Scam letter(s) from Anna Ivanova to Paul (Australia)

Letter 1
how are you?.
I have looked at your profile in and like what I see, you are very beautiful in your pictures. ))
I am just an honest caring and very loving woman who is trying to find my soul mate. I want to travel the world and share every moment with a great man, and eventually have a family and settle down to a nice life.
I enjoy sport and going to the gym and making effort to be healthy, but not always, you have to be a little bad sometimes also, so I enjoy some wine and good food!, ))
If you are not here for love and just friends then I am always happy to chat and make good friends around the world.
Please write back to me and let me know if you would like to communicate and see if we are matched and may have many years of fun and love together? But in a serious relationship, I am here for fun and love, ever lasting. )))
If you write you will send me your photo to my email , I'll send you my home
videos in the next letter
I wish you a great day and wish very much to hear from you! ))
Kindest regards
Anna ))
Letter 2
Why do not you write letters?
Why did not you answer?
I am very sad and sad when you do not have letters on!!
You met another girl?
Please write me a reason.
I want to continue our conversation with you.
I want to know you better.
You seem very nice person. You're a gentleman.
Gladden my heart.
Take care of yourself. Anna
Letter 3
Hello my dear new friend, it's time to tell you about my past relationships.
Now I can trust you and open your most candid secrets and fears.
I never to you told about my last attitudes as did not want to recollect it.
But I think at us with you there should not be secrets from each other.
I have got acquainted with the guy in a disco he was very charming, polite and sociable.
At him on the right cheek the scar, long on all cheek was.
But it did not confuse me as he has liked me not because of beauty and as the person.
We with him have started to support our relations.
It proceeded about one year, but once he has come very ***** to me.
I have thought probably that he simply marked any holiday with friends.
Appeared that at him mum very strongly was ill.
I understood his pain and on this did not abuse him that he so is strong and so frequently drinks.
I understood that to him very hardly, but I spoke him, that ***** I burn will not help.
He did not listen to me and continued to drink.
Due to doctors his mum has recovered and has finally recovered.
But he did not stop to drink.
I drove him in the alcoholism center of the help, but he has told that is not necessary for him whose help.
That he wants and will drink.
I hoped that he soon will stop and will not drink, But as that in the evening of hours at 23.00 when I almost already went to bed, He has come to me, I have fed him and tried to force to go to bed on a sofa.
He started to shout that I do not love him and began to beat me.
Two times he has struck me on the person and some more time on a body.
I was very hurt me also has fallen on a floor, and he has seized me and has dragged on a bed.
he tried to **** me, but just from work my mum at this time has come back home, And when she has heard shouts has caused police.
He could not **** me as I resisted.
But I had many bruises on a body and the person.
The police has taken away him in branch, but I did not begin to write on him the complaint.
As I loved him even after that he has made.
He has ceased to drink and at us relations again began to be adjusted.
But once in the evening after work I have decided to go to him home.
When I have gone home I have seen him in a bed with other girl.
I became very hurt me also has begun to cry.
On mine it very awfully and meanly to change to the favourite person.
I when such has not made.
And after that I could not forgive him, he came and sorry, But I not his postsilts and between us all was over.
It was very hurt to me to see all this.
Even now when I recollect about it to me very hurt.
Forgive me, I very much was upset.
Yours Anna.
Letter 4

Hello my dear angel Paul !!!
I hardly can transfer all happiness through the monitor of a computer.
You again could prove me the interest in our relation, this is once again proves, that I am not indifferent to you and that your intentions are more serious and present.
I am very happy to receive your answer to my last letter, now I with the big confidence can hopes for the happy future and build the plans.
Having read your letter, I have understood, that we have common interests and purposes, we have common desire to be happy in our life and we are worthy to love and be loved.
All this time we were lonely, we were in heavy search happiness and only with the God's help we could find that we so long searched, I shall not be ashamed of to tell, we could find each other.
Yes, yes, yes, we could find each other and, probably, this is ours happiness, it is possible, that this is to what we so long aspired also that to us so strongly did not suffice.
Having read all your letters, I have understood, how many you are lonely and how many you need in second half of happiness.
I am ready, I am ready to give you all caress and all love, I am ready to become for you the unique woman of your dream, I am ready to become for you that person whom you always waited and searched, I am ready to become yours and only yours woman.
But all my desire can not depend only on me, also you should show the interest in it, as I think, that the most part of our relations should depend on you.
As it is accepted under laws of a nature, male should first show the interests in desires with the woman and male should do first deciding steps to creation of any relations and I hope, that you agree with me.
I think, that will be not correct, if I shall take the most part of the initiative in our relations, as I the modest woman, and I also need your decision, your opinion and your support.
I still never had to build the relations through the Internet, it is my first experience and I could not know, that me can expect and that I can achieve.
But now I with confidence can tell you, that I at all do not regret about this decision and I am grateful to the God that i have found you.
All this time I was in terrible loneliness and I have already lost all hope, hope to find male of my dream.
But all has changed, when the God has heard my prays and helped me to find you, this is my happiness and I thank for the life that I still continue to live in this world, that the God has not left me without his attention and has given me chance to start new happy life.
I also do not want to come back to the last life, I want to begin new life from the beginning, I would like to live the rest of my life with loved male, to create with him happy life and to forget about all problems and griefs.
I think and I hope, that you will agree with me, that now our time has come, time, when we should accept deciding steps to our happy life.
We already enough plenty of time were lonely and now we have chance to change all and prove to yourself, that we can be happy, that we are worthy to love and be loved.
I have already enough suffered from lonely life, and I do not want to continue to live so further, I was bothered with this loneliness, I want to love, I want to be always near to loved male and I hope, that it is all can become a reality.
I know and I understand, that for several our letters, these words are too frank.
But I too long waited for this moment, when I can open all myself and let you know, that is created in my heart and my soul.
I do not understand, what occurs to me when I sit for a computer and I start to write you the letter.
When I write you letter, around me all ceases to exist, I can not supervise myself, my heart starts to beat much faster, it is as sweet dream.
With each written letter to you, I feel big positive energy, I feel as we all become closer and closer to each other.
It is possible, that this is it, this is beginning of our feelings and our desires, *** is possible, that it is result which we searched so long and to what we so aspire.
I want to tell you, that only due to your letters I can write all this, due to all your sweet words in me there is fine feeling, as "LOVE"!
I could not write all this and in me there would not be all these sweet and beautiful feelings, if you would not give me such hope.
In your letters I feel all positive energy, high temperature, but the most important, I feel you, I feel each written your word, it gives me a lot of happiness and it is all remains in my heart and with each your letter, my heart is filled by happiness and love.
And consequently, when I start to write you the answer, I do not control myself, my heart writes you.
Not to everyone male given the opportunity to write so beautifully letters, think and express the ideas through .
But you it managed to be made, you managed to transfer through the letter all, that could be in your heart, and I could feel it, I could feel you, your gentle touch, as if it all occurs to me in a reality.
Now it is the most important for me - to feel in your letters tenderness and caress, to feel your support, and the most important - to feel you.
I think, that we should not stop on achieved, and I think, that it would be even better, if you could give me the home address and I could write you letters on your home address.
As I already wrote you in the first letter, that I have difficulties with a computer, that I have not an opportunity to write you letters through a computer always, and it would be good, if I still could keep up our correspondence through letters using your home address.
What do you think about it?
Well I would like to finish the letter on it and with the big desire I shall wait for your answer soon .
I hope, that this letter has delivered to you weight of pleasure and I hope, that you understand my serious intentions.PS I am sending you a short video! I hope you like it!
Always yours and only yours Anna
Letter 5
Hello my most dear Paul !!! my video in a bikini I do not know, that
to me occurs, I do not know as it is possible to explain it in a word.
I each day think of you, with the big desire I wait for an opportunity
that on faster to finish work to sit down a computer and to start to
check the mail, to read your sweet and beautiful letters.
I become not controlled, I hardly can supervise myself and the feelings.
I am writing to you my home address:
city Kirov,
Postal code 610000,
Mira street,
number house 73,
room number 13
My cell phone number +79379342612
Colleagues on work speak me, that I have very strongly changed, I began another, they speak, that I became not similar to other woman.
I have changed, I have got prettier, I became more more often to smile, I began to be pleased lifes, I began to plan on future and my heart is ready to burst with happiness.
I do not know and I do not understand as it is all could happen to me, for so short term, I could change myself and the life.
As soon as you have appeared in my life all has very abruptly changed, all became such beautiful and happy, what even these changes in me have noticed that circle of people which surround me.
My mum even speaks me, that I have very much changed and became completely not similar to its other daughter, that I became even more beautiful, than in the last life.
And I want to tell, that all that occurs to me, thanking only to one to you.
As my mood and my happiness depends only on one you and I would not like, that this fine feeling ever came to an end.
I know, that now it is difficult to assume, that can expect us in the future but if the god will help us to be together I would like that you promised me, that me will never offend, that will never treat with me badly and that never will hurt me.
I at all did not expect, that all so can it will turn out, I not was ready to this and now I do not know that to me to do.
I thought, that so happens only at cinema, that in life all on much more complex and that such never happens, but as appeared, I was mistaken and now I do not know as you about it to tell.
I all night could not fall asleep, all thought of you and about ours of attitudes.
And I have understood, that in our real life as at cinema, can there will be a miracle and this miracle is the LOVE!
Yes, yes, yes, I want to tell, that you correctly have understood me, and I am going to tell you, that I LOVE YOU!!!
Now I feel very strong excitement when I write you these words, and I do not know, I shall wait for what answer from you.
But I want to tell you that you always knew and remembered it, that before to tell you about it, I long time thought and reflected on all consequences which I shall arise on ours of attitudes and when I have drawn the conclusions from our attitude I have understood, that you the man of my dream, I have understood, that I never can meet such the man as you, you unique such and another are not necessary for me.
I have understood, that this big happiness for me, that I could meet you on the Internet and after all your letters, I have understood, that you the man which I waited all these long years, for creation of the happiness and joint love.
I long time did not dare to tell you about it as very much was afraid, that you will not want to accept my love and will think of me poorly.
I doubted and afraid your response, but today when I have sat down a computer and have read your answer to my last letter I have understood that that time when I should tell you the truth about the strong love has come, that at me it is not necessary to be silent forces and I for a long time about it wanted to tell you that I feel in the heart.
I want to tell, that you the first and last the man which could give me love through the letters.
I at all did not expect, that such it is possible, but in your letters and your words I could feel your strong love to me and I want to tell, that I also love you.
I have felt this love to you, from first your letters, and every day and with each new your letter, my love to you grew.
And now that long-awaited moment when I with precisely can tell has come dare, that I love you!!!
I love you and on this happy moment I am compelled to finish the letter as my time when I should finish all work has come and come back home.
But I hope, that it not strongly afflicts you, as in this letter I have expressed the love and I hope, that I could transfer all heat, caress and love through the letter and I with the big desire shall wait for your answer and your love.
Always yours and only yours Anna
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