Scam Letter(s) from Irina Shulzhenko to Antonio (Qatar)

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Letter 1

Hi my honey!:)))

i'm glad to receive your letter,you are so far away from me and in the same time you become so close to me already. Antonio,you know that it brings a smile to my face when i get your letters. i am thinking of you often and cannot get you out of my mind. you know that you have become important part of my life here and i wait for the moment when we can talk and hold each other hands.. maybe this sounds like a dream, but like a very sweet dream. And I like it very much. So why not make it happen in reality? Spending some time together - getting to know each other - feel how it feels to be together and feel the other presence I think this is nothing we can describe with words.
Feelings are something very special. And you,my Antonio, make me feel very special too!!

I will happily teach your some of Ukrainian or better Russian. i use to speak Russian. in my city no good men,i think that mentalities are different that is why Ukrainian man do not know how to treat their woman and they are not interested in serious relations. do not like and want to earn money for living..many disadvantages.

Antonio my dear,i wish to cook for you some day,to go travelling together and enjoy every moment being close:)

Send you lots of kisses,hope you enjoy the day:)
warmly your Ira.

Letter 2

Good day my honey Antonio!!!

I must tell you that you are having a definite affect on my life. Last night I did not sleep well as you were constantly on my mind I tossed and turned wondering what you were doing at this minute, were you thinking of me, what you were doing at work and many other things.
Then I got up and had a glass of warm milk to try and get to sleep, but with no effect. So i started doing other things around the house at 2 am in the morning. Funny right, how one person have such an effect on another when their heart feels loved.

Antonio,i agree with you that if you want something you get it,the main is to want and my desire to meet you,to teach you raise more and more. we can start our first lesson when we are together,practise if the best way to learn languages.

Honey,i like to see your photos always!Hope you enjoy your day,i wish you pleasant mood:)
warmly your Ira.

Letter 3

hi my dear:)

i missed you Antonio and for me it make a sense to meet with you in person. i agree that to keep in touch only by emails is difficult.
each day i wake up and your image come to my mind and i wonder, where you are, what are you doing, who are you taking with, and so many questions. i sigh and see the reality. distance is a cruel barrier.
can we someday defeat that cruel enemy? i think so and you,my honey?

Antonio, you are very special to me! it was a blessing to meet you. i always prayed for a true love. i never imagined to find a wonderful and carrying man who has a beautiful heart as you. i thank my God for this prize i won. i need you my dear and i am going to do my best to meet you personally as soon as possible.

i can take holidays for one or two weeks,when my Antonio we can meet in Dubai and what documents i need to have?

with warm kisses and hugs,
always your Ira.

Letter 4

Good morning my dearest Antonio!!!)))

All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love and you are the man God has chosen for me to spend the rest of my life with, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go even if am not with you, but i know my Antonio,that i will be with you there soon,soon mean any time you want,anywhere we decide....
I had a wonderful dream of us together we are there in your beautiful city, we where on my boat and all is still and peaceful all around us, we where holding each other looking at the stars as it got dark I look in your beautiful eyes and your smile made everything shine in the dark night then you kiss me it felt so real to me we where so happy together nothing could break us apart. I truly belive we will be together soon for ever your spirit is so strong that I feel you next to me.

i found that to travel outside Ukraine i need to have an international passport and to visit Dubai i need to apply for tourist visa. i checked about passport,but i feel upset my dear because for me it's expensive to make it(((it's possible to make my passport in one week cost 350$,possible faster in one day,if to pay 450$. i am sorry and i don't know if it's in your forces to help me. Antonio,can i rely on your support?

Missing you and hope to hear back from you!
Send you lots of kisses!)
warmly your Ira.

Letter 5

good morning my lovely Antonio!)))

i love your letters and i read them over and over again and make believe you are here talking to me. it is funny how a person can manipulate their mind into make believe and almost seem real, when you want something so bad you can imagine almost anything. i can still not manage to get rid of the feeling of loneliness though because I can make believe all i want but i can not touch you, feel your warmth which is the most important part. Antonio,i long to touch you, feel you, kiss you and hold you in my arms and never let go!!!!!!! you have done something to me which i could not even begin to try to put into words, it is something so special that words could not ever begin to describe. My honey, i only hope that you feel the same, the whole world has changed for me!

I so much appreciate your care and support with money,because i worried regarding this. i simply cannot afford my trip to Dubai,because my salary is around 150 in dollars. Thank you my Antonio for warmth,it's so lovely from your side. I don't have bank account because i have no money to keep there. i was in bank,they advised me western union service,can you use it?

Yes,we'll convert our dream into reality,i very much hope that you will find a chance to meet me in June,because i can take holidays from the 1 dates of June. from the 27 of May my Antonio i can come to see you in Dubai. i will check about flights.

have a nice day,i send you many kisses!)))
with love your Ira.

Letter 6

Hi my dearest Antonio!

Thanks again for that wonderful letter you send to me today!

I watched TV last night in a romantic film, it seemed to me so many considerations, I wished that you lie to me on the sofa, we were close in the poor and enjoy the film together and we kissed again and again very sweet, your heart beat with mines.. I am very happy to have found such a dear, sweet and wonderful man. it is my dream to see you Antonio,and will be patient with you.

For what date and month i need to plan my holidays?

Honey,this is my details that you will need for western union:
my surname is Shulzhenko and my name is Irina,
city Gorskoe,Ukraine
Lenina street 5
post code 93292.

I miss you a lot!!!Waiting for your email soon,
always your Ira.

Letter 7

Good day my lovely Antonio!

i understand that you depend on work so we'll meet when it's possible for you my dear. For how many days do you want me to come? i don't mind about hot weather,all i want is to be with you as much as possible. i thanks God every day that you are mine. i want to meet you no matter what.

Antonio,you are so dear to me and i want to meet you in the end of May if it's the only chance to meet. i am waiting for the time that i will be able to whispering how special you are for me.... for the moment that i tenderly touch your hair and kiss your lips whispering how long I have waiting for that moment... my Antonio, i am waiting that you feel my hands tenderly touching your body and my lips be whispering my fantasies about you... every day i am thinking in that moment my sweetheart... and i cannot imagine what you are going to say or to do...but i will please you with all my passion and my love...

There are flights from Donetsk airport to Dubai airport,only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. at first i need to make a passport,in one week 350$. after i will apply for tourist visa.

For visa, travel company need my passport, they need payments for visa, need payments for flight tickets, for insurance and hotel reservation.

All together it cost around 1000-1500$ depend on a hotel.

I have to pay all this money to travel agency and they will make me the whole trip and give guarantee that I will get Visa. And also the privilege if we book the trip now, is that later it will cost more.
Because price for the ticket smaller if to book it in advance.

Antonio,i watch at your's very very beautiful my dear!!
it's very hard to be so far from you((((

with love your Ira.

Letter 8

Honey,i need to pay for the tickets,insurance and hotel to get my visa. that is why i need to book it from here,in my previous email i did explain you. i mentioned the cost in dollars.

I appreciate your quick reply my lovely Antonio,cannot wait to be with you! imagine that we are close together, you start to kiss my neck.
Will you find there some sensitive points that excite me a lot? you continue kissing my ears inside and outside and softly biting my earflaps. then you move down to my lips and your tongue is softly moving around my lips telling me your desires and that you want you.
We kiss long and passionate. Your hands caress and explore my soft and gentle skin as we kiss and caress. Antonio,do you like it this way......anyway, you deserve it!

I wait impatiently for your reply,send you many kisses, with all my love your Ira.

Letter 9

Good morning my lovely Antonio!!!!))))

i missed you so much and i dream to hear your voice every day,it will help us to manage with distance between us. +380663386898 is my number,i will be happy to talk with you my dear. sorry but my computer is broken that is why i use to write from work,where i don't have access to skype(((

i understand clearly about the hotel,you will do the reservation yourself and send it to me. also i will wait for your help so i can start processing my passport. and then to apply for my visa. i dream to be with you Antonio and i know this can happen for us, since you have opened the door to your world for me I want to enter it permanently to bright it with a flame that will belong only to you my sweetheart! I feel that I lived next door to you all our lives. I can see us cooking dinner together every night and having some fun with some flour and getting dirty, taking photos of how funny we look afterwards. Can you imagine it?Do you like it my Antonio?

wish you pleasant day and mood:)
with love your Ira.

Letter 10

Antonio,you are always on my mind. I have my heart set on you and you only. I remember that first e-mail to me on April 22. Honey,i will give you more than all my love and care. I want you to feel like a man wants to feel. Loved, Cherished, Romanced, Affectionate, and treated like a King with Respect! I will never stray from you. You will always be my one and only. I have never felt like this before with anyone and I don't even have you here in my arms yet. You are so Wonderful my Antonio! What did I do to deserve you?

You know that i dream of you and hope our dream to be together will come true very very soon...i will arrange all the documents after you help me. just keep me informed please when you will be able to help,so i can also collect necessary documents.

with warm kisses your Ira.

Letter 11

Hi my lovely man!!!

i also was happy to talk to you,i heard your clearly but i could not say anything..

my Antonio,i will appreciate your help,hopefully soon i can start processing my passport.

passport cost me 350$
tickets around 580-640$
visa cost 75 $ and insurance 30$.

i like your idea to spend one week in Dubai,in the end of July is possible for me. i am going to do everything possible to meet with you my Antonio. And i am sure that it will be unforgettable time together that can lead us to something serious in future.

i kiss you warmly my honey!
always your Ira.

Letter 12

good morning my sweetheart)

i will impatiently wait for your call today,call me in the afternoon please. is it convenient for you?12-13 o'clock!

my Antonio,i want that in the next few days you feel the relief of the enjoyment that is waiting for you... we are going to be together soon and we have to enjoy deeply this special opportunity...

Will be waiting for your email,i send you lots of kisses!!!
always your Ira.

Letter 13

good evening my love!

I mentioned to you that my phone worked not ok, I put it to repair and wait till it's done.

Antonio, I miss your voice, I miss talking to you ((( hope we can meet very soon, no matter in dubai or abu dhabi. I want to be in your loving arms, I will wait for these special moments. Honey, I will start
proseccing the documents as soon as you help me. Now I work a lot, don't have access to the internet usually, please keep me informed when you will be able to help me with documents, so I can be online. I am sorry that my phone isn't working ((( kiss you warmly!!

Always your Ira

Letter 14

Good day, my love Antonio!!!! I always think of you! Last night I dreamed you, yours strong hands gently caressed my body, it was a pleasant dream, I can not wait when the dream becomes a reality!
Inside me rages, and I have a great desire to feel you near. I'm sending you my pussy, mmm hope you will satisfied! ;) I love you my Antonio!!!!

Waiting for your news
Always your Ira

Letter 15

good day my sunshine!)))

since i met you every day you cover my mind and this feelings stay in my heart till i meet you! when we are together,everything will be much better because in reality we can express ourselves the vest way, i dream of your carrying arms and tender kisses!

I know Antonio that your work keeps you very busy and you travel a lot. important for me that you don't forget about me and i hope you still feel the same i do!i am falling in love with you honey and very much want our relations to become in reality. you did promise to help with my passport and documents,but seems work delay this process.
Antonio,can you please tell me when it's in your forces to help me?once i have the documents,you must be sure i am ready to meet any time!

with love your Ira.



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