Letter(s) from Regina Zalyan to Steve (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, my name Regina I'm from Azerbaijan.
I very interesting, soft and tender girl. But I'm very lonely in my life. I want to find good man for serious relations.
I'm ready to spend all my life with such man! I will send you my pic later, I'm sure you will like it, because my friends tell me that I'm looks like a model. I'm sure you will like it.
And if you still free from serious relations, just let me know and send the answer, may be it's our chance to escape from loneliness.
I would like to see yours picture also, and find out more about you.
Looking forward for your soon answer, and I really hope to get it.

Letter 2

Hi Steve. Today, my mood is much better, because I see your response to my first letter. And I hope you're interested in further relations and correspondence with me. I really hope that you liked my picture I sent you last time. I think you're a serious person, and you will take serious consideration to the correspondence with me! I do not want to waste my time on a some games with feelings on the internet. I never play such kind of games. I'm serious, lonely girl, and I want to have only a serious relationship in future. So I live in a country Azerbaijan, this country has borders with such countries as Armenia, Russia. But Azerbaijan - is an independent country. I got your e-mail in the dating agency. I want you to know that the age difference does not matter for me. My age is 26 years. My birthday is March 10, 1987.
All my friends tell me that I have a look younger than my real age. I think it's very good thing when girl looks younger than actual age. Do you agree with me? I work in a store as salesman. I will write you in my next letter more information about me. Unfortunately, writing letters by e-mail, this is the only way for me to communicate with you for a while. I will write you about my life more, and I am sure it will be much clearer for you. I promise to write you long letters. I hope you will find some free time to write me letters as answer. In the next letter I expect that you will tell me more about you. Now I'll check my email more often, and when I see your answer, then I'll write you back. Also, I’m sending you with this letter my newest picture. You can see that this is magazine from July 2013, and it’s in my hands. I do this so you could see that I’m real. Regina!

Letter 3

Hi Steve, thanks for your answer. I am pleased that our relationship continues, and now I will try to write you more information about me.
I told you in my last letter, my age 26 years old and I live in the country - Azerbaijan, and it is a Muslim country. This is my home, and I love my country. You can learn more about it in the Internet, I think there is enough information. People living here are very kind and understanding. They are always ready to communicate. In my country, a very mild climate. And usually within a year the temperature is always plus-value. It is rarely cold, only in those parts of the country where there are mountains. Also my country bordering the Caspian Sea. But the only thing that really worries me is the religion of my country. Most people practice Islam, and strictly comply with all the basics of this. I also confess this religion. I was not able to choose it, and I had to follow these principles from childhood. I live in a small town Gilazi, it is located not far from the coast of the Caspian Sea, and not very far from the capital of our country city Baku, about 80 km. Now I live alone, I rent an apartment. I left my parents' house a few years ago.
And now I have an independent life, and not depend on my parents. I left their house, because I do not agree with the position of my father about me. In our religion, women have few rights and freedoms.
Men top everywhere. And so my father tried several times to look for a husband for me. Such traditions in our country. But I did not agree with that. I had a big row with my dad, and then I ran away from his home. My parents do not know where I live now. I know that my father wants to find me and return home, but I'm doing all that he could not do it. I'll tell you more about this in my next letter. So I've never been married and I do not have children. Because in order to find a husband myself, I must receive the consent of my father. And it will not happen. So I'm lonely. And I'm sure that at my age, it's time to have a family and a serious relationship. So I took the decision to look for a man in another country. For me this is the only way to be happy. For this, I turned to the international marriage agency, which is in the city of Baku. There they gave me your email address. I pay them a little money for it. I hope now you know how I found your e-mail? I think is not important the way I got your address, more importantly, we are now able to communicate and get to know each other. In the same time I never left Azerbaijan, I have never been in other countries. And everything that I know about other countries, all the information I get from magazines, books or the Internet. I want to tell you that it was very difficult for me to start an independent life. But I was able to do it. Now I have a good life, I have a permanent job, close friends and a quiet life. But I do not have the most important thing, I do not have a loved one with whom I will build the future .. Perhaps we can develop our relationship into something very serious. Who knows. Even if we just stay friends, this is also a good result. But deep inside, I hope that we will have a more serious relationship than friendship. Because that's my goal. And when will be the right time, then we can discuss personal meeting. I work as a seller of cosmetics in a big shopping center. This job allows me to have a steady income. I think it is very important that the person had a permanent job. In our present world is not an easy financial situation, many people are starting to get a lot of problems in their lives. It is very sad when people's lives have a negative cash impact.
Now I have enough money to buy food, rent apartment, and some money left for entertainment. I spend it to go to the theater, or in a cafe with a friend. This is my main way to spend free time. Also, my job allows me to have constant communication with people. It is always very exciting and brings a lot of positive emotions. I have several hobbies. I love listening to music, national Azerbaijan. Sometimes I listen to foreign artists such as Madonna, Enrique Inglesias, Adriano Celentano. I love listening to romantic music. I also like to read books, romance novels, such as "Twilight." And historical novels. I think people must know their history, the history of their country and other countries. When people remember history, it helps him not to make some mistakes in future. I believe that when a person reads a lot of books, it helps them to communicate better with other people. I love to make sports, go to the gym, or doing jogging. I love going for walks in the park to enjoy the beauty of nature. I also very much love animals. Especially horses. Unfortunately I do not have a pet. Do you have a pet ?do you love animals? I ask you, because there is an opinion that if a man loves animals, then it means that he is kind, calm, and able to present sincere feelings. I understand that for the best of our communication needs are also other ways. Unfortunately I do not have a cell phone so you can call. I live in a small town, and I do not need to have a cell phone. But I promise you that when we get to know each other much better, I can buy a phone card and call you.
So you can hear my voice. I can speak some English. I write you letters from Internet cafe. And now it is the only way for me to keep our communication. I do not have an account in social networking sites such as Face Book. Since this requires a lot of free time, but I do not have it. I can not always be in the Internet cafe. Internet cafe manager also said that their overall speed Internet is not very high, and thus there are a large number of computers. Therefore, it is not enough to have a conversation with Skype. I hope you can understand all of this correctly. And we can continue to communicate via e-mail.
Now I will finish my letter. I hope I did not bore you with this long letter, and you can write me back. I would also like to receive your pictures. And I hope that you also write me a nice, long letter.
I want you to tell me about your life, your hobbies and your work more. I wonder is all that you are willing to tell me. I look forward to your reply. Regina

Letter 4

Hello Steve, thank you for your answer. I'm always happy to receive news from you, it always makes my normal day more interesting. You already know that I can not be absolutely happy in my country. Since my religion and the principles of life in my country, it's not allowing me to do that. I have never had a serious love relationship. And all I know about it is only a theory. I've seen a lot of this in various romantic movies or read about in romance novels. Of course, this is all very beautiful. But I understand that in real life would be much different. In real life, there will be difficulties, problems, and some hard situation . That need to be decided jointly. I understand that, and I'm ready for that. I also believe that it is not so important where to begin serious love relationship. It can start from meeting on the street, in a museum or even the Internet. If you make an effort, any such relationship can develop into something more serious. If two people have a common interest and make steps towards each other if their relationship is in constant development, then they can expect a very good reward for it. I truly believe that even Internet dating may one day grow into a serious relationship that will bring a lot of joy. Also, now I'm trying to avoid the manifestation of the religion of Islam in my life. My clothes are plain, I do not dress in religious clothing, I did not close the open parts of my body dark clothing. Of course, many people are judgmental looks when they see me on the street, but it's my choice. I also do not agree with some of the main parts of Islam with regard to the relationship between a man and a woman. In Islam, a man may have several wives official. And I can not take this! I believe that every man should have only one favorite wife. So I finally decided for myself, my husband-to-be out of Azerbaijan. I think now you understand better why I'm looking for a man for marriage from another country? And why do I have the loneliness at the age of 26 years old! In general, I want to tell you that religion is not important for me. And I think that one day I can change it. I really like the Christian religion, because in this religion all men are equal, and the ratio of girls is much better.
I wish I could still tell you more about my hobbies, I like to cook food. They are constantly experimenting with it. Maybe one day you'll be able to try my cooking food, and you're sure to like it. I know how to cook a variety of salads, meat dishes and a lot of tasty. Along with this letter I am sending you a picture when I was at my kitchen and do the cooking.
Today was a normal day for me. Not there was something special. I told you already, which is usually after work, I have a very good mood. And today it was too. But sometimes after work I have fatigue. Because most of my work day goes on his feet, and also some fatigue in the neck. To get rid of this, I spent some time after work to just lie in my bed and rest. Sometimes I do yourself a neck massage to relax it.
I'm also very fond of watching different movies. I have already told you that I love historical novels, and film Alexander, this is one of my favorite historical movies. I also love watching movies fantasy, such as Garry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia. And when I have a happy mood, I love watching romantic comedies.
Today, after work, I came to the internet cafe to see your answer.
Then I want to go with my girlfriend to have a female conversation in the cafe. I have a best friend Sayra. This she did most of my photos that I send to you. It is really a very good photographer, and the pictures she made me very loving. I only ask that you never asked for my nude photos. Because I will never send it over the internet, I just stop communicating with you after such requests. How was your day? Do you have something special or interesting? Now I will finish my letter. I hope you will answer me soon again. Regina

Letter 5

Hi again Steve, thank you for your answer. For me it is very important to see your interest in me, and your constant attention. It is very good in the beginning of a relationship when it is present. I try to write to you as often as possible. I'm always interested to read your response, your news. It is so interesting to talk to someone who lives in another country have a different culture, a different way of life.
It's hard to explain in words, but on the other hand, I do not feel much difference between you and me. I can easily communicate with you, if you are near me. I do not feel the boundaries in our communication.
And it pleases me very much. We can absolutely free to speak on any topic. I do not much want to talk to you more about my country. The official spoken language is Azerbaijani. Also, some of the more mature people speak Russian. But young people do not know the Russian language. I am also speak Azerbaijani language. And can speak some Russian. In the Muslim religion enough good things and concepts. But it is not very close to me. When I see European films, and to see the Christian way of life, it is more close to me. In Christianity, more freedom, more tolerance and good relations. If I change one's religion, then I'll try to take religion out of my most good quality, and preserve it. I really have peace of mind now, because I have constant communication with you, and we know each other better with each new letter. But I understand that the relationship by correspondence, if it lasts a very long time, it becomes a friendship.
I do not want that. So I understand that one day will be necessary personal meeting to further develop relations. And if this meeting will not be, then the relationship will not grow and remain a friendship. I would not want that. But of course, it is too early to talk about a real meeting. And I do not want to rush into it. Now I want to continue to learn you better and that you too could do it. I think we have yet many things to say to each other, and learn better.
Today, I had almost a normal day at my job. Came the girl who buys cosmetics continuously, regular customer. She told me that she wants her man to have ever seen her just beautiful. I get it, but I said that much makeup brings some harm to health. But she said that she did not matter, she wants to do everything possible to stay young and beautiful for her man. Then she was gone. I do not agree with my shopper. I try to use cosmetics is rare, because I do know what kind of damage it can do. And I also do not agree with the shopper, because it's bad when a person tries to hide his age, or deceive it. I think it's silly to try to cheat nature. Must take its own view of this, what it is. Because, for example, for me, the more important the inner world of man. It is much more interesting, and it can cause real feelings. I think you're a man with a rich inner world. And if I can see it. Then I could easily fall in love with it. I can always feel the sincerity, and I always answer the same. I really love my job because it allows me to communicate with people and get pleasure from this communication. Many of my friends tell me that I am a very pretty girl, and I could easily work in the modeling industry, and has time to become a top model. But it never interested me. I think working as a model, it is very hard work, and it is a temporary job. This work is also very nervous. And I never wanted to earn my beauty. Yesterday I was preparing food at home. I was just making one vegetable salad, and chicken stew. I understand that in the world there are different types of food. Italian, European, and Chinese. But I would never try it. I'm a little afraid to experiment with unfamiliar food. Maybe one day I'll be able to try food from other countries. But I think it's better to do it in the country where it is the national food. I would not want to try Chinese food, which is prepared in Azerbaijan. Because it is not real Chinese cuisine. I also love talking to people. And tell them the truth, I know. Often people get offended when hearing the truth.
And this is the hardest. But I'm really such a frank and never want to deceive people. Because any cheating, it's become one identified. It's only a matter of time. So my conscience is always calm. And I can sleep at night. Now I will finish my letter. I hope that you also send me a reply soon. Tell me more about your work, it gives you pleasure?

Letter 6

Big hello to you Steve, my friend. I am so excited that again receive a letter from you. I understand that my letter is also interesting for you. And I try to write you more. I love our writing very much, so I can see your reaction to my letters. I wish that our correspondence one day will grow into a more serious relationship. But as I said earlier, it needs more time. Both you and I have to devote to this much effort. Because long-term relationship should always build both person, and only in this case is strong and solid relationship. Do you agree with me? Unfortunately I do not know the feeling of intense love, as here in Azerbaijan, I couldn’t feel it. I have all kinds of views and ideals, I do not have experience. But I really want to get it. I want one day to feel something like this - Look forward to seeing each with my beloved man, waiting for his return from work. I really want to try all of this in the future. And I really want to leave Azerbaijan. But I'll only do it for the man I love. Leave Azerbaijan - is not the main goal for me. The main thing - is to find true love. Our country is really not the best place to build here my happiness. And if you come here, for you, it would be very hard.
Because here absolutely other traditions and culture. For a man from your country, many things would have seemed strange and unfamiliar. At the same time, here are not very like men from other countries. Today I wake up early in the morning, earlier than usual. Since I have the desire to take a walk and feel the beauty of nature. I love to walk in the early mornings, when the city is almost empty and quiet. Then I went to my work, it was not a fun day, because I had a few buyers. So I have a little bit sad. Most part of day, I sit by the window and watch the people passing by the store. It occurs to me a strange thought. In my town there live not many people. in my country lives about 9 million people, but each of these people have their lives, problems and joys. And on this planet lives a few billion people. And I begin to think about such a thing as fate. Do You believe in fate? I begin to believe it, after I meet you and begin a correspondence.
You're a man from another country, which up to this point for me to look very far. But now, when we talk with you, I feel that, in fact, it's not very far. Your letters make you much closer to me .. I hope you understand what I write? Also tell me how is your day? I bear in mind your normal daily schedule. I find it very interesting. Most importantly, what I want to talk to you today, it’s trust. Understand me correctly. In my letters I write and I'll write you a very personal thing, and I'm not afraid to do it. I really want you to know me better. Therefore I tell you all frankly, and not to hide anything. I see that it's interesting for you, I see it in your answers. And the fact that you write me, it means you have an interest, and maybe some plans. I think one day you also tell me more. I always write you nothing but the truth, and do not hide from you anything. Since I want you to trust me. Trust - is the foundation for any relationship.
Without trust, there can not be friendship. And even more, without trust, there can not be love. Trust, understanding and love are three most important principles on which build and keeps the family. When two people are not afraid to tell each other the truth, it means a lot. Truth is often bitter, but it's true. Lies are always sweet. But the lies can kill any relationship. Lying destroys everything good.
When a person begins to deceive, he deceives himself first of all.
Honesty in our nation in the blood. I was brought up in such traditions, and my parents always taught me to tell the truth. Despite the fact that I was away from them, I still love them, and be grateful for the education they gave me. Unfortunately, I was their only child.
I never had any brothers or sisters. But I always got the maximum love from my parents. But honestly, I would like to have a brother or sister. But now it's too late for that. I'm not going back to my parents as they will not accept my position. I know how to correctly understand the truth, so I ask you to write to me honestly, and only the truth. Never be afraid to tell me the truth, I have always understood it, and take. So it is the best way to communicate, and the best way to get to know each other. I hope you agree with me? I understand that we know each other just for a not so long time, and write to each other only a few letters. But I want that at the beginning, we build relationships based on trust and honesty. Our relations began with sincerity. If we can achieve this in the beginning, then it will be much easier. If we have disputes, then it will be easier to solve it. I also want to tell you about my character, but for me it is not so easy to do. I'm doing this for the first time. But I'll try to do it the best way. I am a very open person, I think you've already seen this in my letter? I love the sincerity and honesty, and always adhere to it. I love when people do not hide their emotions. When people are able to express their feelings and show it to people they know. I really love people who have a sense of humor. I believe that humor is also facilitate our life, and laughter prolongs life. Do you agree? I also have good intuition and understanding of other people. I see, when a sincere person, and when he is not talking the truth. I avoid contact with people who speak not the truth. Like any girl, I really love everything about romance. I like love poems, beautiful romantic stories. My favorite color - white, as it is the color of purity and innocence. When I was a teenager, I watch cartoons. And two of my favorite cartoon is "Cinderella" and "Beauty and the Beast." This is such a beautiful fairy tale, fairy tales about princes .. When I watch these cartoons, I always imagined that I’m dancing with the prince. Or that one day, any ordinary person can become a prince for me. It is only necessary to love, and then the person open up to you with a completely different side. I guess every girl dreams of a prince ..
But just few of these girls meet him. Also today, after the Internet cafe, I want to meet my friend Sayra. We planned to go to the cafe, and just talk. It is always interesting to know the changes that have happened in her life. And I'll also tell her about myself and my news.
Meet friends, this is what I love to do too in my free time. After such meetings, I always have a good mood. Now I will end this letter, I hope that my letter today to let you know me better. And you can begin to understand me better. My principles and my views. I hope that my views are not different from yours, and we will continue our dialogue on. To know each other even better. I really want you to find the spare time to write me back. I really want to get from you the following letter, which will be a great and rich your thoughts. I hope for your understanding. Do not forget about me. Embrace. Regina

Letter 7

Hello my dear friend Steve. How are you doing today? how is your mood, how is your health? Today when I went to an internet cafe, my mood improved. I can not explain to you, but I have a feeling that today I would see your answer. I have this feeling from morning, and so when I come here after work and saw the confirmation to my sense, then my mood got even better. My day started as usual, at 8.30 am, I went to my job. Every day I start my job at 9:00 am. I am very glad that our correspondence continued. We also can know each other, share ideas and views on various topics. All this gave me great pleasure. And I want to develop our relationship further. You are far away from Azerbaijan.
In a country with a different language spoken, I have already told you that here the native language Azerbaijani. But I see no problem in understanding each other. I can easily explain to you what I think, feel, and it is very important that you understand it correctly. I could never find such a good person like you in my country. Here, a man and a woman, have little or no relationship till marriage.
Sometimes they are meet only few times before. Such traditions here.
Of course, some men pay attention to me, but I'm right girl while I live here. And I respect all the traditions of my country. So I never let the men somehow be attentive to me. If I go out of my country, I will not stick to these principles. I told you that if I decide to leave Azerbaijan, I will do it only for a loved man. And I understand that the development of such relations must give up many of the principles of my religion and my upbringing. I'm really ready to do it. Of course the first time after leaving Azerbaijan, it will be very hard for me. Because I come to another country, in another culture.
I'll feel some loneliness. Because all my friends will be here in Azerbaijan. But on the other hand, I, will be with the beloved man.
And I'm sure that he will do everything to make me feel comfortable. I want to tell you that each of your letter make sense of closeness to you. It's like I feel, see and hear everything that you write in your letters. It is an incredible feeling. I had never experienced such.
Now I understand that made the right choices when I first time write you. I really want to develop our relationship with you to make it to grow into something more. But I do not want to rush. Since it is very serious, may depend on my future life and my destiny. Therefore, if our relationship grow into a strong feeling, I want this to be deliberate. For you and I feel it. I also have another sense that one day our correspondence with you turn into a strong feeling. I am a woman, and like any woman, I have a strong intuition. And I believe it. Now I begin to understand that I am not alone. That I have good person, which is far away from me. Who support me, and that person you are. I can tell you all that I think. You're a man and you always tell me your opinion. Your opinion is always important for me. Because you're more experienced than I am. You have a lot more life experience than I am. And it's always interesting when you share it with me. I wonder every word you write. And I'm very happy that I could find a good man online. I'm sure you're very good. And I can not trust you, and say all the innermost. Therefore, in this letter, I want to say one very important thing. For me it is important that you understand me. You know that I live in a Muslim country. And it have its own traditions and laws. In the tradition of our country, girl must be innocent (virgin) until marriage. The girl should lose it only in the wedding night. And if she violates this law, it will be disgraced, and would never be able to have a family. This rule is followed by all the girls in our country. Perhaps that is why, in our country there is no such terrible thing as prostitution. Police closely monitor this. I think that's good. Do you agree with me? I also follow the law of Islam. And for all my life, I never had sex with a man. I remain a virgin. You can ask me how this is possible, but it is. I was brought up and raised in this country, and with these traditions. Yes, I'm already 26 years old, and I do not have any sexual experience. Perhaps you find it hard to believe it, because you live in another country, with other moral norms. In your country, women have a different behavior, the other freedom, and they can decide what to do and when.
Maybe it's better. But I do not regret that I remain a virgin. Since I believe that I must give it only to one man, the one whom I love. The one who will love me. And with whom I will build a family. This will be the only man for the rest of my life. Only after I myself strongly love someone to want to spend with him all my life: When I see his love, care, affection and support, I make love to a man and build a family with him. I hope you understand me right? I would also want to say in this letter about how I see the relationship with the man. I have a view of the long-term relationship based on mutual love. I believe that both person should try to make each other happy. More talk, discuss various issues, to compromise and the right decisions.
Two people who love each other, should understand and support their love. Have to trust each other. Also an important skill, in my opinion, is the ability to forgive. All people one day make a mistakes and to forgiveness possible not a lot of people. Of course you can't forgive everything. I will never forgive infidelity or betrayal. It is very painful. And so I always try to tell the truth. Lying kills any relationship and prevents live. It is better to tell people the truth, which can be bitter, but it is true, rather than to deceive. A relationship built on love, trust, understanding and sincerity, is the strongest relationship. What do you think about the relationship? I'm very interested to know, I think that this is the same as my thoughts.
I want to know it all, and tell you everything that you could see my serious. Able to understand what I want. So I write to you all this detail. I think that once you write a lot more about all this. Once I reveal to you a soul. And you completely understand and feel how I feel. I look forward to your next letter. I want to see your answer, read your mind. Also send me your new photos. Write about everything that happens in your life. I would love to read everything that you write me. I want to think that this letter get even one small step toward building our relationship. This letter, I hope, will be another brick for the foundation of our relationship. We're just starting to build it. And from what we build it, will probably depend on our future life. We build our own destiny, and to choose our future. I would also like to tell you a little more about my favorite things.
Sometimes, when it's raining, I like to sit near the window and watch the street. At these moments, I think about some very important things. And even the thunder do not scare me. I guess I like thunder.
I also really like to go to the sea. I told you that I live not too far from the coast of the Caspian Sea. And in the summer when the weather is good, the weekend I like to spend my free time there. Since sea water is very good for health. With this my letter I'm sending you a picture which made on a coast of the Caspian Sea. Now I'm going home. I think it would be hard to sleep because I have a lot of different thoughts. I'll think of you, present and dream of you. I very much want to see a beautiful dream that you and I together. I think that soon I will be able to buy a phone card to call you.
Unfortunately, I do not have phone, where you can call me. I end my letter. Once again, thank you for what you continue to write to me!

P.S. I don't receive your pictures.

Letter 8

Hello my dear friend Steve. Today my day filled with joy, because you wrote me again. I come internet cafe to see your letter, and my heart sinks when I start to read it. I have a feeling that reading your letters, and writing letters to you, it become a good habit. I am always very happy to receive a letter from you. Because you're a very nice person, you know how to understand what I write to you. Thank you for that!
How pass your day? How is the weather? I'm fine. The weather is very good, I like such weather but I did not pay attention to the weather.
Because in any weather I rush to the internet cafe and read your letters. Even if the weather is awful, I will still be happy when I see your new letter. Your letters always make my mood better. Only you can lift my spirits, and do it by best way. Now you're the only man with whom I communicate on the Internet. I write letters only to you, and I do not have other friends online. Now I can not remember why I chose YOU from the many profiles. Something attracted me in your profile. And now I am very happy that I made the right choice, and we can build our relationship now.
I want also to add some words about what I wrote you in my last letter. I really do not have any sexual experience. This is true. I never even make masturbation or self-gratification. I assume this is not correct. And it will not be as much fun. Because most of real pleasure available to get only in sex. Since I've never had it, I do not have a constant need for it, or thirst. Now I'm waiting for the only man in my life. And I hope that maybe this man will be you. I am very attached to you in this short time. I understand that not much time we know each other. But anyway, I have a good impression of our friendship ..
In our country, girls marry very early. Sometimes this happens when a girl under 18 years of age. That is, many girls marry very young. I do not think it's good. I considered getting married at an early age can not be happy. This step should be done consciously. It will take time to fall in love with each other, to learn better partner to have a full understanding. 18 years is too young an age to create a family, to have children. I think at my age, it is time to have children. I would like to have 1 or 2 children. I think that's enough. But on the other hand, I do not understand that when people live together for many years without a wedding. This is not right. I believe that it is enough to live a few months together, to understand whether it is possible to get married. If you live together for several months, then you will see the different quality of your love partner, you will see his habits, you'll be able to have sex all the time. And it will be enough to make a decision about the wedding. Our life is too short for just expect something. It's necessary to do things. Even if it would be a mistakes in any case it will be experience. Therefore, it is difficult for me to understand people who check everything several times, which are constantly questioned, and are afraid to take the first steps. Insecure people tend to have few accomplishments in life.
A person should clearly understand his desire to make the necessary actions. Do you agree with me?
Maybe it's seem strange to you all my similar reasoning. But these are my views and my beliefs. I understand that in real life everything would not be so perfect. But I'll try to make it less and less bickering various grievances and misunderstandings. I will follow his convictions, and his views. And maximum efforts in order to have the best and strong relationships. What are you willing to do to maintain a relationship with the person you love??
Today I released early from my job. And before I go to a cafe and read your new letter, I meet with my girlfriend Sayra. She ask me to go with her, because she buy new clothes. She say that I have a good style and it is important for her my opinion. So we spend a few hours in different stores, choosing the appropriate things. As a result, we buy some great things. Both me and my friend were very happy. I believe that for women going shopping this great holiday is to give a good mood. And even if a woman is very tired, she will still be very happy. I like that. I love going shopping, unfortunately, I do not have a lot of opportunities for frequent purchases. We walk with a friend a few hours of shopping, and did not even notice the time. Do you love to shop and make purchases?? After buying things, my friend invited me to the outdoor cafe, drink some tea and chat about life.
First she talk about her life, about all the changes that occur in the last days. I see her often enough that it does not say a lot. Then she asked me how I was faring. I see that she have a lot of interest. And I talk to my friend about you. I tell her about how to find you, start talking to you. She listened with great interest, and I see that she's actually happy for me. She says that I have to appear gleam in his eyes that I become more happy and cheerful. She was very interesting to listen to me. She says that you have to be a very good man, judging by my stories, and besides, she see me change for the better. Then she set me an unexpected question. "Hey friend, maybe you fell in love?
"For me, the question was unexpected, and I'm a little embarrassed and confused in words, told her that while I myself do not understand it until the end. Then I quickly change the topic of conversation. We chat a bit further, she go home and I go to an internet cafe and check my mail from you.
Thanks for the pics that you are sending to me! You decorate my life.
Now I will finish my letter. Some sad thought now coming into my head I very much hope that this year, something will change in my personal life. And it will be the best gift on my next birthday on March 10. I still have a question of my friend in my mind . I doubt that I can fall asleep fast today. Because her question, "I'm in love with you or not ?" making me think hard. I have to work it out for myself, I have to figure out what I feel for you. I have to ask my heart and trust it. In my heart, I understand that you become more to me than just a friend. I start to think of you, how about a loved one. I'm starting to experience some of the feelings and emotions that I did not experience before. And these feelings are growing every day, with each your new letter. And every night before going to bed, I have to think about it. The more I think, the more I realize how much I get attached to you. I think these feelings grow stronger by the day, because I go to sleep alone. Because you're a very nice man, While I can not say exactly what it is feeling. And to call it. I think that very soon I will be able to write you more. Write about feelings is not easy. This is a very personal thing, and I want you to get it right.
I hope that does not scare you much by my own words? Tell me if you believe I have to hurry up with that!? But it is my feeling, and I can not control that. I do not want to hide it from you. I promised to tell you all that I think and feel ... And I do it openly. For me it is important that you understand all of this correctly!
I wish you a nice day, mood and success. I look forward to your reply.
Embrace and a kiss. Regina

Letter 9

Hello my dear friend Steve. Thank you for your answer. You know, it's always interesting to get for me. This is very important for me. Thank you that you keep writing me letters. I'll tell you right from the beginning of this my letter. This letter is very personal. I will write here quite a personal things, and it's not so easy to do for me.
So I hope on your understanding. It is very important that you read it correctly and understood. By my writing I'm doing the first step, and I hope that you will do a step towards me. Today I was at work, and my head was full by thoughts about you. I do not know how continue my work, and my hands were shaking a little bit from excitement. I do not know what it was, but it tells me and I say it to you that you are not indifferent for me, you're one special for me! I wish to reach a wonderful future with you! I have a lot of good ideas about this future! I can present it to you. Last night I went to bed alone, about 23 o'clock in the evening, in my cold bed! And I thought about us, and wanted you lay next to me! Since I do not want to live alone anymore.
When you came in my through letters then I think I changed my views to relationship. I have already started to imagine, if you and I were together! I think that if you are now with me, we can talk to you all day and night! And we can tell each other the most wonderful words looking in eyes. If you were next to me - then I would hold your hand and would look in your eyes! And do not miss any sight! I would have looked at you and trying to understand what you're thinking about me.
In your eyes, I immediately knew it would be. I think your eyes were shining like, and you'd be smiling. We would be even more fell in love. You're a very good man, with an open mind and a big heart. Only a part of your heart, you have to give to somebody you love, I think!
I know already - you're a real man and strong. And you can always take care about me. I think that you're a man who could give me joy for life, and just be with me always. Always love and respect, always support and help. Never disappoint, and never cheat. As I'm a girl and I need care and affection. Every time I dream at night, when I get tired very much, so I can just put my head to your shoulder or chest, and just be close to you. I want to go to sleep and after sleep want to see you're next to me. And that you watched over me and protected!
I love to dream about it very much , because it is what I strive for!
And tell me please, what will you do when you come home very tired? We live in the real world, and to be aware of our actions! I think that you and I have a lot in common interests and views on life, and unite us alone! I am confident that it will be very interesting together!
Now I really want to ask you - what do you prefer to do with your girlfriend? How would you want to spend your spare time together ? I hope you answer me that! Still a lot of thoughts in my head right now, about the course of the future with you! But if you think that we hurry to much, please tell me. But if in your heart you have the same as I have - very serious and great feeling, and a lot of thought. Then you write me. I imagine our lives together! But I think it should be!
I understand that in this case, my knowledge of the language can be a hindrance to full communion. But I promise that I'll be teaching your language better, I know some of the basics things, I even think that I can communicate with you. . So that you can get right, all my words and thoughts. It will be very necessary in our relationship. I understand that, and I promise to learn your language. Besides, I'm sure you will help me in that! Is that so? I already have the feeling that I was falling in love with you more. And this feeling getting stronger day by day. With each letter, I begin to understand that I love you. And I want this feeling grow. I understand if you say - it is too early for such a serious feeling. We have communion only a short time. But I really feel the love. And I want to treat you as my beloved man. I want to have full love relationship. My words of love for you - it's my feeling. I already know you well enough, and I love you. I like all your qualities. I believe that after a long time been able to find true love. I told you in a letter that if I feel for you, I will immediately tell you that. And I think now is the best time to do this, I can not expect more, and keep it inside myself. Obviously, you have some time to completely convinced of this. Because it's all very serious, and I'm afraid to make mistakes with it. But now, I really feel that I love you. I'm not afraid to say it. I hope you will understand me properly, and you can reciprocate. Maybe you need more time to determine your feelings towards me. I'm willing to wait. But I really want to hear in response to this letter - that you love me too.
But I'm also ready for another answer. So I ask you to be honest about your feelings, if it is present. The letters we know each other figuratively - but even these letters can create the beginning! The beginning of love, relationships. Start a new life in which you can forget the past! Where you can start a bright future. And the ability to create a family! If we both want it - it's possible! It needs to aspire to. And that would be the best moment in my life, unforgettable joy and responsibility! Now I finish my letter and I will be exciting to wait for your answer! It would be nice if your thoughts were similar to mine. I am sending you the most warm and tender kiss. Maybe one day come a day when I can feel the taste of your lips in real life. I believe this is the most sweet and delicate flavor. I also want to tell you that if you do not mind, then in the next letter I write to you some of my fantasies. You know that I do not have any sexual experience, but I have my fantasies. Because I read some romance novels, and I have some dreams as well. I hope you're ready to read it. This will be another very personal letter. I hope you will be interested in it? Your Regina!

Letter 10

Hello my love Steve! My most gentle and caring man on this planet. My sun, my happiness and my real love! I am so happy to receive your new letter, read it now. That's all I wanted today as waiting your reply with great impatience. Since I can't live without your letters like a fish out of water. This is of course just a comparison, because I really can not live without your letters. You write very gently, that's how I like it. And I always want to hear from you these words to me. Always and everywhere. I do not care where we will be and how many people will stand around us. I am confident.
That I'm going to kiss you all the time that I will never be upset with you because you are my light, for which I want to live, and strive for the best for the future!!! And everything that I dream is about when we meet in the future will be for us!! My love, I really liked how you wrote and told me. I've just been waiting to write you!!
Yesterday I met with my friend, as was going. We sat in the cafe, drank tea and ate a delicious dessert. And during all this time we have fun talking, she told me her news and events. I spoke a little bit about you, about what I am very happy now, and I really love you.
My girlfriend wish us success in our future relationships! I saw that my friend was genuinely happy for me! Then I went home and thought about our love and affection that I want. I wish that it was all very romantic. You will like it? If you're going to come after work and I'll be waiting for you always!! Every day, and only you, because I only need you!! If we met now, and would already be together. Then when you get home - and I meet you with open hands, and a cheery smile because you're back. You undress and took place in a bathroom. To take bath and to come to the table, you already clean and dressed in house clothes. Then I sit down at the table! I think I will never dine without you ever been waiting for you, and together we will sit down to supper. So it will be more pleasant for you to have dinner with me, I think. Yet while we have dinner and drink tea, we talk about it after us again. We tell each other the most wonderful words that we want. I'll call you my prince, and my love - my ideal and dream. After all, the way it is! You are the most kind and gentle man in the world!
And I think that you are ready do everything for me and I appreciate it!! I feel your great love for me, your kindness and your gentle hands, your body and your breath. I continue ... after dinner when we - we can relax a bit, and then all of a little walk! You can show me the most fabulous places in your city. As I already said - I want to know everything about you, you showed me everything connected with you. Perhaps you'd like some place, maybe it will be romantic! You memorize it please. And then together we go there to spend time with.
You're telling me something about it, and I will listen to you very carefully! We can then immediately return home or go somewhere else!
I'm sure you know more interesting places to visit, so you see me off!
We can go where people will sit, there are places with you, I'm sure.
Then we will walk together and hold hands. Then all the people will look at us and smile. So I think we will be a great example of a couple that happy together. Such a pair that has a purpose in life, we will always seek what we want to achieve together. I do not even doubt cute!! You are my favorite man, very caring, and I never will leave you. the main thing that you would not want to go away from me, or I just can not keep you! But I do not think about it, because you're a man and hope you can choose a life partner! With wit, and with a desire to! But these are only my dreams. I really wish that it was becoming a reality. And now all my dreams are just that. Still cute, I want to write more! As I told you, I asked you last time about sex.
Since this is also a very important part of a relationship and is very beautiful. Because only with you, I want to translate into reality my thoughts and dreams. And I think that if you are helping me in this - will have absolutely great! I want to. You understand - I am very gentle, and you want to start always with gentleness. I want to massage your back a little bit to relieve tension. At the same time feel your regular breathing. Probably every man loves a massage from a woman's sensitive hands? I know how to do it, and you'll have lots of fun to teach from it! When I finish, I let to you around your back my breasts, if you want it!! And then I just have to iron in your ear and tell you quietly that I love you, honey!! You are my good and gentle!
My hand then walk slowly to your pants and I touch your penis! First through his pants and stroking it very gently! When I have my hand between her legs you will - it will be very good for you! I think that by the time your body will already be up and does not suffer anymore!
is this true? Then you just turn around and we see face to face and look straight in the eye! To be aware and have all the same contact, that is just an invisible thread - which connects us. Our minds! You place hands on my body and make me feel as a strong desire to make love! And then you start to take off my clothes so I was naked. Next, I think the same thing that you also like this! Then all the same what your fantasies? I continue to take your penis and start to dream, gently touching the tip! You get from most excited to just simply hug me and are already beginning to love! But I just want to pinch my breasts. To its heat and massage! You tell me if you want more! When we will be in this state, maybe I can take it with your lips to kiss!
From this you will be more fun? I'm ready to do it just for you! And I must say - that never before did not do it, but I want to try it with you! Only with you - a man whom I love very much and I do not want anyone else to give! But I want to tell you all my fantasy talk!! Just so you know, and then waited for this moment! So when we both have an excited state, then you have me real pleasure! That he was ready to give me pleasure. Here's what I would be like in sex cute, so I see it!!! To bring you up to this maximum possible state so that you will never forget it!! I want you always been good to me so you went satisfied. Since this is important for me too! I think I've also always be with you satisfied. And I said - yes, it was something nice, this has not been with me such pleasure and love test! I want this, and I think that I could tell you what I think! What do I think at night! What I dream deal with you! I think you write me your opinion?
I look forward to your letter again. And I will answer you always!
Always tell me what you think and how you imagine! I just want to say one more time, that's all I wrote to you here - it's my dream. I read earlier many romance novels, and it was so exciting. I want our relationship with you, it was just beautiful and romantic. I think we can make our relationship more beautiful and more emotional than any book novel. We ourselves will find better ways for it! Can you imagine life with me and all that, as I wrote to you today? Do you want this?
Do you want now? I really want to carry it all in a short time. Even now, I'm seriously thinking about our early meeting in reality. In my next letter, I will write to you in detail what I plan about our first meeting. And that, I think to do that! I think this is the next level in the development of our relations. I believe we need to know about each other. It is unlikely that in the letters you can learn a lot more. Now the only meeting in real life, can give us a complete picture of our desires. I understand that we have to work very hard at it. To eventually become the happiest couple of people on Earth. But I believe our love will help us in this. Now I will finish my letter, I hope not very shocked you my letter? I love you. yours Regina!

P.S. I have already written to you that age does not matter to me. I believe that no matter how many years the main man his soul. The fact that you have kids that's fine. I too would like to have children. I learn English. I can speak it, but I still have problems with grammar. Therefore, I use a translator.

Letter 11

Hello my biggest and strongest love Steve!!!! I'm happy now, because I see your letter, I read it and reply you now. I have enough time for it now. I'm really happy - and my joy up with every new day and new letter from you! After seeing you letter my heart is beating very strongly, more than you can imagine, and I have feeling it may jumps out soon! Then if it jump from my body the big part of my heart, it will fly to you through the sky to your house - and there joins you. By this I want to tell you I'm ready to give you part of my heart. I want. And give all my spirits and joy, all my love for you.
Tell me how is your mood today? I think that all is well and you write as you spend your day and night? My day was usual, nothing special.
Last night I was thinking about us again. I do not watch TV! I suddenly thought that if all of what we write can be in reality, as well as our words! That so fast people can fall in love with the letters. I write you only the truth about my feelings and my love to you! About my thoughts about sex, I just think a lot of us and fantasize. What I think, and I absolutely can not display it in words! So much I want relationship with you. Closer to you, I fell in love with your inner world - what's in your heart. And you tell me about it, and I think that you're the man I want. Yesterday I was thinking about us and a lot of planning. I already can not live without you. Letter - this one, and we know about each other some, but we did not know each other in real life. And if we can meet one day - then it will be a moment that immediately shows that we are made for each other, or not. I never doubted - that if I see you in real life - then all will be good between us. And if I'll be able to look into your eyes, then I'll see everything, all their brilliance, which will go from your eyes to me. Then I just smile, then I'll understand everything at once, all of your feelings and love for me. Yes, just by the look! And if I see all of your actions, which have shown concern about me or courting. It is necessary for me to know and see in you! I am confident that I imagine you just so as in your letters, would like to see, and what you really are. I have good intuition and this is always confirmed in life. My intuition tells me that you are the best man for me, I want to be with you. I would like to start a new life with you, that I would allow to completely forget all the past, which was happened! For do not remember it. I still do not think about it, just telling you. Now, all my desire is to meet you. But if you're going to come to me? You have such a desire? I think that this is not a good option. Because if one of my friends here in Azerbaijan recognizes me. They will immediately report this to my parents. And my father would see and know - I'm with you. I can not allow this. Since the law will punish me later!! BUT!!! If I come to you my dear. Then I have the right to leave Azerbaijan, and then to build my life as I want. Here in Azerbaijan, I can not be with you. This is a very important condition!! In my head, and I can not think of anything else. All of those things, the apartment, the parents, my family and my work - it's all I can leave! Although friends and parents forever in my heart, and I can visit them one day, with you! If I come to you, then I can leave my work in Azerbaijan, and to work with you, in your city. And I think that you are helping me with this! I think to the work in shop is not difficult in your city, and everywhere shop assistent need. Professionals who know how to work with people. That is I want to tell you that at first we can meet for a while to learn - can we be together or? What do you think? And if we see it, and have 100 confidence will approach each other, thus living together. Then we'll talk about the wedding ! I love you very much and would love to meet you too. I'll be waiting for your answer to this idea!!!! Yet when we meet. I say - that's different, it's not writing. Letters bring a lot of joy and a lot of desire, a lot of dreams!! But they can not show all the feelings that I have for you. All those emotions and my mind! You can not look at my eyes. That's why I say all this to you now! I understand if you say it's still too early for a meeting. I can understand that. But I want you to know my thoughts correctly. Now our relationship in the sweetest period. We are at the beginning of the way that can lead us to happiness. We now have the most vivid feelings and emotions. And I want it to be developed in order to bring it even more fun and joy. If we meet - then all what we write to each other can do, and we can put into reality. We can make love in bed, and can walk on different streets and the most beautiful places. We can every night bring each other pleasure to be happy. I would like you to massage you any time, every form, and when you're tired. I would like to make love to you, with each of our common desire. All that you write as you could do it! You write as you love me and you want a great love. We can do it soon! I thought yesterday that last dream, as it is more a desire to meet. If we do not meet in the near future, then it would mean that our relationship will not develop. You and me, we will become pen pals, we will always write letters to each other, and maybe through a long time we meet. But then it will not be the same feelings of the brightness and joy of relationships. Then we get together and just be friends. I do not want that. I want develop our love in the real world. Tell me, do you want this? Because I want to learn all about how to come to you soon. To start, I just want to get information. I want to go to the city of Baku, in a large travel agency. I want to know the total price of my trip with you. Then I'll tell it to you. You have objections to this? I have so much wait your answer! In general, what do you think? Tell me your thoughts, and then we are dealing with! I'll eagerly await your letter! And I want to say again that I love you !!!!!!!!!!! Regina

Letter 12

Hello, my biggest love in this world Steve! Thank you for your answer. I very much expect to receive it today, and I'm glad that I can see that. Now I am full of energy and strength, and a good mood and full of positive. This is what I really need! How are you doing, how your mood, how is the weather? The weather here is warm now, I love this weather! In this weather I like to walk slowly down the street and enjoy this weather. Now I am very happy and I really want to visit you, and therefore knowledge about you is very important for me! But in the letters you can't see all this - you need to see it through your eyes. There's always better to see everything in person, instead of reading about it! I think that there is very important thing I have already know! It's how much I want to see you now. This is my only desire, and I would very much like this now! If I could do everything, then I fly to you by the sky, and come right to your house. Was standing on the threshold, and you would have met me. I want to tell you today, important news, I went to Baku, and visited a large travel agency. I asked the approximate cost of travel to your country. They informed me that. But this is only approximate. To know the exact cost, I need to know the closest international airport to you. I hope you will say to me in your next letter. And I can write it in a travel agency. That they informed me the final cost. They also warned me that I was very cautious. Since in this big world, in many civilized countries, there is a lot of evil. There is still a slave, to get people to sell organs and to sell girls doing prostitution. It was scary news for me. But I'm sure you're a good man, I can trust you with my life. I have such a feminine feel, therefore I am relaxed about it. I read a lot of good reviews on this travel agency. Also my uncle has one of his childhood friend working there. I never told you about my uncle. But he is really very close person for me. He does not live in Azerbaijan, he had left it. Sometimes I write him a letter, to learn the news of his life, and also talk to him about my news. He's a man and has a different view of life, so his advice and his experience is very interesting for me. And this is the only person in our family who understands me and does not judge. So I can fully trust this travel agency. This travel agency has a good connection with the embassies of different countries, and a great experience. Therefore, preparation of travel documents for them is not difficult. I went to a travel agency because this is my first experience of leaving the country. I do not want to make mistakes with it. If I'm going to do everything by myself, then it will be very difficult for me. I've heard a lot of stories about how people have tried to do everything on their own, and in the end they were refused a visa. So they even could not properly fill out paperwork. I want to talk more about our relationship with you. I do not doubt that our future relationship will be no doubts and distrust each other. I'm sure our love will live a long time, it can pass any test. When two people love each other, they can overcome any obstacle. Do you agree with me? I believe you, I believe in every word you say. I do not consider myself naive, but my heart tells me that you are sincere! What you really want only the best for me! My heart is not wrong! I know that's for sure! I love you and that's important, I think so, and if I meet you and together we will - then I become the happiest girl on the planet. I will never leave you, my beloved man! I never think badly of you. I am a girl who knows how to forgive, and if there are errors, then I do not hurt - they're right! This will also be present at my side, and depend on me, and on whether you know how to forgive. You can not doubt my words. So as I write to you just what I think and what I dream of! And all my promises - it's not just words! It's true, and if properly understood, then you can see the real me! I'm sure you already know me well. You know my feelings for you, you know my hobbies and many of my thoughts!
When I will come to you, I will say much more! You'll be able to see me, watch me. You'll be able to see and feel all of my feelings for you. I really want this! I want to give you my love, and also to see and feel your love to me! I hope that this will develop into a very large and serious feeling. We may even be able to create a family. And if between us will have such feelings and full of confidence. Then we meet, no matter what. I'd like to feel you soon, iron and show you all my care and love for you, my caring prince. I realize now that my life depends on you! And I think that you look at it from the correct side!
I want to see you, to be your favorite woman. So you can never leave me! You have to remember, for the love, I'm ready for anything! I'd like to hear from you the same words. If you think so, then you will write to me. It will be very difficult to meet, and we need to understand both. I've never flown anywhere else outside of Azerbaijan.
It will be very difficult and not easy! I think - that our meeting will be spending all of our efforts and endeavors, it will require the support and care from you!! But we are ready and we will strive for this, right? We will not give up!!! I would also like to discuss with you a very important question. Full cost of the trip to you, it enough large sum of money for me. I have a decent salary to live here in Azerbaijan. I can spend it to pay for housing, food, clothing, and some entertainment (cafes, cinemas). But this money is not enough to pay for my trip to you. Unfortunately, I do not have much savings. And I can only pay 10 of the total cost of the trip. This will be enough to start the preparation of all required documents. So I do not have any other means, I have to ask you to help me. Can you help me with the payment? You see, for me now it is very difficult to ask this of you. Since I've never done this, and now I have a not very good feeling. But, unfortunately, there is no way that we can meet with you without it. So for me it will be very important is your answer. I really hope you can help me soon. And then we'll be together and be happy. I really want this. I hope that you, too, want to do this? I ask you, that you did not forget me tell your nearest International Airport. When is the next time I'll get your answer, then I'll know all your thoughts and your desires. I ask that you not afraid to speak all your thoughts. I will understand it and accept. I promised you I will soon be able to call you on the phone, so you can hear my voice, and I could talk to you. So I ask you, that you told me your phone number, which I can easily use to call you. Number of your cell phone, which is always turn on. I LOVE YOU Steve, my gentle and caring man! I give you my most passionate kisses. Your forever Regina!

Letter 13

Hello, my biggest love Steve! I see your letter, thank you! I am very happy to write you an answer! And I just wanted to tell you all what I think. I'll be honest with you. Absolutely, because it's my human quality. I really love your writing! VERY MUCH!! I have no doubt that in your letter you write me nothing but the truth, and when we meet, I will see something similar. And I can love you even more!
Because your writing is very thoughtful! And so I'm honest with you!
And would never betray you. Since in our country the word "honesty" is the principal! I see that you are sincere with me, I can feel it! I trust you, in your every word. Because I love you much! That's love for you makes me do it all! I'm starting to learn all about the cost of my trip to you. I really want to come to you soon, but I will need your help. I want to be with you, in reality, be spending a lot of time together. And I know that our first meeting - it will be a test of our feelings. I'm sure everything will be fine. We can make sure that we a perfect match. And only then we can talk about things such as wedding and life together. I want you to calm down, because I am an honest girl. I Was raised from an early age to be honest and tell the truth. At the same time, I live in Azerbaijan, with strict traditions!
The truth is that I found you. And yes - I agree! We are know each other only through Internet. But if we do not trust each other - then all of what we have written is useless! I just want you to believe me 100! Love is not built at once, but by pieces. The bridge of love, that invisible thread - that is between us. I can feel it!! I see this thread, and already feel. Because I - I love you!!! By my letter I want you to be treated seriously. I want you to believe me honey. my prince!! I have not lied to you. You know my age, and I do not want to lose all my life! I found you, I want to meet you, to be with you. I want it now. Since I already can not stay here in Azerbaijan. I want to leave this to you. To be near you, to get acquainted better with you, your family and friends. I'm a single girl. I'm also afraid of many things!! I'm afraid of what the agency told me - about prostitution. BUT I KNOW YOU DO NOT DOING THIS TO ME! I'm afraid that you reject me, after my arrival. But these thoughts immediately go away from me. I try not to think about the bad. But I have a very strong desire to visit you. I want this. I want to come to you right in your hands. And everything we dreamed of - that you met me at the airport. I dream of that, and I want it to be, as soon as possible. I believe the travel agency at 100! If they said that they will be able to prepare my passport, visa, and tickets - then it is certainly true.
Because the floor of their work. I will get a visa in Baku, the agency will submit the documents that I received it. And then, after payment for all documents and tickets, I'll fly to you from the International Airport of Baku. Besides, I told you, I learn many good reviews about this agency. Regarding the visa. The agency says - that will make me an official, tourist visa in your country. And with no problems. This requires about 10-14 days. But we are willing to wait? I think so.
Agency told me that the first time I can only go on a tourist visa.
Because it is the easiest and fastest way. And they give all the guarantees that will help in getting this. The first time I could get a visa for a period of 3 months. After that, the next time I will be able to request a visa for a longer period of time. Or even ask for a different type of visa. Next time I can already ask for a visa, which I can marry you. But, I think it is too early to talk about it.
Because first we have to meet, get to know each other better. Learn better our character, habits. That then we could make such an important decision. A wedding is the most important step in the life of every girl. Therefore, you should prepare for it well. I want to get married only once in a lifetime. So I have to be absolutely sure of my choice. Also, our government has a requirement that all travel documents and tickets was bought only here in Azerbaijan. And they need this be done by travel agencies, which are licensed to operate in the country. This is done to protect the people who leave Azerbaijan.
And if a man will disappear, then the first thing the police will go to the travel agency through which this man was leaving Azerbaijan.
Order the tickets doing immediately when the documents are submitted for visa. Travel agency booking the tickets, and after the visa is ready, they are buying these tickets. As for the payment. I do not want to upset myself, but it's so much. I'm ashamed to ask for your help!! But the trip is very expensive. Full cost of my trip is 1878 USD. It includes cost of all documents, passport, health insurance, tourist visa and plane tickets to your country and back.
And this cost is final. I told you that I have only 10 of the total cost. That is, I am ready to pay 250 USD. I can do it very soon, for travel agency could begin to prepare the documents. But for this I need to be confident that you can help me with the rest.
This amounts 1628 USD. Can you help me with this in the near future? For me it is very important to know your answer. Because I want to sign a contract with the travel agency. And if you can help me, then I'll see that you're really an honest man, and want to see me! This will show me your full trust in me, and the desire to meet with me soon as well. Unfortunately, I can not pay for the whole trip itself. I also do not think you're a rich man. For me it does not matter how much money you have, and how much income you have. I do not care. I was brought up on Poverty and truth. For me, the money never had much meaning. Money is only a means, a resource necessary for life. And therefore no wealth I do not care. I want you to understand this clearly. I'm concerned only your concern and love. I want you always watched over me. Because I want to caress you. Because in all my life did not feel anything. In your letters, I was able to understand that you are really gentle and caring. That you truly love me, and want only the best for me. I believe in what it is you can make me happy! And I want that. In our case, money - it only means for we can meet! Do you understand that? This is the only material question. I really hope it does not become an obstacle in the way of our happiness. What it can not prevent our meeting? I'm doing a big step if the food to you. And doing it already thoroughly ponder. This is not a spontaneous decision. This is a deliberate step, and I am fully confident that this step is correct and necessary. So that we can get to know each other better. To enable us to carry out our dreams. To make our love grow stronger and bring us pleasure and positive emotions. Only our meeting will help us to get it all! Do you agree with me? And I do not want to stop. I did not rush at all. I'm just looking for the truth. If you want to - we meet. If you do not want to date right now for any reason. Then I can not wait for long. I will be very upset. because I can not live without you. I'm going to cry, and the pain will not go away for a long time. But that's life, is complicated. I can not write letters to you on the internet every day afterwards. Since it is difficult for me. To be away from you, it's very hard. My feelings require implementation in real life. It will consolidate and develop. Do you understand that? We can write hundreds of letters, long time. We can share photos. But it will not bring us a lot of pleasure and joy, like a live meeting. One meeting can give a lot more emotions, memories and joy. Letters will never be able to replace it. Do you agree with me? I always dream of you, I say to all of you. So I call this feeling - love!!! And it is the most pure and true love. This love has great power! But if we wait - all this will disappear for me and for you. do you understand? We're just going to become pen pals. I do not want that! I want a real relationship, live emotions and feelings. I like that. and I can not change that. But if I see you now as I want. Then I'll be happy. I want to. so you thought. thinking a lot and gave me your answer tomorrow. Love you. Your Regina!!!

P.S. I'll call you on next week!!!

Letter 14

Oh my Steve. I love you!!!
As I said to the manager, if you use the card, you can send money via Western Union or MoneyGram. These systems receive payments from the card. If you're going to send through one of these systems, then you can send the name of the
Lemaire Christian
Adress: A.Paulenstraat 6
6833LD, Arnhem

Yes, the company is based in the Netherlands. This is an international company. In our country, there is their branch. I hope to see you soon at our. I'm really looking forward to it. And I hope that you will do all that is required of you. And then I can give you all my love and passion.

Letter 15

Hi my lovely Steve.
I am very glad to hear from you . I'm sorry that you will need as much time to help me with money. I take a tourist visa because it is the easiest way to meet you. We will spend three months with you and be able to discuss all of our future plans. I hope that after our meeting, I will be easier to get a fiancee visa and come to you for a longer time or forever. I spoke with the manager of the agency . He welcomed your desire to make weekly payments . So they will treat us more seriously and they will be confident in our intentions . So he gave me the details for you to send them money in the account. For me, it is very convenient. You will send the money directly into their account and I do not have to carry the same amount in cash . Not only me as the manager said we can save on commissions had worked . So I 'm giving you my full details and send you a copy of my passport .
Gilazi-Khizi 34
Regina Zalyan
I want to be with you as long as possible . I want to carry with you all your life. As I understand from our correspondence you are a good and kind man. To have a meeting with you is the meaning of my life. Hopefully soon we 'll be together .

P.S. This is info for your transaction
Holders name: Lemaire Christian
Holders Adress: A.Paulenstraat 6
6833LD, Arnhem
IBAN: NL91 SNSB 0875 7745 63
Bank name: SNS Bank
Bank address: Kronenburgsingel 19 street, 6831 GD Arnhem

Letter 16

Hi my love Steve
Very pleased to receive your letter. You always give me hope. I love you my darling. And I'm really looking forward to our meeting. It's hard to believe, but after a few weeks we will be together with you. I have a dream I'll fly to you. I will fly on the wings of love , so for me this trip will not be difficult. I will go down with the plane and run to you through the airfield. I'll jump for you in his arms and whisper in your ear, I love you, I'm glad to meet you . You're a godsend for me. I never will be as good as it is now . I do not when I did not feel such feelings . I do not feel lonely. I have hope for a bright future. Not only can I give that accumulated in me tenderness and affection to you. You, and only you.
Yes, I am confident that I want to spend with you all the 3 months that will allow me a visa. I want to spend a lifetime with you. For my apartment look after my friend, I trust her and I do not think that there may be some problems. I spoke with the manager of the agency to transfer money. He gave me clear instructions. When you send money in the name of Christian, you have to send me a email to transfer information. It is also necessary from your control number. I will take this information and give it to the manager. He will write me a receipt that the money will be used and the resulting for my stay.

Letter 17

Hi Sreve. My real love!!!
For me expectation is very painful. I hope that at you will not be what problems with remittance. I as ask you when you will write me control number of transfer, write me your full name and your address just as you will fill in the receipt on transfer. I will take this information and I will carry to the manager in agency. I know that you will carry out all my dreams. You unique who give me pleasure and happiness. I wait for our meeting. I wish to present to you all myself. I hope to you this my gift is pleasant. I love you!!!

Letter 18

Hi Steve. I love you my darling.
I have once again visited travel agency to specify the sum. They have confirmed that for registration of all documents and for reception of the visa and some other small expenses 1878 dollars are required. But as I already wrote to you I have paid 250 dollars. And consequently for end of process it is necessary for me $1628,00. As soon as money will arrive into the agency account, they will tell to me for what date my ticket will be issued. I will write to you in more details about it. I very much wish to arrive to you. I very much wait for our meeting. I do not doubt you and at me was not present what fears. I understand that you want that I was your wife. I am glad to it. I too wish to marry you. For me it is a limit of my dreams. It seems to me that at that time that I will with you we can discuss our further plans and accept what that decisions on our wedding. I hope to hear from you in the near future.

Letter 19

Hi my love Steve
It is very a pity to me that you had problems with your credit card. I talked about it to the manager in agency. He has told that you have tried to send through system MoneyGram. The system a Western Union not always accepts for payment credit cards. With MoneyGram such problems do not happen. I hope that at you all will turn out also our meeting on a step becomes closer. I very much wait for this moment. I hope for that that you all will make also all it will be good. I wait for your answer. I wait from you for good news and your warm words.

Letter 20

Hi my love Steve
I'm sorry that I could not write to you. It was again a problem in the Internet cafe. I'm glad you did not forget to write to me. I'm very interested to know how you doing? What are your plans for the expense of my trip. I am constantly asked what we intentionally do. The manager told me that we are already a long time, pull the transfer of money. I want you to write exactly when you do the transfer. I am always pleased to receive a letter from you. You are leaving or when not in my heart. I look forward to our meeting. I am waiting for your answer.

Letter 21

Hi my love Steve
I'm sorry but I could not write you a letter. An Internet cafe had some technical problems and that they were not working. For me it was terrible that our communication with you interrupted. I hope that you all goes well. I spoke with the manager of the agency and they said that still experience you expect from the proceeds into their account. I hope that you will do a translation soon. My cute. We need to do is not much and we'll be together. Our dreams will become reality. I'm waiting for a letter from you. Write me how are your works. Write me when you can do the translation. Manager of the agency asked for the exact date. I am waiting for your letters.

Letter 22

Hi my love Steve
I loved your voice. It was a pleasure to talk to you . I am very sorry that the relationship was so bad . I'm told that a lot of hype on the internet. And I was afraid of this . When I wrote to you about what I need money for my stay I was very ashamed to do so. I was afraid that you would suspect me of cheating. I'm sorry that you were trying to cheat . I hate these people , they undermine the confidence in the world. Because of such people becomes difficult to meet for two good people. I know you're a good person. I believe in the fact that we all will be well. I tried to call you many times, but you either did not take the phone, or the quality of the connection is not allowed to do so. But finally I got through to you, and everything fell into place. I called you when we had a late evening. I told the manager about your intentions at the agency. He was happy for us. He said that as soon as the translation goes into their account they will send you the receipt that the money will be used for the decoration of my journey. Once again, I give you my account information agency . I love you. I am waiting for your letters.

Letter 23

Hi my love Steve
I'll try to call you very soon. I have already written to you that I'm calling from the telegraph in the tank. So I can not give you my number. The agency told me that they will send a receipt and a receipt to your email address. So you'll know that the money came from and they are for me.
Now I have no long hair I'm sending you a photo that I have done for you. I look forward to our meeting, not less than yours. I really want us to be together. Imagine that in a few weeks, we'll be together for a walk and talk. Hold each other's hands. I'll kiss you, I will not touch you. And everything will be fine.

Letter 24

My love Steve
This data is for you to be able to send money through Western Union
Lemaire Christian
Adress: A.Paulenstraat 6
6833LD, Arnhem
I love you!!! Regina

Letter 25

Hello my dear Steve.
I am very pleased that you are so interested in my trip. I see your support I can feel it. I know that you will do all that is possible. I'll try to call you again today. I got you have some news. I spoke with the manager of the agency and he said that they had encountered some unexpected problems. The fact that the manager in the head office in the Netherlands goes on business trips. It is normal practice for travel agents. He leaves for a long time and therefore it can not accept your transfer from a Western Union. As I explained in my agency manager, Christian goes to see new hotels. But I have some good news. You can make a transfer to the manager in Russia. Is the manager of the Russian branch of the agency. I asked my manager would not it be easier to transfer was made in Azerbaijan, but he told me that the charter of the Azerbaijani branch allows them to receive only cash. They can not receive money or in his name or to the account of the agency. I hope you understand me. I hope that you will be able to translate into Russian. I give you the data for this translation.
Last name - BELOKUROV
Address - Saint Petersburg
The manager told me that as soon as the money arrives in a few days my ticket will be issued to you. They will give me a copy of your ticket and I'll send it to you. So you'll know all of my route. I will give more accurate data after receiving the money.
I, too, as you are so excited when I think about our meeting. I imagine it for myself and I dream about her. I hope that we will be able to overcome all the obstacles in our way and we'll be together. I love you my darling. This love gives me hope and warms me at night. It is a pity that this is only an illusory feeling sorry that you did not warm at night. I am waiting for your letter. I am waiting for your answer.

Letter 26

Hello my dear Steve.
I will answer your questions. Since you said that you'll soon be sending the money, I reported it to the agency. Manager waits for transfer this week. And he asked not to delay it. So I ask you to send money as soon as possible. As I will explain to the agency, the transfer of money through Western Union does not necessarily indicate a security question and answer. But if you do that then I'm sure you write me a question and answer that you point. Also in order to get money need your full address and your full name. When you send the money then be sure to write me all this information. I'll go with that information and the agency itself will give them this information. So I will be able to control all the actions of managers in the agency. I hope you understand everything and do everything right. I'm not even sure about this. Because I believe in you. I really miss you. My dream is to get into your hugs. I want to touch you. Speak to you words of love looking into your eyes. Very soon I will be able to do it. I love you, I'm waiting for your answer.

Letter 27

Hello my dear Steve.
I'm sorry that I did not get your emails. Why did not you write that happened to you. I try to call you, but I can not reach you. I ask you to write to me. What's going on? You wrote me such a lovely letter. But right now or anything. I really was intentionally go to you. I think that I can be with you, but as I understand it, for you it was just a game. Playing with my feelings. I do not know what to think. I look forward to your letter.

Letter 28

Hi my love Steve. Glad to hear from you!!!
I asked the agency that their site. They said that the site is under construction. In the near future all the technical issues are resolved. I beg you not to hesitate in this agency. My uncle , whom I wrote to you , often used the services of this agency . And he told me it and recommend . I do not doubt them because I actually talked to the manager and I could see their documents . They can send you all of their certificates and other documents. Email newsletters to write them and they're all you everlasting . I ask you to keep in touch so anymore. I am very glad that you answered me . I am very worried what happened to you . When you do not write to me I'm beginning to think all sorts of bad things . I understand your doubts , but I'm confident in this company and I do not have any reason to mistrust them . I am waiting for your answer . What do you think ? I love you.

Letter 29

Hi my love Steve.
I'm sorry that you have to work so hard. I hope that you sometimes have a rest. I understand why you can not write. Yesterday I tried to call you but you did not answer. Write what time it would be better to call you. I want to talk to you. I am sending you a certified agency. I hope that you will understand me. My documents are in the agency. It is necessary for issuing the visa. So I can not personally get your money. I beg you do not need to doubt. I trust them. Manager of the agency said that they will provide a receipt for the money. I'll send you a receipt for the same.
I'm sorry that you have to deal with their doubts. I know what you mean, it's hard to trust the internet. But I just found you on the internet, and I trust you. I love you my darling. I want to be with you. I want to touch you, talk with you, walk with you through the city. I think the first time we will have a huge number of topics for discussion. I am waiting for your letters. I am waiting for your decisions.

Letter 30

My love Steve.
I could not write to you yesterday. In the internet cafes were technical problems and therefore I did not have access to the Internet. I hope your doing well. How did you spend your weekend?
I'm sorry, but I have to tell you bad news. I was contacted by the manager of the agency. He wrote me a letter stating that we are left with only a few days to make my trip. The manager wrote to me that we only have time until Thursday. I'm asking you to do the translation before that time. Can you do it? I'm with you I rely. We need to do this if you want to meet with me. As for me I really want to meet you. I hope you all understand. I am waiting for your letter.

Letter 31

Hi my love Steve.
Today I received a letter from you. I ask to write me. I do not know what you doubt. Write me a few lines. What do we do? I am waiting for your answer.

Letter 32

Hi my love Steve!
I am very glad that you wrote to me all the same. You have to work so hard. I understand that perfectly. Yes, I tried to call you . But you did not answer the phone. I spoke with the manager of the agency and persuaded her to give us a little more time. He told me that they would go to us to make concessions, but this is the last time. He asked how much time we need. I ask this from you. I ask you to write to me in detail what terms they say. Or write them a letter and he will explain everything.
I am very lonely. I want to meet with you. I have found such a wonderful person in the world. But the distance is a serious obstacle, even in our days. But I'm willing to wait. And I look forward to our meeting. I love you my darling. I am waiting for your letters.

Letter 33

Hi my love, my real love Steve.
Yes my love is really good news. You are my hero. Do you work in order to make our meeting was a real one. I dream of our meeting, I want to be with you. I contacted the manager of the travel agency and shared with him the news. He said that you did transfer the money as soon as possible. If you do transfer to the weekend, on Monday I will have an interview at the embassy. It will be a huge step towards each other. I give you the details for the transfer.
Saint Petersburg
It gave me my manager. They are different from the ones that I gave you earlier. But this is the usual case, a change of staff. Can you do the translation in the near future? I am waiting for your answer. I love you.

Letter 34

My dear I have not received your letters. Write me please how are you doing. I am very worried. What happened to you. I ask you to write to me.

Letter 35

Hello my dear Steve.
I am very pleased to receive your letter so emotional. I still keep contact with the agency. They are waiting for your transfer. I ask you to do it at the first opportunity. You have all data for the transfer. Yes, I'm still working, selling cosmetics. Since the process is delayed I went back to work. Why are you doubt that I want to be with you or not. Yes, I really want to be with you. I recognize you and I like you as a person. As they say in our country, there is no limit to love. And I love you, I want to be with you. I assure you, when we meet with you, you will feel all my love. I was really worried about you when I wrote you a letter last time. The fact that I signed anrina it's just a typo. I thought I lost you and I had a stressful situation. I hope you understand me. I hope to see your letter tomorrow. I look forward to your good news....