Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Sobolewscaya to Earl (USA)

Letter 1
Hello earl from mybeloved, Thanks for giving me your address at the dating site! :) I believe it will be more convenient for us to correspond by letters rather than on the site!.. Agree? :) My name is Ludmila or Mila for short. You can call me any of these names. :) I have had many positive thoughts writing this letter to you. I think to find one's half across the great vastness of Internet may seem to be a difficult task. Anyway I am hoping that somehow I can write words that will reach your soul - recognizing that what I wish is a partner - a man that can be my friend, soulmate and lover. A man that will permit me to be the same to Him. I wish to find true love and using the Internet is a bit helps. I want to create a serious relationship based on trust, honesty and respect.
My photo has showed you my looks - you can then judge for yourself, but I can share with you that I am kind, affectionate and truly a "good woman" but that is something that only you can decide in time. Let me tell you a little more about myself. I live in Ukraine. As you know from my profile I am 27 years old, and in my mind it is a wonderful age for a woman. I think, when you are already not too young and naive as before and still I have a lot of time ahead! My friends say that I am very open person and I appreciate sincerity in people. I always say the truth, what ever it could be, I like honesty and straightness in relationships, so I will not keep silence in relationships and will tell you everything honestly. I love to laugh and I feel I have a sense of humor that simply does not quit. I also enjoy music... for music is within my soul. I simply enjoy the vitality that comes from attending concerts, cinemas, visiting friends or simply enjoying watching good film at home. I can call myself confident but something is missing from my life. I look for a tender, passionate and caring man that TRULY wants for another... to give all that he is, every day and without exception. I am a woman that believes in giving and receiving - both love and affection. I believe in enjoying life - yes! - but I believe in being serious and centered upon the love and support to one's family! Let us laugh, smile and be happy while we are stable, sincere and loving! Can we do both? I am closing here, wishing you a great day and many positive thoughts. Best wishes,
Letter 2
Dear Mr. Earl! Welcome to "Forza Trans"! Our company is the bridge connecting you with Ukraine - a land of plenty when it comes to business and personal affairs! The reason for contacted you is that one of our clients Miss Ludmila Sobolewscaya asked us to write you. She didn't understand anything you wrote her in your last letter because you probably used electronic translation which never works fine with Russian language.. We translated your correspondence with Miss Ludmila and we hope you were satisfied with our service! She paid for our service herself but she can't pay us now cause of her difficult financial situation. If you are interested to continue your correspondence with Miss Ludmila we will send you our prices and conditions. We determine competitive prices and flexible payment system, useful for our clients. "Forza Trans" helps you in doing business and personal affairs in Ukraine by delivering high-quality business translation and interpreting (both simultaneous and consecutive) services. Since 2003 we are the leaders in Eastern Ukraine, and continue our development to ensure prompt and accurate translation, as well as excellent service. Since 2001, we have performed a huge amount of work and established relations with many clients in Ukraine and abroad. There are both specialists and generalists among our translators, so we can translate documents of any kind, and in many areas of special expertise. Our clients include regional branches and representative offices of such companies and organisations as Domotechnika, Hitachi, Shenck GmbH, SmithKline Beecham, Parexel, Brisk in Ukraine, Kashtan Electronics, National Bank of Ukraine, etc. Our aim, right from day one, has been to offer our customers a guarantee of cost, quality and quick delivery. This, as well as our total respect for the confidentiality of customers' documents, has allowed us to quickly win the trust of customers from all over the world. We provide our clients with the flowing services: - Translation
- Review against the original
- Proofreading of translated text
- Web Localisation (Web site translation)
- DTP Services
- Evaluation of translation tests
- Simultaneous Interpreting We wish you a pleasant day, thanking you for the interest you have shown in the services offered by our company, we remain Yours sincerely,
Irina Dementieva
Manager of "Forza Trans".
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