Scam letter(s) from Elena Nekrasova to Stan (USA)

Letter 1
Big hello, sir!!!!
After all I was able to write you a letter.
I had not been an Internet user before and that is why I did not dare to type you a letter the very first day.
But today my day is fine, I my good spirits are with me and I decide to meet my true love.
That is why I am sending to you my plain post having a hope that you will understand it and right me back.
I'm Elenka.
I had a few affairs with different men I did not have a chance to meet the beloved man, and so I am living with a feeble hope that maybe I have a possibility to make mine a kind-hearted, hot lion to fall in love in the virtual reality.
I will gladly tell you about myself in coming letters.
Please, write me and well see what will happen.
Please, make sure you use my personal e-mail address for sending me letters.
I am living with a feeble hope that my letter touched the deepest cords of your soul and you wish to start communication!
I send you my pics. hope that you will have a good time watching them!
I'll wait for your answer and your pictures.
See you! Truly yours Elenka.
Letter 2
Hello. I am glad that you decided to write to me, and at all against to communicate. I got your e-mail address of a love-mail from an unknown sender. I believe that the fate of the letter, which did not need to go! I want to communicate with you and to develop our relations. I am sure that God will help us! Me call Elena. The most usual Russian name. At once I will tell that I do not want to deceive the interlocutor, being covered with false Internet nicknames. You know, many want to seem better, than they are actually, and for it choose to itself any exotic, absolutely ridiculous names... I live in the small small town Turinsk, it is far from Moscow, about 2 thousand kilometers. However it is not necessary to think that at us here backwoods. I like my city, here very beautiful ancient the architecture, even is the reserve nearby. I am 28 years old, however, many say that I look younger. I do not know, whether truth it. Here you, looking at my photo what you think about it? If it is interesting, I can tell that at growth of 172 cm 52 kg weigh, with such indicators it is possible to be model, but such prospect, if honest, me doesn't ******. Simply in Russia this business uses not very good reputation. Besides at me remarkable work  I I work in fitness salon as the instructor in fitness. Fitness  it the improving technique, allowing to change a shape of a body and its weight and for a long time to fix the reached result. It includes physical trainings in a combination to correctly picked up diet. And exercises, and diet in fitness steal up individually  in dependences on contra-indications, age, state of health, structure and features of a figure. It is simply healthy, when work it gives pleasure! To brag  not in my rules, but nevertheless I will notice that dances for me is life, and not just only profession. Certainly, it is hard work, and quite often happens that clothes wet from sweat while you will give classes, but it is to them high  to see that people study on your example, master movements, at first simple, then more difficult, build compositions.
The main thing that work brought satisfaction, and with it problems aren't present. It is easy to guess that such intense schedule demands all the time to be in shape. Therefore I have no addictions, I don't smoke and not I am on drugs, it simply isn't necessary for me. Sometimes happens that in holiday time in the company of girlfriends I afford a few lungs cocktails and that is rather for the sake of little girls. Married never was, children aren't present. Probably, then I will tell in more detail why so occurred. That I all about itself da about itself! Tell, please, everything that you consider it necessary: as you live, where work, what are you interested in. I with pleasure send you my photos! I hope that they will be pleasant to you. Also I look forward your letter, and your photos! I very much want to look at them! I look forward your letter! Your new girlfriend Elena!
Letter 3
Hello Stan! I thought of you much, and decided that, probably, you can trust. Today I want to tell about the family. My father  his name is *****, to it and it works 63 years as the children's football trainer. Football is his life, and without watching at all at the age, he does the favorite thing. My mother is called by Valentina  she is 57 years old, it now on pension, and does household chores. It worked all life on a farm as loves animals. I very much love and I respect my parents. In the childhood, I, as well as all children attended school.
Very much it was pleasant to me at school as I could learn, something new. I finished 11 classes with honors, having received a gold medal for successes in study. I live with parents, and at me the room.
Sometimes to me the man would be desirable to find already, and to begin private life. As to live with parents well, but it would be desirable more freedom. I always have the opinion, and achieved all.
Now I look back at that period and I understand that besides difficulties and deprivations life me to much taught  to be independent, everything to achieve in life most. To me after all it is nobody was to count! Therefore I studied well that gave me chance most to arrive in university. I got education of the sports teacher, therefore I now I work on professions in fitness salon. Many forces spent on to learn a foreign language, but all the same it it is necessary for me to improve. Now I have an interesting work and I completely I provide myself. In the West for some reason there is an error that all girls from Russia aspire to marry the foreigner because of money. As though money is the most important in life. Here it is interesting that you you think about it? You know, I now very much don't have the understanding person who could me to listen, understand that I feel. I had relations with guys, but, unfortunately, to the majority of my admirers it was necessary only ***. They saw in me only attractive figure, and nobody wanted to know that at me on soul. As soon as I trusted in someone and hoped, to me changed and hurt heart. That is why I solved to communicate with the help of the Internet. Probably, during correspondence it will be possible better to understand the person. I am very glad that you appeared in my life. To me interesting with you to communicate, I with impatience climb in the mail box, to read your messages. Tell, please, and you had relations with girls? For what purpose you strike up acquaintances in the Network with me? You would like to be on friendly terms simply or you look for the half? I was tired to be lonely and I look for the serious the relations, I dream of a good family with the kind loving husband, reliable partner in life.
Probably, I too many want? But I still I believe in love. I want, that you trusted me and I consider that we should to be sincere with each other. I wait answers to my questions. On it I finish the letter. Very much I wait for your answer. Elena!
Letter 4
Hello, my sweet and passionate man Stan. It is possible to call you so? I am glad that we continue our communication, it is interesting to me to recognize you. I I want to warn at once you, it is difficult to me to understand up to the end sense yours questions. I not always completely understand sense of your questions, but I try to answer them. Therefore don't take offense, if not always receive the right answer on your question. Stan, letters I try in detail to answer all your questions. Stan, asked me about Russia, with pleasure I will tell you about mine to the homeland in more detail. Certainly, I love the country, after all I here was born and received education. Parents tried, that I grew honest also was respectful to people. I such still, without watching for the years spent in orphanage. I very much appreciate the same qualities in other people. I think, you are very honest person and isn't capable on treachery. Unfortunately, in our country there are also very bad people, though it is unpleasant to me to write about it.
Is such to whom are interesting only money, and they is indifferent to needs of others. So occurs, most likely because at us there are a lot of poor. In Russia there are a lot of talented people and the very many would like to work, but not for all, unfortunately, there is a such possibility. National economy of it doesn't allow, and appears it is a lot of problems. At the same time our country made a big contribution to the world culture, at us there are a lot of the writers recognized around the world – Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and others.
You are familiar with creativity of the Russian writers? If yes, that who is pleasant to you more? Tell, please, than your city in which you live is interesting? There there are beautiful places? In my Turinsk there live about 20 thousand people, it is normal for the small town. On the City Day arrange holiday with fireworks. Stan how conduct a City Day at you? Stan, I started to use recently the Internet, therefore yet to the end here everything mastered. I already said that mine the computer broke, I I go to an Internet cafe, opened one of the first in our city. As it is healthy that there were technologies which connect people on distance! Earlier we about such also couldn't dream! At you, probably, it is a lot of friends on the Internet? Today was very tired on work but when thought that I will communicate with you, the mood raised at once. Tell, please, that you you feel to me? For me it is very important. It seems to me, I feed to to you very warm feelings. After all you are the good person and, and pleasant man! You like mine of photos? I show nobody them, only you could see them! Stan, I will try to send you more intimate photos, you want them to see in the following letters? Very much I wait for the letter, I hope for mutual understanding. Your charming girl Elena!
Letter 5
Hello dear Stan! I was very much glad to receive from you letter. It is interesting to me to know, how you live, than breathe. You asked me, what men are pleasant to me. I long thought over it. To me not any special qualities are necessary, the superman isn't necessary to me.
Probably, to me, as well as to the majority of women, simply reliable person, which is necessary of me would care. I should feel confidence near it, the nobility, that it can always protect me and doesn't leave at a difficult moment. Here portrait of the ideal man for me. I, in turn, could to create to it heat and cosiness atmosphere. I so want to have the family, to which would devote a lot of time! I see that you yours faithfully treat me, and I am ready to show to you more ****** photos! I think that they to be pleasant, I am not afraid to show them to you, and I hope that you will show nobody because of respect for me. For me it is simple to cook in pleasure tasty food for the elect. My favourite dishes  a borsch and pelmeni. Heard about the such? And what kitchen it is pleasant to you? Stan, tell about the favourite food. From the Mediterranean kitchen I very much love a pizza and I know how to cook it is a lot of different options of this dish. I think, it would be pleasant to you. You know, employees on work began to notice that I changed, at me always good mood, and I look happy. I, of course, to them I speak nothing, let it will be my small secret. However to you I can admit that since we got acquainted, at me on soul easy and joyfully. I trust you how, perhaps, didn't trust still to anybody in the life. I am very glad that met the such remarkable interlocutor, as you. Stan, it would be healthy, if we sometime met. You asked, than I like to be engaged besides fitness and evenings at TV. I like to travel, however, with my schedule of work it infrequently it is possible. In youth I sang in school chorus and even participated in the wall newspaper edition, you represent? And than liked to be engaged in the childhood you? Now I will read the book about adventures and I will go to bed. I often think before dream, what you actually. Stan, Write everything that it is interesting to you, I will wait and it is obligatory I will answer. Good-bye, your gentle Elena.
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Stan! How you there? Thank you for the such interesting and warm letter. You ask, why at me it did not develop private life here, in Russia. I already wrote to you that to me didn't carry with guys. My history is old, as the world, it is history of the deceived love. When the man makes a declaration of love to the naive girl, and actually loves another. I thought, we approach each other but as is bitter I was mistaken! It secretly met my school girlfriend, you represent? Earlier I thought that such history is possible only in love stories or female magazines, but, alas, the such occurs pretty often. Certainly, that happened, made me more careful. Now I very selectively I treat people and I will not throw the arms round a neck to the first to the passer. We have such saying: +All of us are clever backdating;, but what to do? But now I not so such trustful, as earlier. Certainly, to everything it is necessary to treat with gratitude, after all it certain experience, which, probably, is necessary to us to move further. I heard long ago about acquaintances on the Internet, but long not decided to try something similar. And here at last came in the Internet cafe, the benefit it is nearby to my house. I only I am able to use the e-mail, and to read news in Internet. I am not present in social networks, as time on the cafe Internet at me it is limited.
Honest to recognize, I didn't expect that so it will turn out, but you very much are pleasant to me. Stan, I receive many emotions from ours communication as it is unusual! I also want to ask for you number phone, I could try to call to you from public telephone booth. As I have no mobile phone, as use its Russia expensive and it isn't necessary to me. It is easy and interesting to communicate with you. I want to learn, why you solved to get acquainted on the Internet? After all in the world there are a lot of good girls, which can be met in reality. And why you wrote to me, after all I at all from your country? Perhaps, for today all. Write, I surely will answer you. Your sweet girl of Elena.
Letter 7
Hi, my darling Stan! It is pleasant to me to call you exactly so: wash darling. I hope, it is pleasant to you? It seems to me, development of ours the relations allows to make it. Today we with little girls were going to celebrate birthday of one girlfriends, drank a few cocktails, all cheerfully chirped, and I thought, as it would be healthy to meet you. It is very interesting to me, what you actually. Tell, please, to what you to yourself represent me? How often you think of me? Stan, I want to admit that quite often before going to bed I scroll in our memories with you virtual conversations in letters. I very much would like to learn about you it is even more. What was your family?
What most important dream of your life? Perhaps, now I would like to begin the serious the relations with the worthy person with whom at us would be full mutual understanding. It seems to me, I can judge you according to your letters  in them there is a lot of interesting information, heat and kindness! You can to smile, but I feel it, and I am very difficult for deceiving. Stan, you wanted to be this person?
What a pity that we are so far from each other! Sometimes I reflect that could be good the wife to the person who cares of me and loves me. The man who respects is necessary to each woman and loves it. After all without it the high-grade happiness is impossible. I want to meet the person, which will be the good father to our children which can about them to take care. Tell, and what do you think of children? It would be desirable for you to make a family? As that woman who is sure of the partner in life is happy! The head of the family should care of the wife both in happiness, and in sorrow, approximately how it is told in a wedding oath. And then the woman will be the happiest on Earth. And then it can support the husband always, especially when it needs it. And that for you family happiness? Stan, what do you think of love? I think that it very much it is important for the harmonious relations between the man and the woman. I want to love and be darling. Interestingly, what views at you in this respect? My dear, unfortunately, I have no mobile phone! I very much I want to speak by with you to phone as it will be the following stage in our relations. Therefore I can call you with public telephone booth if you leave to me number your mobile with country code. You know, I live not in the best country and I want, that my children had more worthy life, than is at me. I hope that our relations will proceed and think that you are that person who is necessary to me. I wait for your letter, darling. Sincerely yours, Elena!
Letter 8
Hello, my beloved Stan! I thank you heartily for such kind letter. I am so glad that at us complete mutual understanding on such important questions, as the relation to to marriage and family! You such surprising, even it is strange that else similar men meet good sense of humour, honest and the careful. I see that to you my life, and very much it isn't indifferent I appreciate, believe. Sometimes it seems to me, when I read your messages that I I know you very much long ago... My love, today I want to open completely for you my heart! I I hesitate to speak to you this phrase a little, but I took courage and it is ready. I want to admit to you, my prince I LOVE YOU! I fell in love you from the very first letter. I felt that we can construct serious relations. Every day I found for you the time. After our acquaintance I thought only of you. I love you that you kind, gentle, careful and tender man. I know that I can to rely on you the most difficult minute! You never will deceive and not you will betray me. I knew that somewhere in the world there is that man, with which I can fall in love really. And I found you! My love to to you the purest and gentle. I stored my feelings to you in heart, but today I decided to open to you my soul. I hope that you will accept mine feelings also you will reciprocate! I want to tell to you many thanks for that you never disregarded my letters and went together with me to a main goal  to creation of the serious relations. Now we with you as a unit, as indissoluble chain! I want that ours the relations developed and further. My prince, for me a word love, more than the word is simple.
For me love this that feeling, which I now I live and I breathe. When I see your letters, in me the new wakes up breath, in my soul birds sing, I want to live and smile! My love, I opened to you my heart and soul and I hope that you won't reject me! Please, tell to me, what you feel? You are ready to tell to me that you love me? Now I opened to you my secret, and I can freely talk to you on the subject of love. I want to talk about *** and ****** dreams! I I will make it in the following letters. What a pity that you is so far. Sometimes so it would be desirable to talk to you in realities, really. To descend with you in cafe to chat, drink wine glass. And then to come together home, to roll in a bed, to feel your tenderness on the body. I would like to arrive to you in future, at least for a while! You became for me not simply a man, and man of my dream. Recently my friend complained of the guy, she forgot to it to cook to it food after work, and it made scandal and offended it. This history such ****. Unless there can be normal relations, when the man doesn't respect the woman? Whether the love without respect is possible? It is sure that isn't present. And you as consider? I believe that you understand me, that you are very sensitive person. It seems to me, you can make happy any woman if you love it. Write, I like to read your letters, know that at you appeared very much attentive reader. Kiss you. your ****** feature of Elena!
Letter 9
Hello my sexiest man on light Stan!!! Yesterday I opened to you not only as the personality, but also as yours the future woman. I understood that I should share with all of you emotions. You are pleasant to me, and I see you as the man. I even it was raised after my letter. I long couldn't fall asleep, as represented, as we realize our ****** dreams. Love and ***, this happiness in our life. I see that you liked mine thoughts! And you adequately reacted to my letter, it does ours the relations are even closer. My Love, you all is constant in my thoughts, I time I think of you. I love you and I want to be near you! I am glad that you liked my ****** imaginations. I will be to be engaged with you in *** with you where you want. I want to do it with you in a bathroom, in kitchen, on the washing machine, outdoors. I nothing I hesitate, as you mine the man. When I will arrive to you, I want, that the first days we had *** several times a day. As it will make us closer. You represent, if I arrived to you! I want to share with you mine dreams, I reveal to you more and more. I arrive to you, you you meet me at the airport with flowers (a bouquet of roses). I leave from the plane in a magnificent evening dress. You approach, I embrace you and I kiss, you smell my spirits. I ask, as at you passed day... We go to you home, on the way we fetch products by a dinner. We come to you home. I make a magnificent dinner: fried in the furnace chicken with pineapple and nuts, still a boiled potato, stewed in the mushroom sauce. Then we go to a dining room, I light candles, and you open delightful wine, romantic music plays. We do up to a throat wine, and I serve up a dinner. We eat and we talk about everything, without tearing off eye from each other. After a dinner you invite me to the slow dance. We dance not for long as feelings overflow both of us, you you start to kiss me gently and sensually. You caress to me a ******, I I remove from you a suit and a shirt. Whole your strong ******, everyone centimeter of your body. I fall below and I remove from you trousers, I begin to caress hands your body of love and pleasure. At this time I continue to kiss you it is passionate and sensual. Then I kneel and I touch by lips, your body of love, I see as it starts grow and becomes firm. I take on it language on all its length, and then I place it to myself in a mouth and I caress it there yet I will not begin to feel as it I start to pulse at me in a mouth, I stop, when I feel as nectar gets to me to a mouth. We go in a bedroom, you undress me, we are completely *****. I approach to a window I open it, on the street it is already dark and anybody isn't present, fresh air blows my hair. You approach behind and start to caress me. At first ******* then below you touch fingers of my petals of love, I feel warmly, which goes from you. You enter into me behind and slowly and gently you begin movement there. You compress my ******* at yourself in hands. We we start to move together in one rhythm in the beginning slowly, and then all quicker and quicker pleasure doesn't come yet, I feel, how yours nectar fills me from within. We depart from a window, you lay down on bed, I caress your body, I kiss your body of love, then I sit down from above on you. You lie and don't move, I start to slide softly back and forth, yet I will not catch a movement rhythm.
Having caught the necessary rhythm, I I start to move quicker, you start to caress my ******* the strong hands, I feel it. Every minute I move on yours to body all quicker, passes some more seconds, and both of us test huge pleasure, I fall flat-out on your ****** and I lie so some minutes, I do not come to the senses yet. Then we go to a shower, I mine your strong body, and you wash my fragile. We go to a bedroom and we fall asleep in embraces of each other... These are my dreams which I want to present to you. I very much want to arrive to to you as I can not think of you any more! Also as the Internet connects us according to letters! I think that the plane can bring me to you. and all our dreams become reality! I love you Stan!
Also I look forward to hearing from you, as soon as possible. Yours forever love of Elena!!!
Letter 10
Hello my favourite admirer Stan! I was madly glad to receive yours the ****** letter again, you don't leave my thoughts, I want you mine darling Stan! You are ready to meet me? The subject of *** and love is very important, and I feel from your words as you it is ****** and sensual, it very much is pleasant to me. I certainly with in pleasure I will be engaged with you in love as you will want! I now only I wait, when it will be, I can't without you, and I want to feel your caresses on itself, I want to feel, as you kiss mine *******, and then ******* as you caress my petals of love, I want to feel your member in itself, I so dream of it. I want to lick your member and to mass it hands while you won't receive pleasure to give vent to the nectar to me in a mouth. I want to feel, how your member moves in me as it pulses in my hand, I want to feel taste of your nectar, it is also sweet, probably, as yours words. I want to test it with you, I see that you very skilled, the sensual and gentle man therefore I completely will trust in *** to you, we will use any positions what you only will want. I I can not tempt myself with these dreams any more as I want you still it is more. I think that we should stop, such strong excitement at me was never. I didn't think at all that it it is possible to reach, using letters. I want to leave an intrigue of our relations to our meeting. I want to meet you as I don't want more to waste our precious time. I think that our relations became more strongly as I see that I am important to you. My Love, I want to learn information about travel to your country.
Please, tell me yours full name, and home address. The closest airport to your house, and the city in which it to be. In my city there is a tourist agency which works for an extent of many years. At it there is a lot of advertizing on the TV, and very good responses! I will go to office travel agency to learn information about travel to to you. I want to arrive to you that we could understand, what feelings we we test to each other. I will do you by the happiest person in this world. I am so glad that our relations aren't at a stop, but only develop. I am sure that we will be happy together. As we we trust each other for 100 ! We will create with you the strong union, as we love each other. Intimate photos are made for you, prove that I it is open for you! Also I love you above all. I with impatience I wait for your letter, as soon as possible. Your girlfriend of Elena!!!
Letter 11
Hello, my dear and beloved Stan! Thank you very much for your kind words to me. You are very dear person to me. I am ready to give you all my life! You can not even imagine how glad I am that our hearts have found each other. My thoughts only about you and about our future life together. I will give you all my heart. I want to be with you. I love you! My dear, you know, today I decided to visit the tourist company, in order to learn all about our meeting. I went to the excellent tourist companies, who respect, many people in our city. I asked the manager of the company and described the whole situation. I found out what documents do I need to ensure that I have officially been able to fly out to you. Manager reported that for the flight to you will need a passport, tourist visa, insurance and medical examination, tickets.
The most important thing for me at this stage, to make passport and visa. I will buy tickets only after registration of these documents.
Tickets for me as will draw firm in which I order a passport and visa.
Preparation of a passport takes approximately 1.5 - 2 weeks. The cost of the passport is 145 pounds GBP. But with visa where things get interesting. Visa is issued about, as well as a passport - 1.5-2 weeks. This is the main document, without which I can not fly to you.
Visa fee, as indicated in pounds GBP. Its cost is 188 pounds GBP. The medical examination is worth 64 pounds GBP. And compulsory accident insurance 47 pounds GBP. When I learned that I need 444 pounds GBP, I wanted to cry. All my dreams about our meeting immediately destroyed.
Because I do not have so much money, my love Stan. I do not know what to do. Since my salary is 85 - 102 pounds GBP per month. As soon as we started to communicate with you, I started saving money for our meeting and now I have 64 pounds GBP. How do you know that I do not have 380 pounds GBP, to begin the process of registration of my documents. I badly want to be with you! You're very dear and beloved person to me! You're my whole life. You're the air that I breathe every day. I walked down the street and thought only of you. I wanted to quickly write you a letter. Now I sit, and my eyes are filled with tears. Tears of sadness and grief. I do not want to live without you.
After all, without your presence in my life now, it makes no sense! I got only one hope, that your help my love Stan. I believe that money is quite nonprincipal in our lives. The most important thing that we found each other and we are happy. We love each other and there is nothing more important in this life! But now, in order to meet, we need this amount of money. My love Stan, you are ready to help in our meeting, this sum of money? On this depends our future. I have full confidence in you. I know that you can help in any situation. You never leave me! You're my guardian angel, whom God sent me. You are my life. Without you, there is no reason to live! I want to feel the warmth of your lips, hug you and feel your strong hands. I know that you are very kind and honest man. I can see how you're going through, I see how you really want to be with me and it is very important to me. I found her true love in you, Stan. Now for me, a day without you is ****. And your letters for me is the sun, which visits me every day. I am madly in love you my dear Stan! I am grateful, because it allowed us to meet. Please answer me as soon as you will have an opportunity. Million kisses for you. Your favorite Elena. P.S. I am confident that we will not be a barrier, these 380 pounds GBP, and you will be able to help our meeting.
Letter 12
Hello my love Stan!!!!! Now about telephone conversation. I think, that while I am not ready to this. If to be fair, I should read some times your letters to understand it. And sometimes I use some helps as the dictionary. I think, that my knowledge will not suffice to have a normal phone conversation. I do not want to look silly. And consequently while I hesitate to speak by with you to phone. Let's wait a little with it.
OK? Thanks a lot that positively reacted to my feelings. I it is glad that we have to each other strong feelings. I can precisely to tell that I am enamoured of you! This beginning of big love every day my feelings to you become even stronger. Now I can open to you completely. I hesitated to talk to you about it in a little last letters. You likely already understood that I am the hot girl. And I very much I love *** as it does people closer. I consider that *** should be only with the man whom you love! I also trust in concept friendly ***. In a bed, I am not such quiet person as in lives.
Stan, I am ready to give to you each particle of the. I know, how to finish the man to an ****** that he went mad in a bed with me. What for you ***? It is important in your life? You wanted to be engaged with me ***? I think that my intimate photos made specially for you, very strongly raise you. I am the young and beautiful girl, and certainly in such age I want to be given to the man completely! I think, that on this subject we should talk to you surely! I don't hide, that I want to arrive to you in the future. When we will be together, we will deliver each other unforgettable impressions in a bed. Men in my country very constraining also don't take a maximum from ***, they don't suffice for a long time. I like to have *** all night long, to lead up you to an ****** each hour I like new the positions, new feelings, and new places for ***. I don't love standard ***, when the man from above or on the contrary. I love such positions which mentally ill people simply give me feelings. I am raised very much by your beautiful body, I want it to caress the language. To kiss your strong ******, each centimeter of yours body to see as your member to become more. And everything closer to fall to to it! And further, I will deliver you unforgettable feelings. I want, that we experimented in ***, I am ready to study all love positions, which are in books! And then to choose 10 positions, it will be only ours of positions! Where we will forget about the world and problems, and only to enjoy emotions of ***. These are my small dreams, and with to become it is more in their every afternoon. I can't do anything with myself, as you strongly raise me! I opened to you even more, so as you are my man. And between us there should not be secrets. *** in the relations plays important role, and we should speak about it. I it is sure that we are created for each other. And I am ready to give to you everything emotions and feeling which are necessary for you from the woman. Our love should be pure and strong, only then we will be happy. I send you the intimate photo as I think that our relations passed to a new stage. And I can open to the beloved. At me a beautiful body, and I have nothing to hide before the man. It my personal photo, nobody saw it! I also hope that these not to see photos anybody, except you. I will send you even more intimate photos that you didn't look at other girls! And only admired my beauty, and thought only of me! If you, something confuses you can tell to me it. I love you Stan, and I want *** with you! You my one and only man, and I am happy that you appeared in my life. I hope that this letter gave you many emotions, and you even managed to be raised. I very much would want to touch yours now to intimate zones  =) it is So a pity that we far apart! I will be to finish the letter! Tomorrow I will write to you my new imaginations, and also I wait for your opinion on my dreams. And can they become soon reality? I wait for your letter, as soon as possible! Your ****** girl Elena!!!
Letter 13
Hello my dear!!! I very much suffer, as have not received yours The answer to my letter. With you all is good? It was very interesting to me To communicate with you, and I want to continue our acquaintance.
Probably you Opportunities to leave for the Internet, but as are borrowed on work and from you not Only you will have such opportunity please write to me the letter. You very interesting the man and I am glad, that have met you in the life. I shall wait for your letter, as soon as possible, and we shall continue ours Acquaintance. Your Elena!
Letter 14
Hello my love Stan! I am glad to receive from you the letter which I so looked forward. I am glad to that you try to help me. Today I visited Money Gram company office to try to receive money which you sent me for my travel to you, but I couldn't receive them! For me asked the copy of a money transfer which to you had to hand over when you sent money, but I have no copy of a money transfer! I ask you that you sent me a code of a money transfer or the copy of the contract with the Money Gram company which to you had to give when you sent money as without it I won't be able to receive money, and it in turn slows down process of production of all necessary documents for arrival to you. I ask me to understand and to make as I ask you!
Without existence of the copy of a money transfer with the Money Gram company I won't be able to receive the money necessary for my travel to you! On it I finish the letter and with impatience I will wait from you the answer. Yours Elena.
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