Scam letter(s) from Alexa Mendoza De Guzman to Keith (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Keith,
We recieve a call from Alexa Mendoza(Miss) asking us to forward the flight Details to you. Please kindly check the attachment for the Flight details.
Note: your Ticket stipulated that you will be living on the 15th of October to come back 17th December this is because it is a round trip ticket. A round trip ticket normaly valid for three months, but Ofcurse you will be having a 6months visa so you can decide to come back after 3months or stay for the duration of your visa(6months).


Letter 2
Dear Keith,

We sympathize with you for what went wrong with Alexa, I did call her and find out what the problem was, I was told by the security officer that she was been detained because she could not provide a proof for a gold bar weighing 6 kilogram out of china. If you could recall in all mails we sent to you and Alexa, we did make it clear that all travelers should make know to us whatever they wish to travel with so we can advise them. I was so surprise she is saying she do not know what she was holding has a great value. As it is now, the only way out of this is to get a Certificate of Ownership from the Chambers of Commerce in China and also pay the tax of the value of the bar she is holding or will be sentence to 7years in prison for smuggling. All can do now is to cancel the flight and whenever she is ready to fly we will rebook her flight, she will have to pay 1200 Chinese Yuan for cancellation of flight and to rebook. And also we can help to get the certificate to cover the gold bar she is holding and she will be free but it Is going to cost lots of money to get it and the tax receipt.Feel free to contact us if you need our assistance.

Sincerely Chang
Letter 3
Dear Keith,

We got a call from Alexa Mendoza asking us about the Market price of the Gold Bar and we told her we can only help in the certificate not the sales of the Bar because we are not into Gold business due to the risk involve in it, she ask if the company can lend her funds and we also do not run a loan organization. It is a law that smugglers are liable to 7 years in prison once found guilty, we are not in the right position to help in law cases. We only can advise on travels issues. If truly Alexa means so much to you, it is best you go ahead and help her because she is such a decent and quiet girl base on what her attitude when she came to the office and she is a very intelligent and full of loyalty.
The best we did was to cancel flight and if the money is needed then she has to come after three months before any refund can be made because there are lots of processes to retrieve the money back.
Letter 4
Dear keith

As soon as we got your message about the refund, we did try to contact Alexa Mendoza to have her approval to issue a refund reciept and also for her to come and sign te refund but we could not get through to her, we sent and emial and there was no respond up till this moment, so if there is a way you can contact her to come over to the office then we will issue a refund reciept to her and she can get the money within the next 30 days.
Letter 5
Dear Keith,
Our web is, but we are still trying to restructure the site because we had some issues with the Chinese Government over some group of persons using our website for thier businesses as soon as posible we will get everything in perfect order.
Note: That does not stop our 100% service delivery.

Tahirou Chang
Letter 6
Dear Keith, We do understand all that you are passing through at this time. You do not expect her name to be in the passengers list because she was denied boarding, and also since we did cancel the flight just to prevent her from purchasing a new ticket, whenever she is ready to fly, we will rebook the ticket and all she need do is to pay for flight cancellation and rebooking.
According to China law, any one fund guilty of smuggling is tantamount to nothing less than 7 years in jail, but in her own case, she needs a certificate to proof that it belongs to her and pay the tax of the value of the Bar. It is very clear it belongs to her because according to the security agent I spoke with, there was no government symbol on it and know news of a missing Bar but she need to have that certificate so they can be sure it was not stolen. Sincerely. Tahirou Chang.
Customer Service (English) Department,
Block 5, bi fu, Futian
Shenzhen, China.
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