Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sokol to Frans (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hi my lovely friend, means you call Lion! This beautiful name! I am glad to receive your letter, I and did not think, that such person as you will become interested in me too! I hope at you everything is all right with affairs!
Acquaintance through the Internet can is not in the best way of acquaintance! But I have decided to try, and also I suddenly will turn out meet the only thing! First I corresponded only with girlfriends, and that only on the local Internet, that is basically from the city! But then it has decided to pass on sites of acquaintance and has met your structure if not to tell lies it of me has interested, it is impossible to tell, that I have fallen in love with him, but it was pleasant to me! And I have decided to write to you! I thought, and suddenly he will answer, I for a long time doubted, but interest to your person has overcome me! And you have answered my small letter!
From your letter I have understood, that You are interesting at me too! It was pleasant for me, that you all the same have written to me! I want to thank you for the rendered honour to me! I shall try to open myself for you, to tell about myself, it will be very interesting to me to correspond with you! If I shall like you I shall be glad!
I always wantedto meet the person, which will love and respect me to estimate and admire with me, that it was my second part and a part of me. While me love, and it is true, estimate me, I shall devote my all life to his happiness. It would arrive first of all to my life and through my everyday actions and expressions, it will be with me!
Can at first we shall understand poorly each other because of a language barrier, but I assure you I learn it strenuously! Do not take offence at me if I shall not understand something and I shall not answer correctly, or I shall set not a correct question! I most of all am afraid not of understanding each other, but I think at us it will turn out! I want to begin with that why I have dared to search for the favourite person through the Internet! My girlfriend, within 3 weeks has arrived from the USA to visit me and for one to cure the teeth! In the USA very much are very expensive services of the stomatologist! And she has decided to arrive on a visit, here she was not 2 years since she was caused to itself by the favourite person and now they live happily and they already have child and call him Leo, in honour of her favourite actor! She has got acquainted with the future husband through the Internet! And me has persuaded to try, especially she sees, that I till now one! I and itself thought, it to make, but all was not solved! It is a little information on me! My name is Nataliya! I shall not paint with the appearance, better I shall send you the photo!... On it you determine I like you whether or not! Let do not confuse you my hair, they now red, and last 3 years, but were fair-haired earlier, but I have decided them to paint, I hope, it does not confuse you! I do not want, that our relations began with a deceit! It is important for me!
Well my growth of 173 centimeters, and my weight of 57 kg....
I have dark blue and very ****** eyes... I Hope you can make out them and they will like you!!!........:)
It is a little about where I live! It is small republic in the center of Russia. I live in capital of the republic in the city of Ioshkar Ola!!! I work as the teacher of economy in high school ¹ 19 in my city. My working day to last from 8 morning up to 17 evening. But by formation I the economist - manager, have finished university, but work have not found, a high competition and instability of a national economy! Also it is necessary while to work at school!
I hope not too big letter have written, is simple in me now play emotions of that you have written to me! It so is healthy, that I correspond with you from other country!
I want to note one important thing, can also unpleasant, but I write from the Internet - cafe and consequently I cannot answer at once your letter, please do not lose me! I come in it in 2-3 days.
My main dream is creation of family with the favourite person. And desire of huge and pure love!
People like to play games with others, feeling and emotions which I do not love. I hope, gave enough information concerning me, whether which should help to you to solve you want to correspond really with me. Be not confused to ask questions! I very much want to continue with you the relation and to learn you better.
I hope, that have interested you, I shall look forward to hearing with impatience!
Sinserely yours Nataliya!
Letter 2

Hi the my dear and favourite husband Lion!!!
How your affairs? How your health my lovely?
Loved as you have lead today? I am glad to read again your letter full of feeling of love to me. It is very important for me when you answer on my letters so I understand, that I to you road, and you really love me. I too love you up to the depth of the soul, and I can not already live without you and day. Even one minute so you for me became dear. I loved mine live on this planet only for the sake of you and for you if not begins you, means and does not begin me. Because I cannot live without you. Lovely mine do not throw me, never leave favourite wife Natasha. In fact it never to happen, we with you shall overcome all and we shall be together. I believe, that our love appears most strongly obstacles which are coming us in ahead.
My loved today my girlfriend has invited me with itself to film « War of the Worlds », you looked this film? It has liked you? Film has very much liked me, such fascinating. I all film sat in such emotional pressure, experienced for the main heroes, is especial for the little girl as to it likely it was terrible. For example, when I looked this film, I simply nestled on an armchair and closed eyes for fear. Though speak, that fear takes molehills for mountains, but nevertheless to become terribly when you see such horrors and you think, really it can take place actually. And though even if to think already likely to occur, you saw what to be created in London. Unless it not horror at whom the hand has risen to cause so burning innocent people. It seems to me, that terrorism just that is angry, which can destroy mankind. In fact these explosions in Moscow, then on eleventh of September, now London. And already to become terribly, and there come various ideas, who now the following on a sight at terrorists. And as with them it is possible to struggle, I simply do not present.
Loved I likely shall finish the letter, I miss on you and I wait for our meeting which will take place I hope very soon.
I love you mine Lion!!!
Your loving wife Natasha.
Letter 3

Greetings my loved Dutch!!!!!!
How your affairs road Dutch?
Loved as you have lead the days off? At us in the days off in city the small holiday was. The local cellular company by which it was executed only four years arranged a holiday. Only weather has brought, since the morning has watered a strong rain, and the celebratory mood was gone, but the sun has then left and it became very good. In our central park there was a dramatized representation for children and their parents, it was very interesting and beautiful. On a stage the big dolls as cellular telephones went and told about advantage and convenience of cellular telephones. The grandiose concert with the invited actors from other cities then was, it proceeded almost till the late evening. We with my girlfriend there almost up to the end were. We with it waited the termination of a concert because right after him fireworks was. It was such beautiful, it is a pity, that it is not enough. So it was pleasant to me. I very much like to look salute, it so is disturbing, when in the night sky color flashes of light are broken off. I with such excitement looked at salute, but it likely was not such beautiful and long as at you at date of independence.
Loved I have lead the cheerful days off, but nevertheless I did not have not enough you near to me. I very much miss on you and I want to meet you more likely. I wish to lead all stayed life near to you, to be your true wife who would love you up to the end of the days.
I love you Dutch!!!
Your loving Natasha.
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