Scam letter(s) from Olu Soola Tian to Alan (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Al, It that your real name? Thank you for the response mail, sorry i couldn't write earlier, i was part of a bridal train today for a cousin, it was a wonderful day in length! Sure your weekend is going great too… I am sorry you got some point wrong on my profile or may be the site did, I am single and never married but i hope to change my stat soon. lots of dishonest people are out there, and they make it hard for the honest to find peace in what they do… i was on the hit too but i was clever enough. yes i am originally from Bangkok but i stay with Cotonou close my mum because also i school here for my MSC. degree. So tell me why were you the site, what do you really want. As for, i am out here to find a man to call mine, just the way i want and dream him. It would also be nice if you share your current picture, what you do and where you are at the moment. I will take the bed now and wait to read from you tomorrow. Soola
Letter 2
Hi Dear, It quite nice to read from you, your mail was in the SPAM, funny i checked my mail, hoping to read from you but was disappointed now i checked my SPAM and found it. I am a focused lady, with good ideals in life, joyful, honest, intelligent and sure of myself quite hardworking. I have a big heart, warmth and love, I still have good balance of everything. My passion is helping people. I like spending time with the one i love, cuddling and talking about things, creating some wonderful memories and exploring…i'm quite, simple and family oriented girl. Usually I like listening to music and reading. I am very curious about any new things. I am very keen on life and look forward to nice future very much. basically I want to find a guy I can connect with and have fun.. someone to walk through life's journeys with.. And get the meaning of love: To love is to share life together to build special plans just for two to work side by side and be happy through the series of the short life. I am currently staying for my masters degree in Geoinformatic information technology at the University of Noth American University cotonou, Benin republic. I like a solemn day, mostly saturdays, where i can write few poems and listen to my favorite songs, watch some movies and if i can hang out with friends then i did go out and be good. Thats is my thought in a nut shell. Please call me Soola Tian Can you tell me more about you and kindly send a current picture of you
Cares and be fine.
Letter 3
Hi Dear, How are you today? sure you are fine, I hope your day went great at work, thank you for the nice mail, i think i am so addicted to reading from you and i tend to think and miss you too, even though we have not seen or heard each others voice. My day in turn as not being really great though, i am working on a large calculation but it has not turn out great. It nice to tho to come out and tell you about it… thinking about you for concerns. I have 3 weeks left for my degree to be completed and then i have choices to make on where to go… I prefer English, its universal, you picture is really great i love it… tell you what! i first got your picture printed for my wall but when i got this i had to make an express service, now i have it on my wall next to my favorite. I will take a warm shower now and hit the bed. Take good care of you and we write more tomorrow. cares Soola
Letter 4

Hi Dear, This is my Lunch time,i took a walk to the library, to check my E-mail and i was glad to find you here, a note! I am really glad about the way you express your want, you look a nice man too, with the beautiful daughter of yours, i would be glad to be part of a life like this with you. tell me how was your night? and how do you live a normal day? I will basically proceed to tell my friends about you, i like to be open about myself, i live in a city where most people like me for who i am, my friends look up to me and feels i am the most pretty person they have met, but sometimes i don't want to feel empty… i was in a relationship where love and harmony was the key but my fiance lost his life to an auto crash, i couldn't get over that for a long time. My mum was always there to tell me to move on, now i watch most of my friends move out of here to join their love man… i thought it is time for me so i gave it a try and it has led me here… well i am glad. i want to ask, if you really want us! then why not quit the dating site so you could concentrate on us. I am a very nice lady with a lot of emotions of the man of my life… very family oriented and i know you will be very happy. I checked the Alberta Oil sand, by the time i finish my degree here, we could plan a relocation to Canada and places like this will be great to work at. I will return to my Thesis session now. Hope to read from you soon. I don't really know the time difference, you can call me anytime fit deem for you, or send mea text first. Cares and take of you soft Kiss Soola
Letter 5
Honey, Yes i got it, and its being replied, computers can be funny sometimes better said the network! I told my friends about you, showed then your pictures and you are cool they said! I am done with making dinner, made some chinese rice, butterfly prawn and green pepper sauce plus chopped plantain. It is hard to eat alone, i hope it end pretty soon. So how is your day going? i am sure you having a nice one, besides i send high Hugs and kisses to you all day to keep you calm. Cares ***< I will wait for your call. Bye for now. ps. i sent your picture for printing already...
Letter 6
Darling, I just got back home from a long day at the university, all working hard to get my Thesis right… but they wouldn't be anything more sweet than me being home to read your nice mail. I figured out the difference in our timing and i am 7hours ahead of you, so you will be early at work now. Your pictures are great too and your daughter is quite a pretty, i am glad you left the site for us, you are much different from people out there, i feel you are good heart, well you just met a pretty stunning behaving Soola. smiless Most times, i am up till 11:00pm my time, that is 4:00pm for you, do you get home before 4:00pm? Great idea with the house, feel free to call on me anytime dear, it would have being great to bring you dinner and all other other refreshment when you work and help you with tools. I have to get to the kitchen now… write you more soon. Thanks for the mail honey. Kiss
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