Scam Letter(s) from Irina Bashich to Russell (New Zealand)

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Letter 1

Hello Russ! I got a lot of information from you . I just want to clear up the situation. Irina is not friend of mine. She has never been my friend and never will be! I got acquainted with her through one Kiev agency where I worked as interpreter and that's all. She asked me to help because I have more opportunities and she has not a lot where she lives. I am without any doubts agreed to help because I thought that everybody should help each other even more If i really could do it. But I even couldn't imagine that I would be part of your relationship or your game in which you had involved me. And you made me part of your game. I am very angry and very disappointed!!! You were trying before wrote me and asked me about her , where she is , what happened with her. I told you and before that I don't talk to her and I wasn't interested in her life and how she lives. I have my own world of living. And now you are writing to me that I am part of scam and I don't know it by myself but you made me your figure and use me in your own goals and now I should suffer from it! Why???? Tell me please why I should be part of your problem? Because you used me in your own goals???? Now I am very angry and I cant describe exactly what I feel inside! I called Irina and spoke to her in very rude way and told her that I don't care what happened between you and your man but I just ask you to delete all information about me! What you think about this woman , I really don't care , you can continue to revenge her or to quarrel with her, whatever....but please leave me and give me quiet my own life and don't use me in your goals and don't try to destroy my reputation before my friends and my partners and don't destroy my life with such actions which you did. I work with different serious companies and I also a teacher of high level people in business English and also tutor , I work with children and they cant and have not to find such terrible sites with my name!!! I apologize if I insulted you but you also should understand me and my reaction. I believe that you intelligent man and you understand that in reality what happened between she and you , it is really not my deal! Please, delete all information about me.



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