Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Barashka to A. M. (Egypt)

Letter 1
Hello !!!! How are you doing today???? Hope you are all right and in a good health!!! My name is Tanusha!!! I am a nice girl from Eastern Europe who is looking for a good reliable family oriented man to create serious relationships with!!! I hope to find here in Internet my future husband!! What do you think about my plans??? I wonder may be you have the same plans and hopes for this site as I have???? If so then we need to start our communication and get to know each other better to find out if we can be a match!! Are you agree??? My motto is TODAY IS THE BEST DAY IN MY LIFE!!! Do you like it?:)Life is passing fast and I don't want to lose a single day! And what is your motto? I send you some of my photos with this letter, hope you will enjoy them. I am a nice simple girl from Ukraine who is used to a simple country side life. I am not a glamorous lady, I am pretty old fashioned, I believe in love, I have strong family values and I don't believe in divorce!!! If you value these qualities in a woman then we have a chance to be a match!!:)) I want you to tell me more about yourself and I hope you are serious about marriage as well, I also hope that you are honest and faithful!!! It is the most important features in a man for me! I don't care that much for your appearance, age, nationality or how much money do you have, but it is important for me that my man is marriage oriented, honest and don't cheat on her me!! In Ukraine it is extremely hard to find a man who is ready to get married and take the responsibility for his wife. Men here are very irresponsible! Their mentality is very strange to me, I can not understand local men, I am shocked with their behavior and that is why I have made a decision to find a husband abroad, may be I will have luck with you??? I hope so!! At least I have to check it!! Will you give me a chance to check if you can be a good match for me?:)))
Please be so kind and write me more about yourself hopefully with photos!! Tell me about your character, your personality, your family, your job, your friends and so on! I want to know everything!! As for me I am a veterinary doctor by profession, and I am looking for job now. It is hard to find a job under my profession here in my village but I hope to find it may be in another town I don't know. Now I have a temporary job at the food shop. I will work here until I will find a good job at the veterinary clinic. I adore animals and kids!
And you??? Also I did gymnastic for all my life from early childhood and I even won three prises from the regional competitions. But my career in gymnastic is in the past unfortunately, I need to think about something more serious. But I still can do a lot of acrobatic stunt! I can show them to you if you want:))) I am a funny girl and I like to make people laugh!! So with me you will not be bored I am sure of it!!! I am also very affectionate and I will be very naughty with my man!! I will be waiting for your answer at this e-mail address Hope to hear from you soon!!! Kiss you!!! Tanusha.
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