories of the best day. Hope you agree with me, honey! What about your ideas? Kiss you!!! Yours Yulia
Letter 6
Hello, my darling Andre!! That's everything fine with me, I guess. I really don't want to eat in the early morning when I'm preparing to the job actually. That's for just a last time I feel so. I eat only when I come to job...when I have a short time to do it or when my boss doesn't control me:-) Or course if I don't have much clients. I don't know if anything wrong with me but I don't feel bad actually. I didn't understand well if you talk just were talking about having a child to tell me your story or is that a wink? If you meant that I can be, of course not. How can that happen? If that ever happen you would know the first...perhaps, I think you could at least know if that can be as you are the only I want to have intimacy with! I'm a girl and this is my nature to have just one man in my life. I think *** without love is like some kind of prostitution! Do you agree with me? Honey, I love you so much! I love the way you treat me, you really love me and in the same time you don't put "your own" in front of "us", you respect me, you takes care of me, you loves me!!! Is that anything in this world I can ask to God for more??? I'm so happy and thankful to a God that I have you in my life! Dear Andre, I love you! Just writing that puts a smile on my face. You put a smile on my face. I love you because of your sweetness, your kindness, your tenderness and your thoughtfulness. I love you because are you are my dear man and loving companion and soon will be my husband. You smile at my silly jokes and enjoy my youthful spirit and say that I have a sense of humor...maybe that really is. I love you because you listen to me as I share the small triumphs or struggles of the day. I love you because you respect me. You honor the woman that I am, rather than try to make me into someone I am not. You suffer my imperfections and my shortcomings largely without complaint. I love you because you appreciate me. You enjoy my attentiveness and appreciate my efforts to romance you. As for the snake...fortunately I misunderstood and that was outside...but anyway it have to be isolated as snakes and people are not good friends, I guess. I love you!! Yours Yulia
Letter 7
Hello, my sweetheart Andre!! Thank you so much for your letter!! I glad that you think of me and take care of me! Honey, I was at the doctor and he said it looks like the bite of the mite...I scared right away as I know that they are dangerous and doctor also said that I should immediately should pass a blood to examination. So I did. The doctor also said that I should stay at the hospital and they won't let me go away before there won't be results of the examination. So I had to wait till the late evening. They gave me results and I really caught the virus through the mite but that's not the worst fortunately and it was on its early stage, so the doctor said I should buy medicine including injections. Fortunately the virus of what is this (I don't know much about these diseases but only what doctor said) hasn't adopted yet and that should be easy to treat it. If I won't and it will adopt I can have problems. I asked to at least to go for a day to home and to take my clothes before staying for a treatment at the hospital and I went to the job today and told to my boss. He accepted to stay at the hospital of course. I also wrote a letter to my parents, so they should come today or tomorrow and I want to write to you. It is accepted for me for now to leave the hospital time after time but in the same time I should stay there when it's the main examinations. So, I don't have a chance to work now but fortunately I can write you and to do some chores. I also want to tell you I went to the pharmacy and asked for medicine and they said that all together that should cost about 2000 hrivnas which is about $250. That will also be needed procedures and that should cost about $50. Honey, you wrote me that you would like to help me if needed. I would be happy if you could. I hope to treat it fast without aftermaths. I apologize that today my letter is not so bright maybe but I really worry about this accident. I hope you could help. I love you!! Yours Yulia
Letter 8
Good day Andre! It's Yulia's mother. Nice to meet you finally! Yulia told so much things about you. We know that you are very serious about Yulia. May I call you our Son?
It's a little bit uncommon to write in such a way and not to see in person. Me and Yulia's father are also impatient to see you in person when you will be here. For now I would like to let you know Yulia is at the hospital with a bed rest. She asked me to go to the translation company and to write you, to tell that Yulia feels fine in stead she have to stay at the hospital, to take the translated version of your letter and to bring to her. Yulia asked to write you that she loves you very much! Thank you very much for helped her with medicine and treatment. That's a huge sum of money and we couldn't save as much in such a short term. We all thank you for this help. Yulia told about this too. Doctors sad she will recover soon because the help came fast. So we all hope that won't take much time. Andre, you can write letters to Yulia and I will pass it to her if you want. I can visit this office every day. We hope you have a nice day! Svetlana Vasilevna
Letter 9
Hi Andre! Thank you for asking about how things are going with me. I feel good. I worry about Yulia but doctors says that everything good and I shouldn't at all. I pass you another letter from Yulia. ----------------------------------- Hello, my sweetheart Andre!! Thank you so much for your help with the salary and also with our account. I asked my mom to ask to the translation company how much money that should left there (I will know this when she is here again) and also asked my mom to place $50 to our account. I picked money up yesterday. I asked to the doctor to leave the hospital at least for 15 minutes to go to pick money up. He was disagree with me and didn't want to let me go. I thought if I can go and that's everything fine with that for now why can't I go out at least for some time. Some people leave the hospital to smoke and that's acceptable and why I can't go out? So after I were annoying for some time he let me out for 15 minutes. That was enough...or almost:-) Perhaps, I could leave that infection department for a short time and didn't breathe or touch there anything. I was protected from environment as doctor gave me a mask and special gown not to touch anything. You should see how people reacted on me while I was walking the street in this way:-)) Honey, thank you so much for thinking of me and helping me in any way! I hope that doesn't bring you much headache.
I hope that I will recover and would leave the hospital in 6 days. But I should take these days first as that's really a test to stay there as first time you think that's everything's fine but after you found little by little (after speaking with other people or not) that other people has such scaring viruses or infection or anything like that, so you start even stop breathing for some time not to catch this virus or afraid to touch anything as somebody of that room who had a skin diseases touched that before. Of course that's not right and maybe selfish from my side but I really scare of this. Honey, I count days when I leave the hospital as that's scary here. I wish I could at least stay for these rest couple of days at the private room...hope that's not too much expensive for you. Honey, I love you so much! I hope to get a letter from you tomorrow again! Thank you once more for thinking of me! I love you so much! Yours Yulia
Letter 10
Hello dear Andre! Thank you very much for your help, my son!
What should I do to receive money or where to go? I have never received money. I know that Yulia did, so maybe I could ask her what should I do. Thank you very much for helped Yulia with a private room for the rest of her stay at the hospital. As soon as I can receive this money I will pass it to her. Now I pass a letter that she wrote you today. ---------------------------------- Hello, my darling Andre! I feel good today! It seems that the illness is going to over soon, so probably I will leave the hospital in time, as doctor prescribed. By the way, the redness that I had after a pinch has gone. I just have procedures every day and some of them are not pleasant at all but I understand that treating an illness is not pleasant in most of ways. Anyway, I feel good after this, so don't worry. Honey, I've read that you would like to help me with a private room! Thank you so much! Honey, I have decided to use this money you sent me as a help for bills and food to cover my being at the hospital for this as that will be the same but a little bit earlier, right? Thank you so much for your care, my love!! Every day I thank to the God that we are together, that we will marry so very soon!! I glad that I could leave the hospital soon less than in a week! Honey, I hope I don't bring you much headache. I understand that we should take care on everybody in any times whether good or bad but I hope my illness doesn't bring you too much headache.
Honey, the one thing I know for sure is that I won't go to the forest least without repellents! That's for sure! Honey, I dream that we could be together, that we hug each other, kiss each other, have other intimacy! I am so excited and in the same time I worry how that will be our first meeting, will you like me in person or so? I don't know why I have doubts in this as we loves each other already. I just love you so very much! I can't wait to be with you, to live with you, to do everything together! I love you!!! Yours Yulia
Letter 11
Hello, my darling Andre!! Thank you for writing, honey! That's so nice to always have such warm words, to realize that you think of me and take care of me and our future! I love you so much!! Probably I can't even introduce in a full amount (if I can say so) the love I have but I can assure that's even stronger than I can ever express you! I so much want to be with you, to hold you, to be in your arms forever! I so much want to come to you finally...maybe you could even to show me everything around:-) I so much interested in everything about you, your past...I mean, rather your childhood. I'm not too jealous woman but I think it's better not to talk much about your past girls but rather the time when you were young. I know that's a long enough time, so there should be a lot of stories! I would love to also share all of my...those I can remember:-) I also know that we have so much things in common and I'm sure we wont bore! I'm sure we will found a lot of things to do together or to found a way in any situations...even if we will have any conflicts (which are even important for a family as psychologists says) but I'm sure we will found any compromise easily. As for English lessons, let me copy and paste the part of my letter that I sent you before where I explained you about that, so this way you will found easily not just costs but concrete conditions of it, OK? "...So they study English in three different way and at different stages but I was looking for English for beginners. They said they have Basic lessons, Intensive ones and Individual as well. As for Basic courses. What does it mean? They join a group of 30 people and has lessons 3 times a week 1.5 hours a day. These courses cost about $290. Intensive courses means they join a group of just 10 people and has lessons 6 times a week 2 hours a day, so this time teacher has possibility to spend much more time with every pupil. These courses cost $360. As for Individual courses, they are the most effective as they said,so I could learn English very fast and in the same time the most expensive $430...." and "...Honey, you asked me how much do we need for these lessons for whole 6 moth?...well, the one month of these Intensive classes cost $430 as you ember plus if we do the one payment for a couple of months they reduce the price on that should be $1935 for 5 month and $280 for this first month. Oh, I'm so excited, my honey!! I can't wait to finally speak English, so we could understand each other and have no problems to moving me to Alabama! I love you so much!! Write me as soon as you could, OK?..." I had not a busy weekend same as you. I have done all my house chores at the Sunday...fortunately I didn't left too much during a week, so when I came back on Saturday I had just to wash my clothes (fortunately that's not so much clothes should be washed during a summer...correctly, there are not so heavy clothes) and then to clean the house. I didn't cook anything in the evening but I had an oatmeal that was easy to cook in the morning, so after I went to my parents. It seems they didn't expect to see me but happy anyway. Me and mom gathered to cook from what we had. We've cooked a huge pan of Okroshka, Gulyash (specially prepared meat...I'll show you some day for sure) with the sauce to add to pasta, have done a fresh Greek salad from just picked vegetables (which my parents has on their garden, just go out and pick them), have done 6 litters of Compote from as fresh fruits and later have cooked Apple Pie...there were so much food to eat, my mom have packed even more than a half to me, so I shouldn't cook anything I think during the half of a week:-))) My mom do everything for me...even too much.
She is ready to give the last she has to me. For example, the pan where we cooked Okroshka...I've just mentioned that mom has a nice huge pan, she said "Take it". I said "No, mom, that's your only pan, I have no right to take it. Where will you cook?". She said "Honey, I'm not asking you but tell you to take it. I'll cook in a "dripping pan". So i took that pan otherwise my mom could offend on me. In the evening me and dad could even watch football before I leave. My team won with a minimal score!! It seems a little bit long letter...hope you don't bore:-))
I love you, my darling. I will be waiting for your letter:-)) Yours Yulia
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