Letter(s) from Delmer Falone to Dileep (India)

Letter 1


My name is Delmer Falone, I am from Belgium , I am 28 years old, i am single as well and I live presently in ivory coast .
My father is from Belgium and my mum is from ivory coast.

My father was a business man in ivory coast,he was dealing in precious stone precisely gold march-and.My father was diagnostic in cancer of the lung 3 years back.
After long stress and battle we lost him 6 months ago, since the death of my dad, things has been so miserable for me because I was so close with my dad.

My reason of contacting you is that I need your assistance, there is a fund left here in the bank by my late dad which I want to transfer to a foreign account .That is were i need your assistance to provide me an account where the fund will be transfer to. The transfer amount is 460 00 € I really need your help to get the fund transfer to a foreign account where i will start a new beginning and I will be pleased to reward you for your assistance.

You can respond to me by mail for us to exchanges our photos here is my email address: falonedelmer@yahoo. fr to know each.

Delmer Falone