Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sokol to Lyle (USA)

Letter 1

Lovely mine Lyle!!! I have decided to come today and to read letters from you, I so am happy, that you have written to me! I live only your letters. I want to tell to you, that I love you!!! I MISS ON YOU! Today we had rain since the morning and weather became gloomy, but I have all the same decided, that I shall go and I shall write to you! I am glad, that you wait my letters, certainly it is very a shame to me, that I write not so frequently! But I try and as soon as there is a free minute I run to read your letters!
Tomorrow I shall go again on interview, I have read the announcement that the manager in shop on sales of home appliances is required! I have called also to me have told to approach tomorrow! In this shop director the woman, I think, that at me all to turn out! My mum has decided to help me, she too searches for announcements! Has called the old friends! I think within the next few days shall find work, even simply work to not sit without an affair!
And still while I went here I saw automobile failure. On roads pools cost and machines of them try to go round, but thus rises sparks and machines each other pour ***** water, from this windows of machines over all *****! I think visibility from it does not improve!!!! And so it has turned out, that at once three machines on a crossroads ran, but like victims not was! I only have looked edge of an eye! But thank God all has done without victims!!!
Yes I want to inform you news which I have seen on the TV! At customs house have detained the big party of counterfeit cellular telephones as informed 65000 tons of cellular telephones are detained! It is a lot of, I am amazed, whence it is so much phones! Now phones have risen in the price in 2 times! Such already for a long time was not! And you how many have cellular telephone the cheapest and the most dear??? I certainly dream of it but while for me it is dream, as well as a computer! I love you when I write the letter in my head one you spin is and your gentle words to me!
I so want to be with you! I am sure at you I could to find more works, than here! We with you would be happy and would create family! As I want it! Every day to see you, what this happiness!!!! I love you!!!!
I LoooooooooooooooovE YooooooooooooooooooooooU my Lyle
Only yours Nataliya
Letter 2

Hi my dear and the most favorite husband Lyle!!!!!!
As your affairs, my sweet!
You cannot simply present what today remarkable day. The truth since morning it was a little cold, but by a dinner the sun has looked out. Though in the street not so it is warm, but the sun cheers up at once. Actually days at us every day become shorter and shorter. Already darkens at eight o'clock, and by the winter at 16 o'clock it will be already dark. Loved as it is difficult for me now, even such sunny day does not please me. And all this because you are not present near to me, there is no your support, I do not have not enough your tender words of love and gentle embraces. My most desired dream, it that we with you appeared a number and never did not leave any more. This that of what I always think, in the whole days and at the nights as us to carry out ours with you dream, in fact you too want that I always was near to you my loved. This such fine feeling love and as it is wonderful for realizing that there is a person which loves you and is ready to support any difficult minute you, to help the necessary advice. I think loved every day up to our meeting, I shall simply go from mind without you. I think, that we with you love to become more strong every day therefore those tests which have fallen to our share only strengthen our love. That distance which now between us does not divide us, and on the contrary pulls together. So we it is possible to tell we check feeling of love to each other and consequently it pulls together us. I do not know as you think, and I think that when we shall meet you we shall simply live with you soul in soul. I became the happiest woman when has got acquainted with you, it so is wonderful.
My loved, I yesterday went to that shop of household devices where the manager was necessary. I thought time director the woman me can take. But I want to tell to you, that to me have again given up, it already to become what that the tendency, simply it already there was a law. I there have come to shop, and there to me informed, that they have already found the necessary person. But anything, I do not lower hands and I shall be again and to search again for work that we could meet earlier.
My lovely Lyle I love you every day more strongly and more strongly!!!
Your loving wife Nataliya
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